Don Ressler Is Good Enough To Lead Fabletics And JustFab

Don Ressler is such a good CEO that he can actually run Fabletics and JustFab at the same time. He works for the company that has both companies under its umbrella, and he has been able to make a brand that sells all kinds of clothes and a brand that was started by Kate Hudson work. He has a lot on his plate right now, but it is all working out really well.

The career of Don Ressler right now includes him helping Kate Hudson get Fabletics going at a rate that allows them to open a lot of new stores. They were only selling gym clothes and athleisure to women online, but now they have a way of selling to women in stores that will make a lot of money. The success at Fabletics is something that people can credit Don Ressler with because he has set up a company that is financially sound and ready to keep expanding.

Don Ressler also is running JustFab because it is a part of the company he manages. JustFab is a big fashion brand that is selling its own stuff online. They are advertising a lot because they have a big website they need to fill with customers, and they are trying to give women everything they need. Don Ressler is so good at his job that he has two different companies that are doing two different things. Fabletics is trying to give women athleisure clothes they can wear every day, but JustFab wants to dress women for any occasion.

There are a lot of women who can thank Don Ressler for the kinds of clothes he is getting out to the market. He has a great COO working with him named Adam Goldenberg who is helping keep each company strong, and they are giving women what they want on more than one website. They are a team that can build 100 or more stores for one brand, and they can get women to buy clothes online at JustFab. The woman who falls in love with clothes will likely shop with both companies. Source:

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