Wen By Chaz: A Fine Haired Blogger Gives it a Go

Every girl dreams of having thick, luscious curls worthy of a silver screen starlet. One brave blogger on Bustle decided to journal her experience with Wen by Chaz. For an entire week she replaced her typical hair care products with a bottle of Fig formulation Wen.

About Wen by Chaz

Wen hair is an interesting new way to look at hair care. Most products these days come on Total-beauty. Hair care experts expect you to use a separate product for every step of hair care. This means a bottle of shampoo and another of conditioner. If you like to use sealants or leave-in products, you will also need to get them.

Wen hair successfully replaces all of these with its sulfate-free formula in a single bottle. There are a number of different blends of Wen hair found on Sephora, each is intended to work best with a particular hair type or need. The Bustle blogger used a formula intended to give hair extra moisture and shine.

Her Results

The blogger has self-described thin and fine hair. One of the first things that she noticed was that Wen hair made her hair feel thicker and fuller right away. She also noticed that she had less dropped hair in the tub after washing.

Over the week she discovered that her Wen really did deliver on its promise to give her hair great shine and plenty of moisture. A ritual of a morning wash and blow dry gave her great looking hair all day long. By days five and six she was marveling at the softness of her locks.

Even better, those around her were noticing that she was now sporting a head of shiny hair! Compliments like that are a great confidence boost for anyone. Her conclusion is that this is a great product for those with thin or fine hair. Those with morning shower routines will love the soft, shiny locks that will grace their heads.

FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html

How Does Thor Halvorssen Run The Human Rights Foundation?

Thor Halvorssen is running the Human Rights Foundation in a way that is completely different from a traditional nonprofit. He is out there trying to make a change in the world instead of just sitting in his office. Thor Halvorssen prefers to help people who are in real trouble, and he wants to make sure that the public knows something about the human rights problems around the world. He plans to change the way that people think about human rights, and he wants to show these people that they can change their lives with the help of a simple push for better human rights.

He knows that not every person who is interested in human rights can drop what they are doing and volunteer, but he works with the media to keep the message strong so that people do not miss it. Someone could feel moved to help because they have noticed that they have a place where they can help, or they might learn about a problem that is new to them. Thor Halvorssen is all about education, and he hopes that the education he gives to the world moves people to help.

According to Huffington Post, he does have volunteers around the world who are helping people who are oppressed, and he is meeting with world leaders who are interested in helping. He is running a grassroots movement, but he is taking that movement to the leaders of the world that he thinks will be able to make the biggest change with him. That is very important to him, and he wants to be sure that all of these people understand what can be done to help people. There are countries that are still living in the dark ages, and Thor Halvorssen hopes that he can pull people up from that line of thinking.

Source: http://www.weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824

Norka Luque: A Hot Latin Star in the Making

Norka Luque might not be a familiar name to many American audiences but in the Latin world she is rising new pop star. Norka Martinez Luque is currently one of the hottest Latina singers that is setting Venezuela on fire. Here is brief overview of this amazing new star’s life and her rise to fame.

Norka began her journey into fame as a child where she trained for singing, dance, piano, ballet and flamenco. She did all of these things for many years while receiving her education. Norka was one of the most enthusiastic students in her class and she worked hard to develop her craft and to hone her skills.

When Ms. Luque was a young adult she competed her studies in the field of Business Administration within France. While there she received multiple degrees in the culinary arts, marketing and even fashion. Norka Luque not only had musical talent knowledge; she also had a solid background in the world of business. This knowledge would help her in her career.

While Norka was completing her studies in France, she had chosen to join a band. Norka had to remain close to her passion of singing and performing and this allowed her to have the opportunity.

The young lady performed with this group for a short time before she was discovered by Emilio Estafan Jr. who is a highly rated producer.

Once Estafan Jr. gave Norka a chance to shine, the young lady has been lighting up the charts ever since. Her song Milagro was an international hit, topping the charts in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the U.S.

Norka says that Milagro was a great song because it combines various musical influences from the Caribbean and Latin world. More importantly, the song provides a message of hope for all people who listen to its sound. Norka Luque still continues to do her thing as an entertainer and musical performer. Many expect her to continue making hits for years to come. Follow Norka Luque on Twitter @norka_music to learn more.

The Lovaganza Foundation Is The Brain-Child OF J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon

Life is full of battles. People battle diseases, poverty, racial discrimination, dictatorships, ethnic cleansing and hunger, and many other issues. Most of the things people battle are never defeated. There is always poverty, disease, racial profiling and unsavory dictators infiltrating societies around the world. Hunger in children has been a serious issue for decades, but more than 3 million children still die from malnutrition every year. More than 17 million children in the United States experience some form of food insecurity every day. The social programs that have been established to stop hunger and to feed children in countries where there is a shortage of food have not been as effective as they could be. Common goals must be established to defeat childhood hunger. Those goals have been identified, and two people are doing something about enacting those goals worldwide.

