Steve Ritchie Apologizes on behalf of famous Pizza Place, Papa John’s

All the companies, especially food chains, have to compassionate nowadays. They have to be extra careful as to what they support and what they talk about. It is also important to be aware of what your company is promoting. As it is a social networking world and everyone have a phone and an opinion. So, people waste no time in making something go viral.

John Schnatter is the founder of a very famous pizza place in the US today. It’s called “Papa John’s.” If you had not heard about the place before because you never explored it, you must have heard its name nowadays in the news though. It is all because its founder, Mr. John Schnatter gave some ignorant comments about a very sensitive matter related to the NFL.

Recently, some NFL players were involved in a controversy related to the National Anthem and racism. There was already a lot going on, on the matter. John Schnatter’s comments, however, have affected the company’s sales badly.

The leading pizza chain, Papa John’s was the official food partner of the NFL. But, after its founder’s comments about the National Anthem controversy, the NFL ended the partnership with Papa John’s.

This shows how only one man’s behavior and words can affect a lot of people. The name of Papa John’s was affected badly.

However, Steve Ritchie, the current Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s came to the rescue. He took the matter in his own hands. He published an open letter to the customers. He said that one man’s words don’t mean that the whole Papa John’s staff thinks the same.

The fast-food chain has over 120,000 employees. Now obviously, they don’t have the same opinion as John Schnatter so why should they go through all this. Mr. Steve Ritchie apologized from the people and wrote about these 120,000 people as well. This letter got a positive response from the people.

He also wrote how the company is going to take the next steps in the future. How they are going to be more transparent from now on.

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