Using Securus Technologies to Put Bad Guys in Jail

One of the most frustrating parts of working in law enforcement is watching suspects escape the long arm of the law with no regard for the pain they are causing. There was a local suspect who had been arrested for a variety of violent crimes, but her either got off on a technicality or his lawyer was able to plea bargain on his behalf. On the streets, this suspect would taunt the police to try and catch him as he continued his crime spree.


There were a number of times that we were about to arrest the suspect for a crime, but he would disappear and not come back until the heat died down. We were able to finally get evidence this suspect was involved in serious crimes, now all we had to do was find him to bring him to justice. This seemed a lot easier said than done. He had a very large network of family and friends who did everything possible to keep this suspect on the streets.


We decided to ramp up our efforts and headed down to the local jail where we knew this suspect had a brother who was serving a very lengthy sentence. The jail just used Securus Technologies to update their inmate call system, and we were all trained on using the LBS software that was going to be instrumental in taking this suspect off the streets.


The inmates have all become good at disguising their conversations because they know we are listening in all the time. The software can decipher when certain things are being discussed, and revealed a conversation tween the two brothers talking about a recent crime spree we didn’t even associate the suspect with. His admission on the phone and details about the crimes allowed us to collect enough evidence to get this guy off the streets for good.


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