Rodrigo Terpin: Businessman and Rally Car Driver, A Jack of All Trades

One of the most unique, competitive, off road sporting events that is actively participated in today, is Rally Car Racing, a sport that was designed to challenge the mental and physical agility of each individual competitor. It is a sport that takes, not only courage and determination, but, as Rodrigo Terpins, the most well-known rally driver today describes it, a certain passion and mindset in order to be successful.

What was once just a passion for Rodrigo Terpins, became sheer determination and eventually, a successful career. Rodrigo’s older brother, Michel Terpin, was the first of the two brothers to participate in the sport, which set the bar for the younger sibling. Now, the two Terpin brothers form their own team called “The Bull Sertoes,” a team sponsored by MEM Motorsports and together, the Terpin brothers have accumulated several participations and victories in many different rally events.

Since entering the unique world of off-road racing, Rodrigo has also successfully completed five Sertoes Rally’s, an event that is considered to be the largest off-road rally’s held in Brazil today.

The most recent Sertoes Rally was the 22nd Edition, which covered 2600 kilometers that was divided into seven stages and stretched over two states. Rodrigo and his partner, Fabricio Machina, finished in an impressive 8th out of 38 teams. Rodrigo may be well-known as a successful sportsman, but he is also a businessman and participant of Green Seal initiative, a charity project, whose goal is to completely eliminate the carbon dioxide gases that are emitted by the rally cars during racing events. Both Rodrigo and his brother Michel’s cars have received the Green Initiative, carbon free seal. Check out Terra to see more.

Even though Rodrigo has a busy calendar, he is no stranger to social media. In fact, he owns multiple accounts on sites such as as; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few, which are continually updated to help connect Rodrigo to his large fan base, to whom a large part of his success is owed.