Whitney Wolfe Is Changing The World One Profile At A Time

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the popular dating app, Bumble. This app works very much like most others out there in the fact that you need to actually connect with people by swiping non profiles left or right. Right means you want to connect with them. Here’s the only thing that makes Bumble so different from other apps. When a match is made, women must make the decision first to text the guy, and if the girl decides she doesn’t want to send the guy a message, the entire match is gone. Now men don’t have the [ower to send those elicit or disrespectful messages first hand off the bat.

Whitney Wolfe loved this entire idea that she made it an app, and today, it is making waves across the globe with more than 144 countries using the app and more than 33 registered users. Wolfe is here to make a change, and plans on using this app and her notoriety to create a difference on different topics. For example, she is doing everything in her power to overcome gun violence. Today, users are not able to upload photos in profile that involve holding a gun or other weapons. There is no more chances to romanticize the idea of guns on this app. This is her company and she no longer wants this to be happening. She has even been a part of the March For Our Lives movement, which is known for the kids who were a part of one of the recent shootings in Florida as a way for them to stand up to gun violence and come together.

Whitney Wolfe is working towards using this app to do more than just help people find dates or their new lover. For example, businessmen and others looking to expand their network in business can use Bumble Bizz to find new potential partners. The new Bumble BFF is a new version that allows for people to find specifically just platonic friends. If you want someone to geek out over your favorite show or join you to a movie without the awkwardness of dating app, this is the app to do exactly that and meet people. Whitney Wolfe is a woman who wants to simply help people connect while also empowering women. Bumble is the app that is going to create more change in the world and educate people in new ways.

Whitney Wolfe info: www.crunchbase.com/person/whitney-wolfe

How Fabletics’ Positively Reviewed Products Enhanced the Company’s Growth

Companies have to be on the lookout for new customer trends. A customer is the heartbeat of any business, and entrepreneurs have to devise igneous ways of acquiring and retaining them. Companies such as Fabletics are constantly studying the market for new consumer behaviors. Recently, it was established that the 21st Century consumer relies on reviews to decide whether to acquire a product or shy away from it. Marketers are swift to respond to consumer behaviors, and forward-thinking marketers, like those at Fabletics, have resorted to review-centric marketing strategies also referred to as crowd.

Fabletics was established in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg with the aim of providing stylish, reasonably priced, and quality athleisure clothing. The company initially targeted the US market, but one year after it was founded, Fabletics went global. Presently, the company has operations in German, France, and Canada among other international markets. Although Fabletics had primarily targeted women, in 2015 the company introduced athleisure clothing for men. Pundits claim that Fabletics has grown by over 200% since 2013; also, the company enjoys revenues amounting to over $235 million. Fabletics uses an online membership platform, and the company is proud of over one million paying members.

Fabletics’ growth strategy is no longer a secret. The company is among the leading enterprises that have utilized review-centric marketing strategy. The company’s online presence is conspicuous. Fabletics has a website, fabletics.com, through which members can purchase products, get started, or sign in among other functions. One of the founders, Kate, is a well-known actress. She is admired by many for her athletic physique, and her presence on the website—fully dressed in Fabletics gear—has encouraged her followers to acquire Fabletics products. Kate also samples (reviews) her favorite Fabletics products each month, and the products are available for online users to view.

With the advent of the internet, many consumers use online reviews to assess a product. Consumers wholeheartedly believe the reviews they find online. A BrightLocal research concluded that 84% of online users trust online reviews as much as a product recommendation from a close friend. The research further reveals that many internet users research businesses in the web frequently; it is paramount to say businesses need to have a striking online presence.

A research firm L2 surveyed major brands and made some conclusions. 76% of renowned consumer brands use reviews on their websites to increase sales. Beginning in 2014, the number of brands embedding reviews on their websites rose by 70 %. Although there are many types of reviews, “user reviews’’ is the most sought after. Positive online reviews are beneficial to companies in many ways. The reviews improve search engine rankings, increase the number of people visiting a website, and grow revenues.

Kate Hudson is an iconic actress who has contributed immensely to the success of Fabletics. The actress has used her fame to popularize the company. Kate’s partners affirm that Kate is a hands-on person who is deeply involved in the running of the company. Recently, she was at an event that saw Fabletics collaborate with Demi Lovato.

Catch The Lime Crime Wave of New Unicorn Hair Products

Los Angeles based makeup company, Lime Crime, is highly recognized for their vibrant beauty product lines. The company was established back in 2008 and has grown a massive presence across social media. Immediately embedded with founder Doe Deere’s beliefs, Lime Crime prides itself by selling certified vegan and cruelty-free products.


Their popular line Diamond Crushers, a water-based lip topper, recently welcomed three new color additions. The first is “Black Unicorn”, a transition of black and purple. The second is “Acid Fairy”, a taffy pink. The third is “Cleopatra”, a desert gold. Each of these shimmering toppers, which can be worn with or without lipstick, joins a selection of previous releases. According to their website, their entire selection includes Strip, Fluke, Dope, Lit, Choke, Trip, and Cheap Thrill. Diamond Crushers lip toppers are sold individually for $18. The “Black Unicorn” three pack bundle of the new colors may be bought for $40.


