Traveling Vineyard Shares The Benefits Of A Wine Tasting Party

Wine tastings continue to grow in popularity and hosting a party is fun, affordable and easy. You need to choose a theme for your party and limit your tastings to four or five. Simply assemble your supplies and make certain you have the proper glasses to go with your wines. Serve water crackers to cleanse the pallets of your guests and make sure they have something to spit into.

Avoid any strong cooking smells because your nose does a lot of the work when you taste something. Having photographs of the regions your wine is from is an excellent idea as is corresponding music. Offering a printed guide for your wines so your guests can take it home may help increase your business. Special wine tasting placemats and the correct number of glasses on your table is important.

Discuss the color of the wine and release the aroma by gently swirling the wine. Breathe in the aroma and have your guests discuss their perceptions. Take a sip and remember to hold it inside your mouth. Let the taste linger before you begin your next selection. Compare notes with your guests and consider voting on the best wine.

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The Traveling Vineyard started in 2001 with the principal of you can’t know if you will enjoy a particular wine until it has been tasted. This was the beginning of home wine tasting parties. Individuals have been successful working at home with this concept. Wine Guides are provided for inspiration and to showcase the connection between food and wine.

The Traveling Vineyard gives their full support to their wine guides. They provide them with the best in business management technology, the basics of wine with the use of an amazing app and wine education with a program in Sommology. This gives their guides the information required to conduct wine tastings professionally and effectively.

Wine Guides become energized as soon as they have their Success Kits and begin sharing the benefits and love of wine in their individual communities. They create and build friendships, expand their income and receive rewards for all of their achievements.

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UK Wine Brands You Must Try

If you are a wine lover, you must know how difficult it is to settle for one brand when you are out shopping for wine. There are so many brands out there and sometimes it may get confusing and overwhelming. UK Vintners stock only the best wines in the market and you can be sure to find one that you will absolutely love with them.

Top brands in the UK

Blossom Hill
Blossom Hill is a brand of wine that is very popular all around the world. With a very rich history, the wines are produced using ancient techniques that make them very tasty and well-balanced.

Hardys is also among the top wine brands in the UK. It is a fine wine that goes well with different meals and it is no wonder then that it is so popular among wine lovers.

Echo Falls
Echo Falls is a top choice among lovers of quality wine as it is well-refined to give it a rich color and a uniquely refreshing taste.

Casillerodel Diablo
Casillerodel Diablo is a wine company that mainly produces sweet red wine. It has made it to the top UK wine companies because of its consistency in offering unique wines with amazing tastes.

Other Brands
Other brands that are very popular in the UK are Margaux, Mcguigan, Concha y Toro, Gallo, Jacob’s Creek and Yellow Tail Kumala among others.

UK Vintners stock all these and more. You will have a lot of options to choose from and you will get them at affordable prices. They buy and sell the world’s finest wines. Whether you are looking for wine to enjoy on an evening out with friends or you are looking for wine to buy for investment, they have you sorted. More than 100 fine wines from various parts of the world.

Bottom Line

With this guide, shopping for wine should not be such a daunting task. Just look out for these brands the next time you are at a liquor store and you will not be disappointed. Your evening will be filled with laughter and great cheer if you spice up that dinner with one of these wines. Your guests will enjoy it and you will enjoy hosting them. What’s more, they are very easy to pair with different dishes and desserts. UK Vintners has got you sorted—whether it is your anniversary, your birthday dinner, your graduation or thanksgiving dinner, you can never go wrong with these brands.