Ricardo Tosto: The Brazilian Lawyer Extraordinaire Wins in Three-way Marital Feud Case RicardoTosto

Ricardo Tosto; the self-described expert Brazilian lawyer, recently argued successfully for his client in the Brazilian Superior Court on a matter of marital property and two divorces. The ace legal attorney was seeking a cessation of the judgment from a lower court. That case was a first for the world and the brilliant lawyer who argued successfully for his client.

The plaintiff, although not being the legal partner of Ricardo Tosto’s client had filed for divorce and was seeking a share of his client’s property on the basis of having had a stable union. Conversely, his client was in the process of annulling a previous legal union and was of the opinion that the plaintiff did not have a right to his property as they were not legally married.

The Superior court stated that since the plaintiff was not officially married, they did not have a right to the defendant’s property. The court also noted that the defendants’ legally recognized partner was not included in the proceedings and was also an owner of the property being litigated upon. Ricardo Tosto also argued that since his client’s previous relationship was not legally annulled, the existence of another union was not admissible.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a founder and partner of a top Brazilian law firm Leite, Tosto and Barros Advocates. Ricardo is a top legal mind in Brazil and has practiced law for close to three decades. His knowledge and expertise lie in diverse areas of law such as civil, political and election laws. Also, Tosto is an expert in commercial and financial transactions, litigation, and business and debt restructuring laws. Additionally, several Brazilian corporations have had him act as their legal and human resource advisor.

Ricardo Tosto oversees the daily operations of his revered law firm. Tosto’s associates and colleagues regard him as a great leader and entrepreneur who guides the vision of the organization expertly. He and his reputed law firm are recognized in Brazil for the agitation for better economic laws which led to the economic growth of Brazil when they were enacted. Ricardo has worked hard for the growth of legal education in Brazil and also offers his refined legal services pro bono to charities.

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Jeremy Goldstein – Providing Legal Solution Through Experience, Knowledge and Unmatched Expertise

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Smart Ways to Choose a Lawyer

In a city like New City, it can be very difficult to decide on a lawyer to work on your case. The city has numerous lawyers, and you can feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out the best lawyer to hire. Well, there are several key tips you should keep in mind. First, it is important to figure out what kind of lawyer you need. It is also important to do your research on the best lawyers in that particular practice area. Make sure that you find a lawyer who will make your case a priority and will be with you every step of the way.

Ross Abelow is one New York City attorney who has spent years fighting for his clients. Ross Abelow has a keen eye for detail as well as a genuine concern for his clients. Abelow received his education from New York University and from the Brooklyn College of Law. He has been licensed to practice law for over 20 years, and has years of hands-on experience in and outside the courtroom.

Clients have received help from Ross Abelow in various areas of law. Abelow specializes in commercial, matrimonial, family and litigation law. His clients include individuals and small businesses. He has experience in all types of legal proceedings including settlement conferences, mediations and trials. Abelow takes pride in reviewing each client’s unique case and coming up with a game plan that is in the client’s best interest.

It is important to find an attorney that will fight for you every step of the way. While it can seem like an overwhelming task to search for an attorney for your situation, be sure to do your research.

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Raising Awareness for a Great Cause

There are some problems that seem too big to fix. However, history has shown time and again that when just a couple of people start to solve an issue, many more will get on board. It is not long before the problem is at least being worked on, if not completely solved. One of the problems that New Yorkers often see is many homeless animals in the streets. At times, it may seem that the problem is overwhelming. Even though there are many individuals who are working hard at animal shelters, they even faced many problems. For example, they simply do not have the funding or the space that is needed to care for these animals.

Someone is trying to do something about this problem. Ross Abelow has set up a Go Fund Me page in order to raise $5,000. He is trying to raise awareness about the problems that animal shelters in New York are experiencing and the very dangerous conditions that homeless animals experience when they are not taken care of. When winter temperatures drop below freezing, homeless animals that are not able to find shelter can die. This is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. The more people who help raise money for this cause, the more quickly it can be resolved. When a person donates using the Go Fund Me page that has been set up, they can make small donations.

Ross Abelow is concerned about this problem because he has lived in New York City for many years and has seen the problems that animals experience when they are not cared for during the winter months. He also realizes that animal shelters do not have enough space to care for these animals or money to purchase basic things like food and medicine for the animals. He has been working as a family and matrimonial attorney for more than 25 years in the city.

Many New York attorneys try hard to give back to the community in some way or another.  He also gives back to the community by regularly posting free legal help on his personal blog. This blog has benefited many individuals because he provides helpful legal information and also creates posts about financial matters. Individuals can follow him on his Facebook page.