Rocketship Education and What Makes it Different

Rocketship Education is a US network of charter schools located in Redwood City, California. The organization was founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith, who opened Rocketship Education’s first school the following year of 2007 in San Jose. Rocketship Education, also sometimes referred to as RSED for short, saw immediate success with their first school, with students passing California’s state assessment exams with favorable scores.

This earned the organization praise and recognition as an affordable education alternative for students studying in the state of California for families with low incomes. This allowed Rocketship Education to begin expanding by opening a number of additional schools. In the following years, Rocketship education opened six more schools in the San Jose, as well as a couple of schools outside, including cities such as Milwaukee and Nashville in Wisconsin and Tennessee respectively.

The Rocketship Education schools received the strong support of parents from the start. The first school the organization founded was filled with students relatively fast, and after that, every school that had opened its doors for students has had a wave of applicants.

While the Rocketship Education schools achieve success, one might wonder what makes them special and sets them out from the rest of their line of work. Parents have been calling Rocketship Education unique and different because of how inclusive of the parents the schools are. The non-profit organization strives to include the parents in the education of their ids and to work together towards a better environment every day.

Other unique things are the relationships that the teaching side has with the learning side. Instead of trying to enforce the stud material in the classroom, teachers involve the students and work with their feedback. Very few schools ask for such feedback, to begin with. Rocketship Education works towards incorporating the feedback they receive.

The way the students are taught is based on several pillars. Rocketship Education strives towards inclusion, coordinated teamwork, making studying and learning fun and rewarding, and the schools also work towards helping the students discover their skills and expand upon them.