Jason Halpern: Continuing with the Family Legacy

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a prominent businessman whose area of expertise in the real estate. He is also the managing partner and founder of JMH development. Jason Halpern comes from a family that has been involved in the development of commercial and residential properties for almost 50 years.

This family has built many residential apartments in the central cities like New York City. The Halpern family has also been involved in the development of high-end commercial space in the county of Westchester. Coming from such an affluent family provided Jason Halpern with invaluable experience and expertise that enabled him to succeed in the real estate sector.

JMH Development Company

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

JMH is a company that develops residential and commercial apartments.JMH development company is predominant in the real estate as the company has been involved in the development of strategically placed properties in enticing markets such as; Miami Beach, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. In 2015, JMH Company developed a 235 room hotel known as Aloft South Beach Hotel.

This hotel is located at the beach, and it offers larger rooms and more space comparative to other hotels. Aloft South Beach hotel was the first new hotel to be built in south beach. Due to these, JMH Company boasts of being the leading development company of both commercial and residential properties in the United States of America.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

The success of JMH Company in the real estate market can be attributed to the skilled personnel working in the company. The employees are not only versed in current building designs but also are knowledgeable about the various marketing strategies to ensure to ensure the properties fetch maximum revenue.The leadership of Mr. Halpern has also been a factor in the success of the company. He is a tough leader who always ensures that his employees produce top quality service.

Jason Halpern charity activities and philanthropy

Jason Halpern: with Production

In spite of having all these successes, Jason Halpern has never forgotten about his community. He has always been involved in activities that better his community. He heavily supports the Joel a. Halpern trauma center. This trauma center focuses on conducting complicated surgeries such as neurosurgery.

Romantic Jason

Besides, JMH Company partnered with a global nonprofit organization to launch a program with the aim of funding water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia. To date, the water program has benefitted more than 650 people from both Nepal and Ethiopia.

As a businessman and founder of his company,Jason Halpern has continuously adapted to ensure the longevity of his enterprise in the real estate sector. Moreover, his tenacity and experience have made JMH Development Company be a leading company in the development of both commercial and residential properties.His immense contribution to the trauma center and the charity programs have also helped many people.


Mike Baur Knows How to Help Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur has become one of the most interesting people in the startup business community. He has created a company called The Swiss Startup Factory. This is a great company that allows entrepreneurs that are new to the business world to get an inside look at how a business functions.


Mike Baur knew he was creating something different with the Swiss startup Factory, and he wanted to be able to help others that did not have the inside track. Baur wanted to share knowledge. Mike Baur has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry. He has had a lengthy career with UBS, and he has spoken on many occasions about startup tips for entrepreneurs.


What he is now doing is putting his knowledge together with a team of other consultants that have experience in building a startup business successfully. He has been able to build a better community of consultants by taking his knowledge to a playing field that benefits the mainstream.


Mike Baur has helped many business professionals gain business capital through venture capitalist efforts. He is passionate about his accelerator program for the Swiss Startup Factory, and he believes that the coaching that is done here will help any business man or woman achieve their goals.


Baur knows about high tech startups, and this has been one of his most passionate endeavors. He is well aware that entrepreneurs may have great ideas, but they may not always have the financial platform that they need in order to gain success early. What Mike Baur did with these 360 accelerator programs is give entrepreneurs the chance to work together with other entrepreneurs. This co-work space environment, coupled with the ability to gain information on handling inventory and marketing, gives entrepreneurs the chance to truly see their business from another angle. In most cases that is all that most business men and women need. They need someone with another perspective.


Mike and his company have given people the courage to pursue their business ideas. He has been able to help entrepreneurs that may have been scared to go into the business world. This is what he has done for a slew of people that have great ideas but no true way to build a foundation. Mike Baur has made it possible for people to gain access to the business world through the consultants that work for Swiss Startup Factory.

Real Estate Tips

Do you want to get started investing in real estate? If so, there are a lot of ways for you to do so. Many people today are excited about the changes that are coming in the future. Not only are lending options becoming more open for borrowers, but now is the time to start thinking about ways to make a positive impact in the future. If you are ready to start investing in this area, you need to figure out a way to do so over the long term. Arthur Becker is the type of person who is always willing to help others in their financial journey. He has a track record of financial success that can help a lot of people at a high level in business. Not only that, but he truly cares about the lives of people who he interacts with.


