Organo Gold’s OGX FENIX Brand Is A Fat-Burning Success

To kick off the new year, Organo Gold became more than coffee and tea. The new OGX Fenix body management plan has been designed to not only burn fat fast, helping you drop those pounds, but Organo Gold introduces meal plans to continue with a daily regimen of healthier living.

For many of us, our food choices are a loaded gun, packing on empty calories that are really unhealthy. The new OGX Fenix brand combines whey protein with a list of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but more importantly, Ganoderma mushroom. Read more at about Organo Gold.

The Ganoderma mushroom, also called Reishi, is a fungus, used by traditional Chinese medicine and classified as a super food in China. This mushroom is especially rich in triterpenes, which are the most bitter components of Ganoderma, and have been the subject of considerable attention due to their well-known pharmacological properties.

There are several reasons Organo Gold’s new OGX brand can help drop the pounds;

  1. Several studies have shown the ability of Ganoderma mushroom to increase basal metabolic rate. This means that your body will increase its use of energy for basic vital functions and this will help you to reduce fat deposits naturally.
  2. Ganoderma polysaccharides improve digestion. One of the reasons for weight gain is the poor metabolism of food. The polysaccharides, the main components of Ganoderma, have a powerful detoxifying activity that improves digestion.
  3. Ganoderma is a natural thyroid regulator. The thyroid is the gland responsible for the production of hormones. If this gland does not work properly, problems of overweight or obesity may occur. According to Eastern doctors, the Ganoderma mushroom has the ability to regulate the thyroid to balance hormones. In this way, if there are weight problems as a result of hormone imbalance, they are naturally reduced.


  1. Ganoderma improves blood flow. One of the main reasons for weight gain is water retention, often due to circulatory problems. This water retention causes inflammation and cellulitis. Clinical studies have confirmed that Ganoderma increases blood flow and improves circulation in general, and this can significantly reduce that bloating.

All these characteristics contribute to the general well-being of our body, and consequently to an improvement of our metabolism, digestion, and use of nutrients in the body.

Besides helping with weight loss, this new product line that boasts a healthy dose of prebiotic fiber and Ganoderma mushroom can also help inhibit both the absorption and the synthesis of cholesterol. Overall, Organo Gold’s new brand of products offer a powerful way to start the new year with a better body. Follow Organo Gold on