Securus Technologies, Staying Ahead Through Service and Innovation

Securus Technologies is bringing peace of mind to correctional facilities and those involved in the process. The company, based in Dallas, Texas has been around since 1986 and has grown considerably over the years. The company provides telecommunications and financial services for inmates and their families. These services allow the inmates to be in touch easily and at affordable prices. Securus Technologies provides a comparison of costs associated with video chats versus an actual visit to the correctional facility. The service saves time and money as well as the chance that the family might not be able to see the inmate should there be unforeseen circumstances such as a lockdown.


Securus Technologies is also proud to offer monitoring services internally and externally for inmates and employees. This is a huge asset when it comes to prosecuting matters that otherwise might have gone unnoticed or difficult to obtain evidence. The facility management can also be certain that its subordinates such as correctional officers are acting in an ethically sound and professional manner. Contraband is also reduced by the monitoring services. There have even been cases where those who were not guilty had been freed due to the assistive technology provided by Securus Technologies.


In a field where emotions and tension can run high, Securus Technologies maintains an excellent track record. The company earned the distinction of receiving an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau. The customer service component of the business also has made advances by providing resolution to most issues with a single call. Survey scores and customer satisfaction have also increased significantly in a field where it’s often tough to make the grade due to the nature of the business. With over one million inmates being served in thousands of facilities, Securus Technologies commits to staying ahead of the crowd through service and constant innovation.


Securus Technologies Tracking Down Violent Fugitives

In order to catch a violent fugitive, you have to hope they slip up and leave clues or that someone becomes ans informant and leads us to them to make a quick arrest. My fugitive task force was called in this week because a suspect had just robbed another supermarket at gunpoint, and this time they hurt three innocent people in the course of trying to escape. The gun accidentally went off, and luckily no one was killed as the suspect raced to his next robbery.


This suspect was extremely dangerous, and even informants were afraid to come forward because they thought that their own families may become targets. We had to find a lead quickly, and without help from residents, we decided to go to the jail and see if anyone behind bars could point us in the right direction. Make no mistake about it, inmates don’t help the police, but they do if you know how to get them to offer up information without them even realizing it. All we had to do was show up and start asking questions, and Securus Technologies did the rest.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the new inmate telephone monitoring system inside the jail. It is capable of listening to all the calls and alerting officers about any specific chatter. Once we got the inmates all excited about us being there, a few of them took to the phones to reach out to family and friends. it was one call in particular where the inmate told his cousin to locate our suspect and tell him that the fugitive hunters were closing in. We decided to follow that cousin, and the next evening he led us right to an apartment where the suspect was hiding and planning his next string of local store robberies.


Using Securus Technologies to Put Bad Guys in Jail

One of the most frustrating parts of working in law enforcement is watching suspects escape the long arm of the law with no regard for the pain they are causing. There was a local suspect who had been arrested for a variety of violent crimes, but her either got off on a technicality or his lawyer was able to plea bargain on his behalf. On the streets, this suspect would taunt the police to try and catch him as he continued his crime spree.


There were a number of times that we were about to arrest the suspect for a crime, but he would disappear and not come back until the heat died down. We were able to finally get evidence this suspect was involved in serious crimes, now all we had to do was find him to bring him to justice. This seemed a lot easier said than done. He had a very large network of family and friends who did everything possible to keep this suspect on the streets.


We decided to ramp up our efforts and headed down to the local jail where we knew this suspect had a brother who was serving a very lengthy sentence. The jail just used Securus Technologies to update their inmate call system, and we were all trained on using the LBS software that was going to be instrumental in taking this suspect off the streets.


The inmates have all become good at disguising their conversations because they know we are listening in all the time. The software can decipher when certain things are being discussed, and revealed a conversation tween the two brothers talking about a recent crime spree we didn’t even associate the suspect with. His admission on the phone and details about the crimes allowed us to collect enough evidence to get this guy off the streets for good.