Arthur Becker


From the time he was young, Arthur Becker has always been about helping others. There are a lot of people in real estate who look up to the success that he has had. If you are ready to take your financial life to the next level, you need to make sure you have a plan in place to do so. Over time, he has proved to want to help other people in a variety of areas. Not only that, but he also has what it takes to invest in the lives of others.




Real estate is not an easy industry to break into for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest is that it usually requires some sort of financing in order to get started. This is something that many people do not realize. If you want to start thinking about ways to invest for the future, you need to make sure your financing goal lines up with your overall financial goals. Sometimes, people end up borrowing way too much money and then regret the decision later on. This is a great opportunity for you to take a chance on investing for the future while having a plan for building wealth. https://www.linkedin.com/in/arthur-becker-1547a134

Arthur Becker: One of New York’s Finest Real Estate Investors

Arthur Becker is a prominent figure in the real estate industry. At the moment, Becker serves as the managing member of Madison Partners, LLC. This is an investment firm which deals primarily with real estate. The company is also focused on Bio Tech ventures in their early stages. Before he became part of Madison Partners, Becker worked as the CEO and chairman of Zinio, LLC between the year 2012 and 2015. Before 2012, he was the CEO of NaviSite and also served as a top adviser to Vera Wang, a fashion company.



Arthur gained experience in real estate and technology when he was at Zinio and NaviSite. Due to his ambition, he chose to expand his interests in real estate by investing in various developments in New York and Miami. Having also been exposed to a few biotechnology companies in the past, Arthur came up with the idea of Madison Partners. Becker was fascinated by changing patterns in the biotechnology industry, and he also had a desire to impact the lives of people.



Becker enjoys working with people he respects, and he enjoys systematizing the jobs of experts in the real estate and technology field. His biggest challenge in his entrepreneurial life has to balance critical thinking with balance and drive. Arthur says that he has learned from all the failed businesses in his past and he has discovered that the element that kept his successful businesses on top was the chemistry in management.



Arthur’s advice to future and aspiring entrepreneurs is to be flexible in their strategies, to stay informed of the market changes and demands and to listen to fellow experts.



Arthur did his BA at the Bennington College from 1969 to 1972. Between 1973 and 1974, Becker attended the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. The education he gained from the two makes him choose wisely and take informed decisions when executing a plan. New York Times has ranked him as among the top ten real estate investors in New York. Becker’s illustrious career is as a result of working diligently and investing in multiple industries.

Whitney Wolfe, Bumble And The Revolutionary App In A Revolutionary Space

Millennials love their apps, so it makes sense that a growing number of millennials are using their first love, to find their one true love.

Online dating started well before the modern craze of swiping apps took over the industry for younger singles. 1995 was the year mainstream dating came to the internet in the form of Match.com, which was soon after joined by JDate, eHarmony and many others. It was the creation of Tinder, though, that really blew open the market for users, especially amongst the coveted 18-25 demographic.

Tinder’s revolutionary concept was the “swipe” based platform, where a picture would appear of a person of your desired gender, age, and geographical location and you would simply swipe right for yes or left for no. Following that, another face popped up to swipe, and so on and so forth. At the same time you are swiping, someone else is seeing your profile picture and swiping as well. If a match is created by both parties swiping “yes,” a chat is opened and the rest is up to the budding lovers (or not). Launched in 2012, by 2014, the app was already up to 1 billion swipes a day.

Many variations of this hit technology came along in subsequent year, but perhaps none as unique and socially important as Bumble. Initially released in December of 2014, Bumble was the brainchild of Whitney Wolfe, a Co-Founder of Tinder, looking to improve the app dating process, specifically for women who often felt materialized on Tinder and the like. The key feature? After a match was created by mutual positive swiping, it was up to the woman to make the first move to begin the chat. The man cannot do anything but wait. If the woman did not say anything within 24hours, the match expired and both individuals would be back to the swiping game.

Whitney Wolfe was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been a serial entrepreneur, beginning at age 19 while studying international affairs at Southern Methodist University. After cofounding Tinder and serving as the VP of Marketing, Ms. Wolfe left the company and later filed a suit of sexual harassment, which she won for reportedly more than $1 million.