Lime Crime also is venturing into hair products with Unicorn Hair. This new product line has yet to be released, but their site states they are coming soon after three years of development. With 13 colors on display, this gives plenty of options to, according to Lime Crime, “always be a unicorn!” The selection of Unicorn Hair colors include bottle glass green “Jello”, pastel mint green “Salad”, traffic-stopping orange “Leeloo”, clean vibrant peach “Neon Peach”, steel blue “Blue Smoke”, anime “Neon Blue”, muted pink-red “Strawberry Jam”, deep burgundy red “Chocolate Cherry”, muted seafoam green “Dirty Mermaid”, electric violet-purple “Pony”, pastel baby pink “Bunny”, stone grey “Gargoyle”, and nude mauve “Sext.” Unicorn Hair is split into full coverage and tints, which allows flexibility to go for deeper or lighter colors. Pricing per jar is set to be $16. Release date has yet to be stated.


With the new arrivals, the future is looking even brighter for Lime Crime and that is saying a lot on top of their already vivid presence. https://www.instagram.com/limecrimemakeup/?hl=en

Chris Burch, Investment Manager and Founder of Creative Capital Helps Others Discover Success

Chris Burch shares with others his experiences and mindset to become a successful entrepreneur and investor. His journey is beautifully told in a YouTube video, The Story Behind Burch Creative Capital. At the tender age of 13 his father began teaching him work ethnics by helping to find employment at a construction company. He reflects of life experiences of the past, in which his mother and father had the most influence. While Burch was working at such an early age, he created a path to success and is now helping others to create their road to discover financial accomplishments.


After working construction, he sold hotdogs at football games and sweaters while attending college. Chris Burch (engadget.com) said he looked back to when things were simple. Burch consistently concentrated on how to make money and started Eagles Eye Apparel while attending Itchica College.


Chris Burch’s involvement and expertise in the fashion industry began in 1976 and since then, has extended to the real estate and technology industries. After the sale of Eagles Eye, he founded Burch Creative Capital to help investors emotionally and financially when the markets are troubled. The firm manages a broad investment portfolio comprising of BaubleBar, Blink Healthy, Nihiwatu, Poppin, and 35 other companies. According to MarketWired, the investment firm released its first quarter activity report revealing the growth and expansion of BaubleBar, Blink Healthy, and Nihiwatu.


Burch successfully raised $20 million in additional funding for fashion jewelry company, BaubleBar to invest in technology. The report also showed Blink Healthy introduced their free mobile application and website to provide consumers with affordable generic prescription drugs online. Nihiwatu, an extravagant resort overlooking the Indian Ocean and private beach, was acquired by Creative Capital in 2012.

Chris believes reflections of his childhood contributed to his success as an entrepreneur and investor. It was his ability to create new ideas and sense of humility to discover remarkable success. Chris concluded the YouTube video by saying, “Life is about the moment and helping people get to where they want to go.”


Wen By Chaz: A Fine Haired Blogger Gives it a Go

Every girl dreams of having thick, luscious curls worthy of a silver screen starlet. One brave blogger on Bustle decided to journal her experience with Wen by Chaz. For an entire week she replaced her typical hair care products with a bottle of Fig formulation Wen.

About Wen by Chaz

Wen hair is an interesting new way to look at hair care. Most products these days come on Total-beauty. Hair care experts expect you to use a separate product for every step of hair care. This means a bottle of shampoo and another of conditioner. If you like to use sealants or leave-in products, you will also need to get them.

Wen hair successfully replaces all of these with its sulfate-free formula in a single bottle. There are a number of different blends of Wen hair found on Sephora, each is intended to work best with a particular hair type or need. The Bustle blogger used a formula intended to give hair extra moisture and shine.

Her Results

The blogger has self-described thin and fine hair. One of the first things that she noticed was that Wen hair made her hair feel thicker and fuller right away. She also noticed that she had less dropped hair in the tub after washing.

Over the week she discovered that her Wen really did deliver on its promise to give her hair great shine and plenty of moisture. A ritual of a morning wash and blow dry gave her great looking hair all day long. By days five and six she was marveling at the softness of her locks.

Even better, those around her were noticing that she was now sporting a head of shiny hair! Compliments like that are a great confidence boost for anyone. Her conclusion is that this is a great product for those with thin or fine hair. Those with morning shower routines will love the soft, shiny locks that will grace their heads.

FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html

Rihanna to Launch a Makeup Line

She is the most famous and influential star of our fashionable generation. She is well known for making hit music, designing ass sneaks and appearing on magazines covers. Soon we will know her for much more exciting reasons.

Her fans have been engulfed by many emotions and excitement as they wait for her product. In an article that originally appeared on BuzzFeed Life, Rihanna has made a deal with one of the famous celebrities in licensing, The Kendo Division of LVMH. Together they will create a complete collection of makeup.

According to David Suliteanu, the CEO of Kendo, Fenty products will be done to appeal to a diverse audience globally. We can expect Fenty Beauty products to make it into our entire makeup stores in the year 2017. And now that the queen has granted our wishes, let us save some real coins in readiness to welcome the long awaited beauty products. We just hope we will be able to access them on our very convenient online fashion retailer, JustFab.

JustFab on retailmenot has been offering convenience to fashion shoppers who do not have time to visit shops, and also those who love shopping online. The company founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in March 2010 enables people to buy online fashion items like handbags, shoes, denim and jewelry. Celebrities like Avril Lavigne and Blair Fowler have been releasing their collections through JustFab.

The company has continued to expand internationally into Spain and France after it acquired The Fab Shoes in the year 2013. Shoppers can become JustFab members by completing a survey on their fashion preferences. A personal stylist then selects items for the customers, based on their preferences.

From these selections, the members choose their favorite and can also request for new options. We hope that Rihanna will release her products here so we can quickly and conveniently buy them.