Matthew Fleeger and the Oil and Gas Industry

Matthew Fleeger is the CEO and current President of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. Combining resources, experience, and talent the focus of the company is to develop and acquire more domestic gas and oil reserves in the United States. Gulf Coast Western, LLC and Matthew Fleeger try to maintain relationships with other companies through trust and integrity. The family owned business was started in 1970. It has spread out its locations to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

The company started out in Louisiana, but expanded quickly. One of the companies that Gulf Coast Western partnered with is Orbit Energy Partners. The partnership has helped Gulf Coast Western develop more areas of interest that take up over 1,000 miles. Gulf Coast Western has signed an agreement with another company called Warhorse Oil and Gas that states Gulf Coast Western will operate developing wells in Louisiana. The wells that they have gotten produce over 800 barrels of oil everyday. They are still looking to create more production though. Gulf Coast Western focuses their research on areas in the Gulf Coast that are known to have lots of oil and gas. They want to find areas that will allow them to develop acres among acres of oil and gas fields.

Gulf Coast Western, LLC is looking to grow their business and take over as many of the oil and gas fields they can. They want to grow a successful business that is going to produce oil and gas for many years to come. Gulf Coast Western is already pretty successful, but they are wanting to become even more successful. Starting a family based business is hard, but with hard work and determination Matthew Fleeger and his family have developed a great thing. Matthew Fleeger is going to become a very successful individual, and will have a great thing to pass down his family line.

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