End Citizens United Backs Conor Lamb

End Citizens United is a political, organizational group targeting politicians who accept corporate money for campaigns. They are targeting Rothfus for the 2018 election. End Citizens states that Rothfus has taken corporate funds for his crusade. He is being accused of having these corporate funds influence his decision making in Washington.

End Citizens United have backed Conor Lamb, a Democrat to replace Rothfus. They have created campaigns for Mr. Lamb in his district that show he does not accept corporate money to influence his political decisions. End Citizens United backed Conor Lamb when he was running for the 18th congressional district for 2016.

Republicans are backing Rothfus in his bid for reelection in 2018. End Citizens has brought in nearly 18 million dollars for the first quarter fundraising for 2018. Most of the donations for End Citizens are coming in at $200 or less.

Mr. Rothfus and his group say despite accepting campaign monies from Corporate America, he does not let these monies influence his decision making in Washington DC. Mister Rothfus has backing from many Republicans who have started a digital campaign emphasizing all that he has done for Washington DC and their congressional district. These ads also point out how Lamb has taken money from Corporate America.

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End Citizens United hopes to get Conor Lamb elected over Mr. Rothfus. There will be many more campaigns ads for Conor Lamb backed by the End United Citizens group. This group is a political group who supports many politicians. They have support mostly for Democratic politicians.

In backing Democratic politicians, especially with the upcoming 2018 election, End Citizens is attempting to restore Democratic power in Washington DC. Once restored for Democratic control, the Democrats will have the majority of both houses.

When Democrats have the majority of both houses and the Republicans have the majority in the White House, it balances out the checks and balance systems. The Democrats in both houses of the Congress can mean real change in the United States from the 2018 election to the 2020 election.

This real change could mean that President Trump has to stick through his campaign promise of changing America. Restoring America was President Trump’s campaign promise. He has yet to live up to his oath of restoring the American dream. With a Democratic House and Senate, the President would have to listen to the Democrats and compromise with the Democrats more than he does now.

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