The Story of Rodrigo Terpins

The name Rodrigo Terpins is well known to the Brazilian sports community due to his high achievements and participation in the Sertoes Rally. Terpins came from a family of athletes and followed in their steps. He gained business skills from studying at the University of Sail Hilaire. In 2008, Terpins founded T5 Participacoes. He is currently the company’s senior director. Terpins founded a wood company that is now called Floresvale. The idea sprawled when his team and he decided to create a business involving the environment and sustainability. Along with his brother, Michel, Terpins is a rally car driver for Bull Sertoes rally team.

His father was a professional basketball player, who now is known to be an entrepreneur and successful businessman. Both brothers compete in professional circuit racing, which is one of the most challenging racing sports in all of Brazil. It includes terrains of all types. Rallies always rely on team work and the skill to remain calm under pressure. The sport requires a two-man team to complete the difficult course in the shortest amount of time. Even from a young age, Terpins had an interest in sports of all kinds. Growing up, he had many role models that shaped his life to become an athlete and become successful. For more details visit Ideamensch.

In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Terpins described his average day as very busy and stuck between the country side and city side of Brazil. At all times, including commute time, he tries to stay connected to use all the time available. He also releases that he wishes to remind his younger self to “study hard and keep yourself up to date with what’s going on in the world”. As an entrepreneur, Terpins always makes sure to keep up to date with the competitors in the market and the international market. He believes that acquisitions helped him greatly in the business world when starting off. Mentioned in the interview was that Terpins deeply enjoys moments with his son, no matter how small. He then says that we are sometimes too focused on work and miss moments that are precious to our kids, who grow quickly.



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