A Long and Faithful Partnership: OSI Group and McDonald’s Global Pursuit

OSI Food Solutions has stood the test of time having more than a century of doing business. However, this company’s real success is its long-standing partnership with McDonald’s. OSI Food Solutions started out as a business run by a father and his two sons. Their success within their surrounding community caught the attention of Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the soon to be franchise owner of McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois. Before the operation of this McDonald’s location, Ray Kroc sought out suppliers for their ground beef. Since OSI started to expand their business in the wholesale industry around the Chicago area, it made them a match for McDonald’s and their endeavors. Ray then entered into an agreement with the sons of OSI Food Solutions where they supplied McDonald’s ground beef. This would become a long and faithful agreement producing the OSI Group McDonalds. Read this article at Wikipedia

A few years later, Ray Kroc bought out McDonald’s and began to expand the company out nationally. OSI Food Solutions, tied to their agreement, expanded as well in order to meet the growing demand. OSI eventually opened a new plant in West Chicago, Illinois where it dedicated its production to McDonald’s branches. However, by the time the West Chicago branched finished, OSI was one of four primary meat suppliers to McDonald’s. At the West Chicago branch, it used technologically advanced machinery that would flash freeze patties fast and efficiently for packaging and delivery. This technology allowed for product expansion and reduced the cost of food. Expansion also lead them to open up a new plant in West Jordan, Utah to help supply the hundreds of new McDonald’s opening nationwide.

OSI Group McDonalds would then continue to expand their business ventures globally. They began with a joint venture in Germany and Spain in 1978 and 1980, respectively. OSI’s international expansion was carefully guided by, OSI’s current CEO, Sheldon Lavin. OSI Group McDonalds, knowing their international pursuit, wanted a trustworthy leader to guide their supplier and asked Lavin to fully commit to OSI. OSI Group McDonalds international pursuits were able to efficiently grow under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership.

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David McDonald’s Success in Maintaining the Sustainability of OSI Group

Growing up, OSI Group’s current President, David McDonald lived in a firm in Iowa. As he helped his father with the farming activities, he developed the interest in agriculture which later turned into a career dream when he chose to pursue an undergraduate program in Animal Science. He would then join OSI Group where he has performed tremendously and has helped to enhance the company’s sustainability. Based in Chicago, the company has remained dedicated to supplying value-added proteins including pizza, beef patties, sandwiches, and sausages.

His efforts to enhance sustainability

David McDonald creates a continuum of strategies in order to ensure that the company adapts to the changing economic environment. He believes that with the rise of globalization, the market has become very competitive and consumer needs keep on changing. Thus, OSI is forced to react fast maintain its top position by ensuring that the meat products supplied are labelled and are of high quality. McDonald also introduced the concept of local management in all the facilities of the company. He is aware of the fact that local culture influences taste and preference of a target market; thus, by getting local solutions, the company is able to continuously meet the needs of its consumers across the world.

His academic and professional experience has greatly influenced David McDonald’s success in leadership. He graduated from the Iowa State University in 1987, and immediately joined OSI Group where he grew to become a successful leader. David McDonald He has been able to handle strategic and technical issues within the company and as a result, managed to develop a culturally favouring company both for consumers and employees. In addition to this, he has worked with several suppliers, government agencies, and marketers over the years who have ensured things are flowing smoothly at the company.


David McDonald has helped the company become a significant force in the meat industry and in turn, has been promoted to several positions. Being the CEO of the company, he has been able to oversee several acquisitions to expand its markets and facilities across the world.


At OSI, Employees Are the Key To Success

For more than 100 years, OSI Group based in Aurora, Illinois, has been a company that has anchored its success on an employee-centered philosophy. Having the best employees creates the best companies.

Today, OSI employees some 20,000 people. It’s a company that prides itself as a great place to work where all staff are treated with respect, get good pay and enjoy a stimulating, positive work environment.

A central element of OSI’s corporate strategy is to rely on the innovation, dedication and commitment from a workforce that is both diverse and inclusive. No employee of OSI Group is too small or has a job too menial to be considered unimportant – every person is a vital link in a chain that’s only as strong as every other link in that chain.

Over the decades, thousands of OSI employees have created lifetime careers working for a company that not only values its workforce, but is eager to make them partners in a global mission to continually create, maintain and sustain the best meat and food processing company in the world.

OSI is currently ranked 58th on the Forbes list of America’s largest privately owned companies. With an annual revenue of about $6 billion, people seeking careers with OSI can be sure they’re dealing with a rock-solid operation that has maintained a track record of success since the company was founded in 1909.

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