Embattled University of Missouri Professor Rehabs Image

In the blink of an eye a life can change and this is in particularly true thanks to the prevalence of media on the internet. Going viral can change your life in both positive and negative ways and for former Missouri professor Melissa Click, the change was as negative as you could get. This past November Click went viral thanks to her demanding that journalists leave the sight of a protest on campus at Mizzou. Click went over the line when she called for ‘muscle’ and the rest was history. The video went viral, Click was terminated, and the professor’s image was ruined.

Still, Click didn’t want to let the one incident completely ruin her life and so she decided to partner up with Status Labs in order to rehab her image. Status Labs is a public relations firm located out of Texas that has clients all over the globe. Status Labs is led by CEO Darius Fisher and it was Fisher who first went to bat for Click. Fisher has always stood up for people he feels to be ‘wrongly piled upon’ and the CEO felt that Click fit that demographic quite readily.

So in order to kick things off with the growing firm Status Labs both Click and the company decided to get proactive about how they are going to approach their current situation. The most telling way they could address the November controversy is by simply appealing to the truth: Click had a bad day but it in no way identified the real rest of her career. For 12 years Click was a steadfast member of the Mizzou faculty and she has already gotten over 100 different teachers to sign up in support of her. Click has already begun to do the talk show rounds and you can tell that the court of public opinion is beginning to sway.

With that being said there is still so far to go.