Norka Luque: A Hot Latin Star in the Making

Norka Luque might not be a familiar name to many American audiences but in the Latin world she is rising new pop star. Norka Martinez Luque is currently one of the hottest Latina singers that is setting Venezuela on fire. Here is brief overview of this amazing new star’s life and her rise to fame.

Norka began her journey into fame as a child where she trained for singing, dance, piano, ballet and flamenco. She did all of these things for many years while receiving her education. Norka was one of the most enthusiastic students in her class and she worked hard to develop her craft and to hone her skills.

When Ms. Luque was a young adult she competed her studies in the field of Business Administration within France. While there she received multiple degrees in the culinary arts, marketing and even fashion. Norka Luque not only had musical talent knowledge; she also had a solid background in the world of business. This knowledge would help her in her career.

While Norka was completing her studies in France, she had chosen to join a band. Norka had to remain close to her passion of singing and performing and this allowed her to have the opportunity.

The young lady performed with this group for a short time before she was discovered by Emilio Estafan Jr. who is a highly rated producer.

Once Estafan Jr. gave Norka a chance to shine, the young lady has been lighting up the charts ever since. Her song Milagro was an international hit, topping the charts in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the U.S.

Norka says that Milagro was a great song because it combines various musical influences from the Caribbean and Latin world. More importantly, the song provides a message of hope for all people who listen to its sound. Norka Luque still continues to do her thing as an entertainer and musical performer. Many expect her to continue making hits for years to come. Follow Norka Luque on Twitter @norka_music to learn more.