Real Estate Developer Omar Boraie Contributes to Genomic Science

Real estate developer Omar Boraie has recently established an organization known as the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. This is an organization that will look to help provide assistance in learning more about genomic science. With this organization, a number of medical professionals will be in position to advance medical science. As a way of helping the organization participate in high quality research and promote academic excellence, Omar Boraie will make a $1.5 million pledge to support the various research projects. The establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair will become part of Rutgers University’s 18 Chair Challenge campaign, This will result in donors contributing $1.5 million in order to match 18 new chairs at a sum of $3 million each.

One of the reasons why Boraie has formed the Chair in Genomic Science is because genomic science is part of the ever advancing precision medicine. This new science will help a number of medical professionals more efficiently diagnose and treat cancer. As a new part of medical science, genomic science involves the analysis and treatment of tumors at a genetic level which will allow oncologists to prescribe more effective forms of therapy. This will result in better outcomes in terms of eliminating cancer. This new form of medical science has been recognized by top leaders such as President Barack Obama.

While many cancer centers are able to formulate next generation gene sequencing on tumors, the Rutgers Cancer Institute was among the first in the United States to use genomic sequencing. This has proven to maximize the effectiveness of precision medicine on patient care. What has made genomic sequencing valuable is that it has been able to find novel therapies for rare forms of cancer, conditions with a poor prognosis and also to replace treatment options that are limited or ineffective. By advancing precision medicine, medical professionals can increase their ability to classify cancer, predict patient outcomes and then determine what cancer therapies will work for each individual.

With Boraie’s assistance and financial contributions, the Rutgers Cancer Institute will be in better position to continue advancing cancer research and finding more cures and better treatments for cancer. The funds provided by Omar and all of the other donors will be key to allowing the institute to come up with the resources necessary to make progress towards battling cancer. So far the institute has made some major discoveries along with devising treatments that will improve the livelihood of cancer patients in the near future.