The Academy of Art Univeristy changes the look of fashion

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California. It was founded by Richard S. Stephens and opened its doors in 1929. The university offers both on campus and online classes.

Academy of Art offers the following degrees,

  • Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Entertainment
  • Liberal Arts

The university has an impressive alumni list of past students, who during the year will still return for events that go on within the college. There can be over 12,000 students enrolled at one time, taking classes online or on campus. There are 17 housing facilities for students to reside while they complete their degree. The university has a full staff for teaching purposes.

Every year the design department holds an event to show off their work. Recently they decided to look at the concept of what a good design is and how they can put diversity in their fashions.

Guests of panelists that had some form of disability were invited to discuss what they would like to see when it came to the concept of ‘good design’. These panelists included,

  • Stephanie Thomas
  • Beau Oyler
  • Chelsea Werner

The panelists were asked questions by the students on such things as, what things they struggle with when getting dressed and what fashions would work best with their disabilities. Some of the answers were things such as,

  • Buttons, studs, and zippers were placed wrong, due to someone in a wheelchair could be sitting on them for hours at a time.
  • The way the outfit rest on the body was another issue. Not everyone has the ability to adjust something if it has pulled into an awkward position while wearing it.

The students took these issues and other concerns into consideration and created a line for those with disabilities. Not only did the clothes have a flare of fashion but they also provided the comfort needed.

The Academy of Arts University design students found this event to be eye-opening. It was a great lesson that everyone deserves to look good in their clothes.

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