Tammy Mazzocco: an Outstanding Realtors in the United States

Tammy Mazzocco is an esteemed real estate agent based in Central Ohio. Tammy began her career in the mid-90s after years of mentorship from his boss was then the senior manager and broker for the company she worked for as front office secretary. In 1995, Tammy earned her license to practice as a realtor. In an interview with INSPIRERY, she said that the real estate industry defines her lifestyle.

According to Philly Purge, Tammy begins her day with meditation followed by a few household chores. During the day, she sells homes to customers who make bids for the properties they like and from that she derives a small profit. Tammy began making profits working as a realtor in 1999 when she became a full-time real estate agent. As a newbie in the business, hard work and maintaining a positive attitude helped her grow and acquire experience. She met and served her first biggest customer in 1999. Tammy currently enjoys managing her business portfolio online. Some of the most satisfying moments in her life are when she closes deals, and that make her clients and company happy.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy has close to two decades of work experience in the real estate industry. She started out as a secretary at a real estate firm and rose above the ranks to become a property manager. During the early years of her career, Tammy worked with nine other upcoming realtors under the leadership of Mike Zelnik. Having acquired sufficient work experience, Tammy Mazzocco quit her job at The Edwards Realty Company and joined the Scotland Yard Condominiums.

During her tenure at this firm, the company’s general manager Ken Cook realized her potential and recommended her to get a license. After a couple of years, Tammy moved to T&R Properties as a manager at the Ohio office. She later became the personal manager of Joe Armeni, the RE/MAX producer.

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