George Soros: Extending Help to the Less Fortunate

George Soros is considered as one of the wealthiest people on the planet. He is known for having more than $25 billion net worth, and he managed to collect vast number of riches from his business empire which includes financial institutions, hedge funds, and investment firms. He is truly a remarkable person because of his skills in handling finances, and from a struggling immigrant who came from Europe, he is now a powerful and influential person who shapes the global politics and society. For some, George Soros is an antagonist who wanted to conquer the world and spread his twisted agenda, but for other people, he is a kind-hearted man who only wanted to help the less fortunate population of the planet.

His philanthropic arm, called the Open Societies Foundations, was established to provide assistance to the people who are oppressed by the government and by the society. It is the mother organization of thousands of smaller groups actively operating across all the continents. Their primary agenda is to enlighten the people about a liberal society, and they wanted the entire human population to accept a liberal way of living and abolish different cultural taboos and traditions that are promoting discrimination and hate. The organization has been staging rallied all across the United States to condemn several acts of discrimination, and they seem to get the attention of the government and the media practitioners. One of the most unforgettable events shown on TV was the Ferguson Protests, and it has been found out that George Soros is one of those who financed the protest through the Open Society Foundations. The leaders of the liberal-aligned groups held a massive protest in the city of Ferguson to condemn the murder of a Black teen by the police. The protest managed to get the attention of nationwide liberal groups and they all went to Ferguson.

George Soros donated $18 billion of his net worth to Open Societies Foundation. He is serious about helping these organizations who are pushing for his liberal views on the globe. The groups being supported by the Open Society Foundations, on the other hand, are also receiving allowances and funding from the generosity of George Soros.

This past few year, George Soros decided to move his activity in Asia. The Open Society Foundations have been actively scouting the continent to find the perfect recipient of aids and donations from Geoge Soros. The group featured the victims of the Nepalese War atrocities, and they wanted to seek help so they conducted the group to start an investigation. They managed to get enough evidence and had the chance to send them to prison.

Aside from helping human rights victims, George Soros is also known for his controversial stand on drug addiction, and he is using the Open Societies Foundations to help the majority of the addicts to recover. He is also known for helping farmers get access to farming equipment, and for helping environmentalists with their noble causes.

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George Soros Important Political Figure in the United States Political Landscape

The political scenario of the United States is filled with people who have power, money, and influence. There is an endless list of dignitaries that have shaped the country’s political landscape, but the name of George Soros is one that is most familiar and in the news these days. He has been a Democratic public support for many years and has helped in most of the democratic elections since the time he took an interest in world politics, which is always. Even though he retracted spending in the United States’ political elections after losing out a lot of money during elections when George Bush and Barack Obama were elected, he somehow took his chances to support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

In totality, George Soros spent close to $30 million in supporting the Clinton campaign, and he even reiterated that funds wouldn’t be a problem, and would be supplied if the need arises. It was because he believes in some of the same philosophies and ideologies as Hillary Clinton and the Democratic principles. Most of all, George Soros was sternly against the election of current President, Donald Trump. George Soros feel that Donald Trump would crush many of the democratic initiatives that he and his charity foundation have made for the welfare of the society in general. There are many public campaigns that George Soros supports, including the Black Lives Matter, LGBT rights, judicial reforms, and much more. Most recently, George Soros even indirectly funded the Ferguson protest. It is because George Soros believes that there is an enormous racial disparity in the United States, and the Presidency of Donald Trump is widening it further.

George Soros is considered as one of the most successful hedge funders in the world. The hedge fund company, Soros Management, started by George Soros is known to provide one of the highest returns to its customers, consistently over the years. George Soros, in his late eighties, continues to be active politically, socially, and financially. He attends many conferences, business meetings, and other events, where he shares his ideas and philosophies for the betterment of the world. Over the years, George Soros has also gained popularity due to his philanthropic efforts and has spent billions in philanthropy. He is even the founder of his charity foundation, Open Society Foundation, which is associated with hundreds of charities across the globe. It has an annual budget of over a billion dollar, which it uses meticulously to help support the causes George Soros believes in. For more info about us: click here.

George Soros is a Hungarian born Jewish who first moved to London and then transferred to the United States after completing his studies in economics at the London School of Business. As he has seen both the World Wars closely, he has a political view that may differ from contemporary views but has a long-term substance to it upon analysis.