Securus Technologies, Staying Ahead Through Service and Innovation

Securus Technologies is bringing peace of mind to correctional facilities and those involved in the process. The company, based in Dallas, Texas has been around since 1986 and has grown considerably over the years. The company provides telecommunications and financial services for inmates and their families. These services allow the inmates to be in touch easily and at affordable prices. Securus Technologies provides a comparison of costs associated with video chats versus an actual visit to the correctional facility. The service saves time and money as well as the chance that the family might not be able to see the inmate should there be unforeseen circumstances such as a lockdown.


Securus Technologies is also proud to offer monitoring services internally and externally for inmates and employees. This is a huge asset when it comes to prosecuting matters that otherwise might have gone unnoticed or difficult to obtain evidence. The facility management can also be certain that its subordinates such as correctional officers are acting in an ethically sound and professional manner. Contraband is also reduced by the monitoring services. There have even been cases where those who were not guilty had been freed due to the assistive technology provided by Securus Technologies.


In a field where emotions and tension can run high, Securus Technologies maintains an excellent track record. The company earned the distinction of receiving an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau. The customer service component of the business also has made advances by providing resolution to most issues with a single call. Survey scores and customer satisfaction have also increased significantly in a field where it’s often tough to make the grade due to the nature of the business. With over one million inmates being served in thousands of facilities, Securus Technologies commits to staying ahead of the crowd through service and constant innovation.


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