How Fabletics’ Positively Reviewed Products Enhanced the Company’s Growth

Companies have to be on the lookout for new customer trends. A customer is the heartbeat of any business, and entrepreneurs have to devise igneous ways of acquiring and retaining them. Companies such as Fabletics are constantly studying the market for new consumer behaviors. Recently, it was established that the 21st Century consumer relies on reviews to decide whether to acquire a product or shy away from it. Marketers are swift to respond to consumer behaviors, and forward-thinking marketers, like those at Fabletics, have resorted to review-centric marketing strategies also referred to as crowd.

Fabletics was established in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg with the aim of providing stylish, reasonably priced, and quality athleisure clothing. The company initially targeted the US market, but one year after it was founded, Fabletics went global. Presently, the company has operations in German, France, and Canada among other international markets. Although Fabletics had primarily targeted women, in 2015 the company introduced athleisure clothing for men. Pundits claim that Fabletics has grown by over 200% since 2013; also, the company enjoys revenues amounting to over $235 million. Fabletics uses an online membership platform, and the company is proud of over one million paying members.

Fabletics’ growth strategy is no longer a secret. The company is among the leading enterprises that have utilized review-centric marketing strategy. The company’s online presence is conspicuous. Fabletics has a website,, through which members can purchase products, get started, or sign in among other functions. One of the founders, Kate, is a well-known actress. She is admired by many for her athletic physique, and her presence on the website—fully dressed in Fabletics gear—has encouraged her followers to acquire Fabletics products. Kate also samples (reviews) her favorite Fabletics products each month, and the products are available for online users to view.

With the advent of the internet, many consumers use online reviews to assess a product. Consumers wholeheartedly believe the reviews they find online. A BrightLocal research concluded that 84% of online users trust online reviews as much as a product recommendation from a close friend. The research further reveals that many internet users research businesses in the web frequently; it is paramount to say businesses need to have a striking online presence.

A research firm L2 surveyed major brands and made some conclusions. 76% of renowned consumer brands use reviews on their websites to increase sales. Beginning in 2014, the number of brands embedding reviews on their websites rose by 70 %. Although there are many types of reviews, “user reviews’’ is the most sought after. Positive online reviews are beneficial to companies in many ways. The reviews improve search engine rankings, increase the number of people visiting a website, and grow revenues.

Kate Hudson is an iconic actress who has contributed immensely to the success of Fabletics. The actress has used her fame to popularize the company. Kate’s partners affirm that Kate is a hands-on person who is deeply involved in the running of the company. Recently, she was at an event that saw Fabletics collaborate with Demi Lovato.

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