What makes James Larkin a great historical figure?

Many people know James Larkin as a legendary historical figure who has achieved a lot when it comes to fighting for the rights of others. He successfully fought for the rights of workers when he joined the trade unions. That is why he is known today as a historical figure that helped many workers to get equal treatment and rights in their workplaces.

He came from a family that lived in the slums, but he did not let this to define his life. He knew if he were dedicated, he would achieve what wanted to in his life. Read more: James Larkin – Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

Apart from coming from a humble background, he got little formal education because his parents were not able. Having little formal education, he started working on various families to fend for himself and his family. That is how he witnessed the mistreatment of workers. They were overworked yet underpaid. That inspired Jim Larkin to work hard, and he knew one day he would fight for others because he was determined.

Since he had this in mind, when he went to live in Belfast and got the opportunity to work with trade unions, he grabbed the opportunity. He became working with trade union on fulltime basis and wanted to ensure they achieved success.

In the first few years, Jim Larkin was fruitful and worked with the unions to do a lot of activities. He later formed Irish Labor Party with the main aim of addressing issues with workers.

He formed several organizations because he wanted to make his impact felt by all the workers. With the unions, he led the Dublin Lockout in 1913, and this was successful. He is also known for successfully leading the Dublin Lockout. During his life, Jim Larkin was a respected figure, and many described him in several ways. He was described as one of the greatest men in Ireland by George Bernard, and James Connolly who was his colleague described him as a genius.

Jim Larkin continued to represent the trade unions in Ireland, and they were successful. When the companies failed to agree with workers on their wages, he would call for a strike, and it would be successful because he had united all the workers.

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