Leading Inmate Communications Provider Receives BBB Accreditation

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate network provider that saves their customers money and is committed to the highest level of customer service excellence. Thousands of people trust their name to deliver superior services that keeps them connected to their loved ones in a correctional facility. Their interactive technology has contributed to their recent BBB Accreditation. They are a customer friendly inmate communications network that has helps their customers talk more and spend less. On average, customers are able to save over 46% versus competitor companies like Global Tel-Link. A recent PRN Newswire article discussed the statistics proving Securus Technologies is chosen over competitor companies 10 to 1.


Why Thousands Of Customers Love Securus?


Securus was first working alongside the Public Utility Commission to ensure that inmate communication networks were being regulated according to government mandate. They were responsible for surveillance, monitoring, and customer service. However, they assumed the role of an communications network provider and quickly gained the trust of the public. Their leading network provider is unmatched by their competitors in terms of price and high standard of customer service excellence. They encourage you to visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details on their programs, services, and promotional offers.


Services Under Securus Technologies


Video Chat Features


You can now talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility over a high definition video. Securus now offers interactive video chat features that saves loved ones a commute to the jail and lets you inmates face-to-face.


Advanced Pay Options


Get all the features that you need in advance with a valid checking or debit card. You can secure minutes in advance with a registered account if you’re 18 years of age or older.


Become a valuable Securus Technologies customer today.


Securus Offers an Opportunity for Children to Visit Their Loved Ones in Prison.

People in prison have a reason to celebrate this Christmas season thanks to Securus Technologies. For a while now, the company has been offering a video visitation communication platform. The number of users of this technology is on the rise. With this technology, inmates now have the opportunity to ‘visit’ their homes and connect with their children.


Personally, I have experienced the benefits of this communication platform by Securus. I have a loved one who is in prison. I love him very much. However, I am not willing to visit a prison during the festive season. Well, I know that this sounds harsh, but let the truth be told. The prison environment is too frustrating, and it simply kills all the Christmas merry and cheer. For this reason, I prefer not visiting the prison at such a time as this.


It is with so much joy that I learned about what Securus is doing for people who wish to visit their loved ones in prison. Before, I could not go with my children, for whatever visit, to jail. I could not bear exposing them to so much agony at such a tender age. Besides, I knew that carrying them along during prison visits would leave me with the task of soothing their broken hearts after that. However, they now have the opportunity to join in on the much friendlier prison visitation. This visit is rather special for my babies since they finally have the chance to meet and communicate with their father. Besides, it also provides the opportunity to use technology.


A video visitation session is followed by a lot of questions from the children. They will want to know why their father has been locked away, the length of the jail sentence, among other issues. I feel that giving them the chance to see a loved one locked up will provide them with the desire to be better people and to stay away from trouble.


My children are used to opening their Christmas present as we, the parents, watch. Things don’t have to be any different this year. With the Securus’ video visitation technology, they have the opportunity to proceed with their tradition despite their father being miles away in prison.


Several other companies have implemented this type of technology, but Securus has over one million users meaning that it is the best. The video communication platform is a blessing for my family and me.



Securus Technologies Responds To GTL’s Press Releases

A press release is a good way to let the public know what is happening within a company. The press release does not have to be long. It can contain a few short paragraphs. The press release just needs to be long enough to let the public know about a specific event, award, honor, occasion, or accomplishment.


Even though press releases are a good way to keep the public up-to-date, there are things about press releases that can cause problems. One of these things is incorrect information that could possibly be contained in a press release. When there is incorrect information provided in a press release by a company, it can cause problems.


Recently GTL sent out several press releases that had information related to technology. The press releases by GTL made several claims concerning the technology. However, another company, Securus Technologies did not agree with the claims made by GTL. Therefore, Securus Technologies sent out a press release for the sole purpose of letting the public know that the claims made by GTL in the earlier press releases contained incorrect information.


In its press release, Securus Technologies listed each claim made by GTL and followed each claim with the reasons why Securus Technologies felt the claims contained incorrect information. I believe that Securus Technologies did a good job of presenting its side of the story in the claims dispute with GTL.


The reasons provided by Securus Technologies regarding the incorrect claims by GTL were based on information that Securus Technologies provided in the press release. Securus Technologies handled the situation in a good manner. The press release was direct and went straight to the point.


Securus Technologies has been in business for many years. The company has a proven record of providing excellent service for its customers both large and small.