Reinventing Dating with Whitney Wolfe

Dating is a new phenomenon. Back in the older days people were just set up with the available person in their town, in their village- whoever happened to seem like a good prospect across the street. These days, however, people have choices. These choices can be constrained though as people don’t want to meet just anyone they want to meet “the one.”

Whitney Wolfe cofounder of the dating app Tinder and founder of Bumble is seeking to help people meet that special someone. What makes Bumble different than the other dating apps is that it allows women to make the first move. With a growth rate of nearly 65 percent per day Whitney Wolfe attributes her success to a dedicated work ethic saying, “We’re growing, which doesn’t happen by accident. That has to be engineered. We built a pretty meaningful brand in a short amount of time, and that doesn’t happen without hard work.” The birth of the company came after a nasty separation between herself and Tinder in which fellow co-founders sexually harassed her. This time Whitney Wolfe decided to put the power in woman’s hands.

Because the app upends the traditional paradigm in which men make the first move Bumble comes across as far less sleazy and far less random. No more unsequestered groin shots on Bumble for the ladies of Bumble. This is shown statistically in the less than 0.1 per cent of the app user base reporting harassment or abuse.

Whitney Wolfe doesn’t just see the app as a mere dating site. Having joined tech start up Hatch, Wolfe understands the importance of using apps such as Bumble to network. She has branched out and developed Bumble BFF an extension for people looking for friends. Whitney Wolfe said, “People are already so comfortable with the brand Bumble,” making it easier and less threatening to join.