Talkspace: De-stress with Online Therapy

With all the responsibilities you face on a daily basis it can be very difficult to calm down and have peace within your mind. As humans, we react to danger or threats in a variation of ways. An American Psychological Association study has reported that Healthcare costs have exploded to nearly 300 billion annually for treating stress disorders. This report has even shown that stress has reached such high proportions that it brings about the question of how to cope and manage stress on a daily basis.

There are a few things that you can do to for what is called De-stressing. Find a quiet space at home where can “you can set a mood”. Some have lit candles, burned incense, scribbled in a journal or even used peppermint essential oils behind a ears or on the wrist. There’s nothing wrong with coming home and creating a quiet space where you can either do yoga, meditate or simply just lay down and listen to your favorite artist. Next, you can use different media found on popular websites like watch a funny movie or engross yourself in bad reality TV. Friends and family can be a big asset. Spending time with a sibling, child or boyfriend talking about life and simply having fun can take your mind off of a lot of things.

Talk-space, a new online app in New York, gives those looking to de-stress a therapist to chat with by text message. The way it works is that you sign up for a mere $128 a month. Your primary therapist logs your information and soon connects you to a few therapists to try out. If you decide to switch it’s very simple as they transfer your information over to the new therapist. Talk space is praised for its convenience, privacy, list of qualified professional therapists and the fact that you can connect anywhere at anytime.

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