Take Back Your Financial Freedom

Take Back Your Financial Freedom

Transform your unsuccessful small business plan through financial planning assistance through NexBank. They also allow their customers the convenience of retirement plan opportunities to put your trust back in your future after working. Your business finances is backed with $40 billion dollars in assets which has their stockholders and patrons pleased with their expansion prospects. Their CEO, John Holt, is committed to their personalized account holders. More importantly, they have expertise in commercial and investment banking to further assist their customers. Holt, played a key role in the $24 million dollars in common equity that was recently acquired through his direct effort.

Make The Switch To NexBank

– Free direct deposit opportunities

– Downloadable app

– Free online bill pay

– Anytime access to your money

– Mortgage accounts

– 24/7 customer support

– Free checks

– Commercial banking services

– Minimal bank fees

– Interest bearing savings

Their online banking a

services contributed to their national growth with over 246,000+ customers and growing. They have proudly served the local Dallas, Texas community for over 50+years. NexBank is a name their patrons can trust to ensure their money is moving in a positive direction to give you a successful financial outlook.

Discover how hundreds of parents and students have successfully saved on college tuition. The rising cost of an education affects thousands of students each year. The debt to the government leaves them owing money for years and sometimes, unable to use their degree. Through a partnership with College Savings bank customers can save up to 34% on educational expenses. Take part in an amazing first-time homeowners program that allows low interest and monthly mortgage payments for local area low income residents with gainful employment interested in becoming a first-time homeowner. Visit NexBank online, for more details and promotional offers.


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