Meet One Of The Largest Meat Processors In The World, OSI Group

There are many reasons why OSI Group has become one of the leading food processing companies in the entire world today. Of course, they are a massive corporation that occupies many different spaces around the globe, but they are also environmentally friendly and food safe company that has built a solid reputation in the food industry. Along with this, OSI Group has been the recipient of various awards over the years for their services and contributions, which is largely thanks to their current CEO, Sheldon Lavins. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

Sheldon has been working with the company for more than 40 years and has expanded them into many parts of the globe. OSI has a reputation with many different retailers and restaurants around the world as well, which is why they provide top cut meats to some of the fanciest restaurants out there today. Sheldon Lavin has personally received various awards for his contributions to the company and as a businessman in general.

If it weren’t for the startup of McDonald’s the future of OSI Group would have been quite different. They were doing well and expanding, but McDonald’s exploded into one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the world and OSI Group was able to follow right along the trail. In order to do this, however, OSI had to come up with the right business strategies and use the latest innovations as well as technology to keep up. With the introduction of flash frozen meat, OSI was able to ship their meats across the nation and internationally, allowing them to grow with McDonald’s as they went through a worldwide expansion in the 70s’ and beyond. Today, OSI has more than 65 facilities around the world to meet their food supply demands, offering all different kinds of meat products, including steak, pork, beef, meatballs, chicken, chicken meatballs, ribs, sausage, and more.

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