In the List of Women with No Limits: Dr. Jennifer Walden

For a long time, the society has set aside certain professions and associated them with men. A woman in this field is viewed differently and has to keep proving their skills. The medical world is among this male-dominated careers. However, there are still strong women who follow their passion and break the norms and expectations of the society. They are brave and influential women of the world.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is among these women in the society. She is a cosmetic surgeon based in Texas. She has been practicing medicine for the past eight years. Her experience in the field is excellent as well as her academic background.

Despite Dr. Walden not being afraid of being treated like a woman in a man’s field, she has had to face some challenges. She says that patients require her to prove her authenticity in the field all the time, something that Dr. Walden says she doesn’t mind.

Dr. Walden says that the reason they are few women in the field is that the career takes so much time. Many women are not ready to spend so much time in school, because this means late marriage and bearing of children, a risk that many women are not ready to take.

Dr. Walden says that there are still advantages of being a woman in the field. She explains that 95% of the cosmetic surgery patients are women. The patients prefer being treated by fellow women who understand the changes that they experienced that led to their need for surgery.

Dr. Walden says that the main motivation in her work is knowing that she is empowering fellow women. This is through boosting their self-esteem and confidence, knowing they are who they have always wanted to be. She says that if she realized that she had deviated from her purpose, she could quit her job the same day.