Bumble went on to not only become a hugely successful business, but aimed to redefine the perceived gender roles in all dating, but especially dating apps. Previously on apps like Tinder, women felt compelled to let the man make the first move in conversations. Ms. Wolfe and the creation of Bumble gave that power back to the girls by making it entirely on them to initiate. While some women use this as an additional way to screen accidental or unwanted matches simply by saying “hi” to open the dialogue, others use this opportunity to show their ability to lead, make the first move and to drive the direction of the conversation by picking interesting, flirtatious, or humorous opening lines. The average age of bumble users is 26, and in a very impressive static, 59% of users are female, which is key to the success of any dating apps.

Bumble’s ability to attract women and promote gender equality and feminism in a fun, successful dating app fits perfectly with the younger, progressive generation.

eHarmony estimates that 40 million Americans use online dating, and Bumble has a growing percentage of that market share. Currently the fourth most downloaded dating app, Bumble hosts above 7 million users and has inspired more than 80 million matches, all this after only a little over two years on the market. Look out for Bumble and dating apps to become evermore popular, innovative and prevalent.

Visit labusinessjournal.com for more details about Whitney Wolfe.

What You Should Know About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker works at Zinio LLC where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Arthur worked at NaviSite Inc. from February 2003 to 2010 where he acted as the Chief Executive Officer. Arthur is the co-founder of Atlantic Investors, LLC. He worked as the Senior Advisor at the Vera Wang fashion company for seven years. Arthur Becker has been a private investor in real estate and technology since Time Warmer acquired NaviSite in 2011. Arthur previously worked at ClearBlue Technologies Inc. where he served as the Director and Vice Chairman. Arthur has served at Madison Technologies LLC since 1999 where he is a managing member.

Arthur has been involved in real estate which has earned him recognition as one of the New York’s best investors, reveals NY Mag. He has earned a reputation as a tech mogul and can look for profitable investment opportunities. Arthur Becker recently purchased a worthwhile investment which is located at the Sullivan Street. In a report by therealdeal.com, he owns three townhouses in Sullivan Street which are strategically placed and elegant. Arthur is currently the chairman of the Zinio LLC. This is a company that is committed to the distribution of digital magazines. Arthur’s career was propelled by his position as the CEO of NaviSite.

Arthur Becker is known to create his fortune through the tech industry. Becker is involved in a number of companies and is known as a hardworking and skilled entrepreneur. Arthur has always left a mark in every position that he has held in different companies. All the firms that Arthur has worked with have always registered massive growth and success under his leadership and contributions. Arthur believes that it is possible to have a career in more than one industry and still be successful. Arthur is known to offer his advice to upcoming entrepreneurs and investors.

Arthur Becker went to the Bennington College between 1969 and 1972 where he was able to earn his BA. He also went on to study at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth where he completed in 1974. Arthur is known as one of the successful people in New York City.

For more info, see http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=4047938&privcapId=90254.

How Davos REG is Using Technology To Help Their Clients To Invest Better



The Davos Real Estate Group announced the release of its newest mobile application known as the Davos CAP Calculator in June last year. The application can be utilized by customers to estimate the returns on their real estate investments. The announcement was made by David Osio who is the CEO of Davos Financial Group, Gerald Gonzalez, and Pablo Bausili. The Davos Real Estate Group is part of the several independent companies that make up the Davos Financial Group. Davos Financial Group provides services such as banking services, asset management, tax planning, and corporate advisory through the various independent companies under it. They have offices in strategic locations worldwide including New York, Miami, Panama, and Geneva.


Gerald Gonzalez of Davos REG stated that he had been working with Tecknolution on the design and development of the mobile application. Osio added that they developed the app to help clients who were interested in investing in real estate in the US. David Osio attended the Catholic University of Andres Bello where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law. He later obtained a degree in higher education from IESA and another degree in Banking and Portfolio Management from the New York Institute of Finance. He began his career at OPED enterprise where he managed the coffee export program. He then joined Letco Commercial Companies where he developed marketing campaigns for products in the US. He joined MGO in 1984 where he was involved with banking law. He was in charge of managing the various corporate clients at the company including Consolidated Bank and the Ferro Corporation.


