Krishen Iyer Is the Man

Krishen Iyer is a partner for Quick Link Marketing. He has a great deal of experience when it comes to online marketing as well as client relations and technical development. Quick Link Marketing has seen great success thanks to their cutting edge marketing techniques. Clients are provided with a variety of marketing solutions that truly are tailored to a company’s needs. Iyer has been a long time resident of the California area for many years now. He has a great passion for his work in the marketing industry and pays extensive attention to detail. This has created a successful career in online marketing that shows to be promising in the years to come.


Quick Link Marketing recognized that there was a need for a wider variety of marketing solutions among the various firms that were in the industry. Tailoring services for each client was also discussed very early on. Incorporating lead generation companies into the process of serving clients was discussed. Partners acknowledged that the marketing industry was in need of a change and there were some key components missing in how clients were served across the board. Krishen Iyer was a good fit with this company thanks to the knowledge and ideas that he brought to the table. His experience included: client interfacing, cutting-edge marketing techniques and technical development among many other skills that Iyer had acquired along the way. Krishen Iyer also had a very serious interest in gathering ideas from various professionals in order to come up with marketing techniques and solutions on a case-by-case basis.


Iyer attended San Diego University as well as Grossmont College where he earned his bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development. Iyer spends many hours per week working for Quick Link Marketing but in his free time he dedicates himself to a variety of community service projects. Local cleanup efforts are a frequent event for Iyer and he also supports a number of international humanitarian causes. He has sponsored children in overseas efforts such as the Haitian relief effort.

Rodrigo Terpins Helps People See the Benefit of Rally Car Driving

Since Rodrigo Terpins is a rally car driver, he knows there are things he has to do differently. He also knows there are positive influences that come along with his rally driving experience. He’s always worked as a rally driver and that helps him make the most out of everything he does. By focusing on how he can help other people with the issues they face, Rodrigo Terpins knows it means a lot to start working toward helping others. He always wanted to be a rally car driver and that made it easy for him to see the benefits of it. He also knew things would continue changing for him if he had the chance to show more people how to do the driving the right way. Since he comes from a family of rally car drivers, Terpins understands the importance of doing things the right way. He always wanted to be the best and is now one of the best.


Since Rodrigo Terpins is one of the top rally car drivers in Brazil, he knows there are things he does that have a big influence on other people. He’s not afraid to show others they have someone to look up to and they can make positive decisions based on the way things are done in different areas. For Rodrigo Terpins, the point of doing all this is making sure everyone sees him as someone who’s successful no matter what. Check out



While he’s working as an influence on other people, Rodrigo Terpins continues showing them they have a chance to be successful just like he is. By the time he started doing things the right way and offering his advice as a rally car driver, he built a huge following. People wanted to learn how he did things and how he was so successful even though he didn’t start out that way. While he did come from a successful family, he felt that had very little to do with the opportunities he created for himself. A lot of the success he had was self-made through his hard work and dedication.



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Dr saad saad lives in Eatontown, New Jersy. He is an experienced surgeon for Several years. Dr saad has got several hospitals in this area, including monmount health center and jersey shore University medical center. He has practiced his surgeon career for over 20 years after he attained his master’s degree in the University of Cairo in the school of medicine. Dr. Saad Saad is one of the major doctors in the University of jersey shore medical Centre.


Dr.Saad over many years he has remained in his field of surgery. He has the passion for developing the best methods to treat the clients with safer ways and using the current technology. Dr.Saad Saad has discovered two essential devices that are used during the surgical process. He has also identified various surgical procedures that can be of great help in the surgery field.


Dr. Saad Saad has discovered the use of an endoscope in the surgical process. Many surgeons have recommended the use of this machine to make surgery process more secure. Generally, the endoscope is used to analyze the internal parts of the human body. Although there are some challenges while using endoscope inside the body, still it remains to be one of the best analysis devices in surgery. At times, the device is blocked by the body fluids which make the doctor to keep on adjusting the endoscope to get clear part pictures that are being viewed. Dr. Saad Saad has discovered a device that helps in sucking such liquid from blocking the endoscope while using it.


Dr. Saad Saad has also invented another device called Medical Catheters. Medical catheters generally are tubes that are inserted into the human body to help in internal treatments or they can be used in surgery process. Also, some catheters can be used to remove gases from the body and creating a way for the surgical tools during the surgery process. The catheter can be used differently depending on the type of catheter. After the surgery process, some type of Catheter maybe left in the body either for a lifetime or specific period.


Dr. Saad Saad and other surgeons developed some of the strategies to ensure catheter are inserted in the specified parts in the body, these strategies include, conducting X-ray to see the specific location of the catheter in the body. Although there are some health complications associated with many X-rays, they really happen. The second strategy is using magnetic Resonance imaging to identify the location of the catheter in the body.


Dr. Saad Saad main aim of these two inventions is to improve the surgery process. His inventions has assisted doctors to perform surgery process in a secure and practical way. These inventions help in the elimination of complications during the surgical operations. Learn more:

From Heavy Metal To Financial Success With Cassio Audi

The Brazilian heavy metal band Viper has recently been on a major revival after spending a number of years on a hiatus that was self imposed in the late 1990s and early 2000s. What few people may realize is the fact well known Brazilian financial advisor Cassio Audi was a founding member of the band and was the drummer on their first studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”; unlike many of his former band mates, Cassio Audi has always resisted the need to return to the fold of the band and has instead concentrated on developing his successful financial career.

Cassio Audi joined Viper when the band was purely a fun way to spend some time for a group of teenage friends in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo; as the band became more successful and became popular among local heavy metal fans the professionalism of the group grew until the band made the decision to make some demo recordings and try to obtain a record deal. The first demo recordings from Viper feature Cassio Audi on drums and have been released as “The Killera Sword”. These crude tape recordings led to the 19876 release of a professionally produced studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise” that showcased the musical skills of the young members of the group.

As the burgeoning group were still of a young age when they released their first album and found success in Brazil and abroad the lineup seemed destined to change as the interests of those involved moved and evolved. Cassio Audi made the decision to leave the band in 1989 prior to the recording and release of the successful “Theatre of Fate” album; instead, Audi pursued his ambition of entering the financial markets and has since gone on to become one of Brazil’s leading investment specialists.

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Honey Birdette And Their Lingerie Empire

Honey Birdette is an Australian luxury lingerie brand that is spreading across the world, and this article explains how they are planning to open stores in the UK and America. There are many people who will enjoy shopping in this place because it will offer them better lingerie at better prices, and women who are shopping at these stores will feel much better about their purchases and style.

#1: What Is The Style?

Honey Birdette is known for the simple lingerie that they have created, and women may appreciate the simple style they receive when shopping with this store. The company started in Australia where they are helping women look their best, and they plan to open stores in the UK and America to spread their name to new locations.

#2: The Global Market

The global market is quite large, and there are many people who are shopping with the brand online. They have found this company online because they wanted a new style of lingerie, and they are now planning to visit stores that the company will open around the world. Someone who is trying wear better lingerie may choose Honey Birdette, and they may visit a number of lovely stores the company has opened.

#3: The Company Has Published Their Plans

The company has published their plans to expand quite a lot, and they are sharing information that helps customers know where they may go to see each new store. There are many different people who may visit their UK or American locations for better lingerie.

The Honey Birdette brand is growing such that they must come to America and Europe. They are teaching the world that there is a softer way to wear lingerie, and women will find a number of different pieces that make them feel beautiful.

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