Those two people are J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon. J.F. Gagnon is a singer, composer, writer, director and producer, and his wife, Genevieve, is an actress and the director and producer of the Lovaganza Convoy. The Lovaganza Convoy is a film trilogy that is designed to help fund the Gagnon’s Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Foundation’s mission is to eliminate hungry children by 2035. The Gagnon’s have been working on that mission since 2010. They have traveled around the world spreading the word that non-profit organizations can eliminate hunger if they ban together to achieve six common goals. The Lovaganza Foundation has been researching and studying hunger in children for the last six years, and the information gathered from that research is going to be released in a series of documentaries in the Lovaganza Convoy trilogy.

One of the objectives of the Lovaganza Foundation is to join forces with at least ten major worldwide organizations by 2018. By 2020, the Lovaganza Foundation will have a presence in all nations, and those nations will embrace the goals of the Lovaganza movement. And by 2025, the Lovaganza Foundation believes it will have the support of every nation in the world. When that support is achieved, the goal of eliminating hunger in children between the ages of 0 to 15 will become a reality in 2035, according to the Gagnon’s.

The response to the Lovaganza Foundation has been amazing, according to Genevieve Gagnon. Countries, political figures and celebrities around the world are supporting the goals of the Lovaganza Foundation, and that means the quality of life for children around the world is getting closer to becoming a reality.

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ClassDojo’s Newest Additional Venture Improving Their Work

The worst thing a parent can deal with is the shocking words coming out from the teacher saying that their child was touch to work with. It’s annoying for most parents who wish they could have done something to help educate the child about the situations and predicaments they all got themselves into. The problem is that once a year parent-teacher conferences happen legitimately only once a year, so clearly it’s a time when parents are either given heartwarming speeches or horrible messages about their kids. Most parents are tired of the same old plain meetings that never go into specifics because of teachers either forgetting about certain instances. With this app, teachers have new options that were thought of as a possibility.

With ClassDojo, parent’s don’t have to worry about this problem. Parents can receive updates either daily or every few weeks on their child’s behavior and style of studying at school. Parents can receive either pictures, videos, or long messages from teachers to help update parents either about amazing or bad behavior. This app sort of connects parents to the teachers to help provide a safe working environment and an atmosphere that gives parents peace that they are bringing their child to a school where the child is cared for.

ClassDojo recently raised more than $21 million in funding to improve the app and help take it to the next level. It’s an app that has received unbelievable responses because of the work that it provides. There are countless people who have joined the team to help create a successful growth for this app. ClassDojo has wanted to give the opportunity to communicate between teachers and parents, and this app turns the entire idea into a reality.

ClassDojo gives you the chance to grow in the right direction and know what kids are up to in school. With a strong focus on kids in early elementary school leading up to kids who are in the 8th grade, it’s true that this app can open up many opportunities for many people because it simplifies the world of parents knowing what their kids are up to. This app is truly revolutionizing the idea of school and keeping kids on the right track by including the parents daily.


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The Benefits of Using Wen by Chaz Dean Products

Have you seen the infomercials by a hair care line called Wen hair by Chaz Dean? If you have not, you are missing out on a lot. The commercials have women who have shiny and healthy hair. The good news is that you can also have such gorgeous hair. The trick lies in using the products by Wen by Chaz Dean.

The products are designed for hair of all types, whether oily or dry, long or short. They include a range of cleansers and conditioners which can be used for thoroughly cleaning your hair. The treatment can also be used as a styling treatment. Depending on which formulation you use, the products can help you achieve the best results you want.

Visit WEN’s profile on Twitter.

The benefit of using the products is that your hair gets the healthy look it deserves. It also enhances the shine of your hair giving it luster and bounce. The good news is that with a few applications you will start seeing the results. The product is supposed to be used in a specific amount applied.

The other benefit if using Wen by Chaz Dean products is that they do not break your strands at all. Those who have used it swear by the fact that their hair stopped breaking after using the products on several occasions. The other good news is that if you fear products which make your hair oily and looking greasy, you need not worry about that.

The other benefit is that with WEN hair by Chaz Dean products, you need not do so much when styling. All you have to do is apply some of the product before you blow dry your hair and you are good to go. It is also available for order online via Amazon.com.

Product review? Go to http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.

