Gooee Revolutionizing the Electricity and Lighting Industry

Gooee is a technology business that helps lighting manufacturers to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) apps to their clients.The components of these applications include communication, control and sensing among other things. The applications are tailored to meet the specific clients’ needs and to provide value for their money. They are affordable, efficient and greatly enhance the customer experience.


Gooee’s Amazing New Products


LED lighting is the most efficient type of lighting and is quickly replacing incandescent bulbs. In 2015, Gooee developed microchips and sensors to measure energy consumption and light intensity among other things. They build these microchips and sensors into LED light engines. The microchips and sensors are very affordable as Gooee has been able to lower their unit costs by producing them in bulk, hence passing on the cost savings to their customers. Through these sensors and microchips, lighting systems can be connected to the internet and be controlled via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This is a huge breakthrough for the lighting industry.


Bottom Line


Gooee’s innovation and commitment to providing efficient energy solutions has seen them make such huge developments in the lighting industry. Some of Gooee’s other IoT features include lighting analytics, building intelligence and beacon management. Through these features, lighting manufacturers can analyze the performance of their lighting systems and handle lighting and energy management more efficiently. Apart from the sensors and microchips, they have also developed wireless mesh control and enterprise gateway to support their amazing new features. Gooee’s great innovations have helped a great deal in coming up with more efficient energy solutions.