Plan Your Event with New York’s Twenty Three Layers

Like anything that is structured and involves people from different background and walks of life, planning a good party, where people are made to feel comfortable an invited, takes finesse. That is not to say that anyone who takes their time and thoughtfully follows through with design ideas cannot get things done, because they totally can. It just takes a little thought, attention to details and some decent timing. One good idea is to entail the help of professional corporate event planners in NYC. With a detailed party plan to follow, putting together something tasteful with their help is a snap.



The first and best thing to have when planning a party are lists. There should be a guest list, for starters. This gives any and all persons involved with the party planning and idea of a theme and scenario to focus around. After that, a proper and exact “to do” list with timeline, if necessary, needs to drafted and carried out to the letter. In addition to these two other lists, there needs to be a supply or shopping list for basic needs and incidentals. Wrapping things all together, there should be a master list that is updated as often as possible and supersedes all the others.



After the details and plans are designed, preparing the perfect party is a simple as getting to work and taking action. Just make sure to do things such as keeping the party’s theme in mind while gathering supplies or ordering services for the occasion. Of course, you have to send out invitations to make a ball or bash the smash event of the year. It is tradition that the tone and style of the invitation sets the mood and flow of the event of party in question.



Based on the range in age and other factors such as the nature of association between the names on a guest list it may be a good idea to reserve some kind of bar service out cocktail buffet. If the people who are coming together are close enough to one another, design some kind of concoction to indulge in may be a good idea.



Keeping appetizers and table settings simple are a good idea when it comes to when it comes to hosting events for professionals or colleagues. And, for sure, the most important thing to do is to stay relaxed and have fun. The best way to do that is to get one of the event planning companies in NYC to help you.



One such company is Twenty Three Layers. They specialize in event planning, production and designs. They take care of everything from venue selection, catering, floral design, entertainment, photography, lighting, branding, production, fabrication, custom printing, and styling. They even run workshops so that clients can channel thoughts and ideas into the process and really get involved.