Krishen Iyer Is the Man

Krishen Iyer is a partner for Quick Link Marketing. He has a great deal of experience when it comes to online marketing as well as client relations and technical development. Quick Link Marketing has seen great success thanks to their cutting edge marketing techniques. Clients are provided with a variety of marketing solutions that truly are tailored to a company’s needs. Iyer has been a long time resident of the California area for many years now. He has a great passion for his work in the marketing industry and pays extensive attention to detail. This has created a successful career in online marketing that shows to be promising in the years to come.


Quick Link Marketing recognized that there was a need for a wider variety of marketing solutions among the various firms that were in the industry. Tailoring services for each client was also discussed very early on. Incorporating lead generation companies into the process of serving clients was discussed. Partners acknowledged that the marketing industry was in need of a change and there were some key components missing in how clients were served across the board. Krishen Iyer was a good fit with this company thanks to the knowledge and ideas that he brought to the table. His experience included: client interfacing, cutting-edge marketing techniques and technical development among many other skills that Iyer had acquired along the way. Krishen Iyer also had a very serious interest in gathering ideas from various professionals in order to come up with marketing techniques and solutions on a case-by-case basis.


Iyer attended San Diego University as well as Grossmont College where he earned his bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development. Iyer spends many hours per week working for Quick Link Marketing but in his free time he dedicates himself to a variety of community service projects. Local cleanup efforts are a frequent event for Iyer and he also supports a number of international humanitarian causes. He has sponsored children in overseas efforts such as the Haitian relief effort.

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