Securus Technologies Tracking Down Violent Fugitives

In order to catch a violent fugitive, you have to hope they slip up and leave clues or that someone becomes ans informant and leads us to them to make a quick arrest. My fugitive task force was called in this week because a suspect had just robbed another supermarket at gunpoint, and this time they hurt three innocent people in the course of trying to escape. The gun accidentally went off, and luckily no one was killed as the suspect raced to his next robbery.


This suspect was extremely dangerous, and even informants were afraid to come forward because they thought that their own families may become targets. We had to find a lead quickly, and without help from residents, we decided to go to the jail and see if anyone behind bars could point us in the right direction. Make no mistake about it, inmates don’t help the police, but they do if you know how to get them to offer up information without them even realizing it. All we had to do was show up and start asking questions, and Securus Technologies did the rest.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the new inmate telephone monitoring system inside the jail. It is capable of listening to all the calls and alerting officers about any specific chatter. Once we got the inmates all excited about us being there, a few of them took to the phones to reach out to family and friends. it was one call in particular where the inmate told his cousin to locate our suspect and tell him that the fugitive hunters were closing in. We decided to follow that cousin, and the next evening he led us right to an apartment where the suspect was hiding and planning his next string of local store robberies.


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