Quincy Area Insecurity

Police in New Brunswick have responded to claims that there was shooting at the Quincy Hotel. According to them, one person was injured during the incidence. The incidence took place at the New Brunswick Apartments. The area has been a hotspot for crimes in the recent years, putting the Quincy Hotel in the limelight.

At around nine thirty in the evening, the police say that there were three or four shots were heard close to the hotel, and it was established that they were from the New Brunswick Apartment. The wounded victim was taken to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. According to the doctors, the gunshot wound was not life-threatening, and the victim was in a stable condition.

The injured victim is believed to have been taken to the hospital by a Good Samaritan who was driving a black Honda. After treatment, the victim said that his attacker wore a hoodie, and he is believed to have escaped to the Neilsen Street. The following day, the police were summoned to the area because some additional bullet cases were discovered in the building. This discovery added a new layer to the ongoing investigation.

In 2013, the police had charged a young man from New Brunswick because of armed robbery. The young suspect was accused of robbing a Pizza delivery man from the Quincy Hotel. Parish Wood, who was only twenty-one years old when he was charged, is believed to be the leader of a gang that conducted the incidence.

According to a statement from the pizza delivery man, he went to the complex at the Quincy Circle to deliver a pizza that had been ordered by an unknown customer. However, upon arrival, the particular resident denied that he needed pizza, forcing the delivery man to go back to his vehicle. While walking back to the car, three male suspects appeared from behind, ordering him to produce his wallet.

The three suspects stole all the money in the wallet and the pizza that was being delivered before escaping. The victim says that the armed robbers fled to the nearest parking lot, where they boarded an old minivan. The police who are in charge of the case say that they are working hard to collect enough evidence that will send the suspects to jail. The investigators say that they had charged the suspect in conjunction with some cell phone data that was gathered during the time of the theft. These cases will be taken seriously so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.