A Brand New Venture

Brian Bonar, Scottish entrepreneur and graduate with a Masters in Business Administration and a PhD in International Business Development both from Stafford University in England. He has spearheaded the founding of several companies, be it lending funds for their kick start or even helping them with marketing, Brian Bonar has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with. Bonar’s specialties seem to be in software, printing and imaging however his resume doesn’t stop there. Brian Bonar has also proven himself adept at sales and marketing.

What truly stands out about Brian Bonar is his ability to stretch himself across various platforms, multitasking to run many different companies at the same time. He is deeply invested in companies within the UK, Japan, the Czech Republic and even Mexico.

According to PR News Wire, Brian Bonar has spent more than 30 years assisting businesses both large and small to get success. Brian Bonar also sacrifices much of his time to local organizations, showing the deep love he holds for his community. He serves on the Board of Directors with several companies, and one organization that Bonar is particularly fond of is the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego.

This man of so many accomplishments, has taken on a new endeavor of a very different kind. For recently Bonar has purchased a 144-acre ranch and built a hotel that boasts a signature restaurant.

He found the talent he sought within El Bizcocho in Trevor Da Costa and the younger Mike Reidy. In their traditional French cuisine training and their forward thinking, customers to the Bellamy are treated to one of a kind dishes and superb service that blow your mind (and your taste buds!) away.

Source: https://about.me/brianbonar