Founder Dick DeVos Of The West Michigan Aviation Academy

Dick DeVos is a very well known businessman and all round entrepreneur. He is the son of the cofounder of the goods and services provider Amway, Richard DeVos. He has also acted as the CEO of the Amway Corporation from the years 1993 till 2002. In America he is the 67th richest man according to Forbes with a net worth of over $5 billion. He is married to Betsy Prince DeVos who is also a huge driving force behind their philanthropic endeavors. One of these endeavors is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation has many reaches across the United States of America as well as around the globe. One of the recipients of the foundation is the West Michigan Aviation Academy which was formed by Dick DeVos due to the families strong passion for education and aviation. Dick DeVos has great passion for aviation and is one of the main reasons of forming this school. WMAA is a tuition free, charter school and was founded in 2010 on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport property.

The West Michigan Aviation Academy offers opportunities to those students who have a great interest for aviation, technology, science, math and engineering.  A lot of the learning is done through field trips, job shadowing, and a hands on approach. This builds character as well as the opportunity for students to develop their own dreams and aspirations for the industry. The academy takes up about 42000 square feet of space providing ample space for 500 students to attend. This is based directly on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport which gives the school additional active facilities to tour in order to provide each student with a live model of aviation. The catching phrase “A high school where attitude meets altitude” is extremely well suited to the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

White Shark Free Adword Evaluation

Getting into business can be a hard task. You are required to have a start up cost, and follow rules and regulation required in your country. On top of that, you might be required to advertise your new business. Even the most experienced persons, need a hand to get their venture going in the right direction. That is why you need White Shark Media. They will help you advertise your business online, which will drive traffic to your websites and translate into sales increase.

How things show up in Google search results is a mystery to many people. Most people do not understand how SEO, Google AdWords, and SEM work.

For your website to rank in the first Page of the search engine, it involves a complicated process that goes beyond creating a website and listing your business. The fact is if your business cannot be found easily yours sales will suffer. Read more: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

White Shark Media can help you; they offer a free evaluation to see where your business stands in search engine results.  You can ask questions you like or raise a concern, and all that is free. Together you can devise an online marketing strategy that will take your business to new heights.

By the time evaluation is completed, you will have learned a lot since a specialist will explain to you how AdWords work. Then, you will have to decide to hire White Shark Media to manage your online campaigns or put the knowledge into action yourself. Either way, you will emerge as the winner.

One factor that has distinguished White Shark Media is its ability in embracing customers’ compliments and complaints as a stepping-stone to improve its service delivery. To improve communication with its clients the company introduced a phone system with direct extensions.

Thus, when clients sign up, they receive an email with contact details of a contact person. Moreover, the details include contact person’ supervisor (https://www.facebook.com/WhiteSharkMedia/). This allows seamless communication throughout without the need to go through a receptionist.

The company has also instituted monthly meeting via GoToMeeting, an online video platform. In the meeting, together with a specialist, clients go through the performance of their AdWords Campaigns. This help client to know what is working and what is not working. Besides, it helps clients avoid losing track of their AdWords campaigns.

The Venezuela Power Crisis Continues

Due to the electricity power crisis Venezuela’s public employees will work on only Monday and Tuesday. President Nicolas Maduro announced the move will be done for at least two weeks in order to save energy.

The president said the water level of the country’s largest dam has sank to minimum operating levels due to a severe drought. Public workers had already been given Fridays off. Also David Osio shared, daily four hour blackouts have been instituted throughout the country.
Friday holidays have been extended to grade school teachers. Continuing to work are employees of public hospitals and state run supermarkets.
Venezuelan citizens including David himself, reacted with disbelief when they learned that the public workers would be barely coming into their offices to work. The workers will still be paid for the days they will miss. Some have used their days off to shop. Still others have gone home to watch television or run air conditioning, making critics skeptical about the move really saving energy.


Founded in 2013, Coriant is a telecommunications company with headquarters in Munich, Germany and Naperville, Illinois. The company sells optical transmission software and hardware and products ranging from Broadband and Optical LAN Access to Intelligent Network Management. Coriant works to provide solutions in integrated optical planning, MSPP, edge routing, and packet optical transport in over one hundred different countries.

Coriant’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Shaygan Kheradpir, boasts nearly three decades of executive experience. He has served in a variety of industries, including financial service, telecommunications, and technology. Having earned a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in engineering from Cornell University, Shaygan started out his career at GTE Corporation. He worked his way up to the potion of EVP and Chief Information Officer at Verizon and was appointed to the executive leadership team. Under his leadership, systems were modernized, innovated, and made more efficient. He helped to oversee the FiOS infrastructure program, which entailed more than $20 billion in capital investments.

Shaygan has also served Chief Operations and Technology Officer for Barclays, where he was a member of the Executive Committee. Barclays employs over 150,000 people in 50 different countries. In his role there, Shaygan spearheaded the TRANSFORM program, which brought the bank into the 21st century and brought him to the attention of Juniper Networks.

When Coriant finally recruited this unique talent, he was working as an Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. In that capacity, Shaygan concentrated on technology and telecom investments.

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