Osio joined Banco Latino International as the vice president of commercial banking in 1989. He was in charge of managing the corporate and private arms of the bank so that the bank could add and retain its customers. Osio left to start the Davos Financial Group in 1993. Osio is in charge of the management of the company and ensuring that it provides quality services to clients and is run efficiently. He is also responsible for determining the direction of the company and making sure that it is in line with its goals and mission. Osio has won some accolades in his career. He was awarded a South Florida Business award and a Movers and Shakers award which is given to upcoming business leaders in the area.


About David Osio


Bruce Levenson: More Than A Businessman

Bruce Levenson, an American business impresario, was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in the small, yet affluent town of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Upon the start of his entrepreneurship in the late 1970’s, he co-founded United Communications Group, known most commonly as UCG, publishing a newsletter focused on information pertaining to the oil industry. Shortly thereafter, Levenson, along with his partner, began obtaining other newsletters, in addition to expanding its reach to a multitude of other ventures and ideas.

Fast forward to 2004. Bruce Levenson became one of the majority partners of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC, the group of people who own the NBA team known as the Atlanta Hawks, as well as the Philips Arena, located in the Fulton County, GA area of Atlanta. For the next 10 years Bruce was the Atlanta Hawks managing partner. In 2012, Mr. Levenson hired Danny Ferry to fill the role of general manager to the Atlanta Hawks, as well as president of basketball operations.

In 2014, Bruce Levenson sold his shares (http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2015/04/23/bankers-for-levenson-oversold-atlanta-hawks-by-27/) of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC. Since then, the former ownership group, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC, with Levenson as a controlling partner, has filed a lawsuit against the insurance group known as AIG for breach of contract. An outcome regarding this lawsuit is still pending.

In addition to Mr. Levenson’s successful business endeavors, he is also a beacon of hope, that is clearly visible by his actions and efforts in promoting goodwill. According to PR NewsWire, he served as president of the I Have A Dream Foundation for the Washington chapter. Levenson is a founding donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, located in Washington, D.C. Also, he is a substantial donor to the SEEDS Foundation as well as Seeds of Peace, along with a list of other causes. Bruce Levenson’s philanthropic ethos is one to be admired and appreciated, as is his tenacity for life.

Source: Wikipedia

David Osio and Davos’ CAP Calculator

On June 22, 2016, Davos Real Estate Group announced the “Davos CAP Calculator.” Clients use this new mobile application to estimate returns on real estate investments that they are considering.

The Calculator is available for Android and iPhone devices and is the first in a series of apps that will use mobile devices to identify properties and send historical real estate reports to Davos agents via chat. The new apps also will include a mortgage calculator that estimates mortgages based on bank projections, interest rates, and funding periods.

Davos Real Estate Group, an independent company within Davos Financial Group, and a leader in the Latin American market formulates investment strategies for its clients.

David Osio, Davos Financial Group’s founder and executive director, says, “The direction of Davos REG, in line with what has been our business objective, has seen the need to develop a mobile application that allows us to assist in financially guiding our clients when investing in real estate in the United States.”

Osio has had a long and fruitful career in banking and finance.

He holds a Law Degree from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, where he also studied Banking and Finance. He also has a degree in higher education at the IESA (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración). And he studied Portfolio Management and Banking at the New York Institute of Finance.

Before founding Davos Financial Group in 1993, Osio held many executive positions.

He managed coffee exports as president and CEO of OPED Enterprise, structured marketing programs for LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES, advised corporate clients as Director of the law firm MGO in Caracas, and held managerial positions in Banco Latino Internacional (BLI)’s Private Banking Division in Miami. Under his leadership, the Bank’s international standing strengthened, and the volume of client portfolios increased.

Osio established Davos Financial group in 1993. The group is a conglomerate of companies providing financial advice to select customers and supporting non-profits and charities.


Under Osio’s leadership, Davos’ profitability has increased, allowing expansion around the world, including offices in Miami, Panama, Geneva, and New York. Recently, Davos REG has expanded, developing real estate partnerships internationally, adding 60% more agents and, in the first half of 2016, increasing sales by 75%.


Many non-profits and charities have benefited from Osio’s and Davos’ success, among them Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, Miami Symphony Orchestra, Fundana Foundation, and UMA Foundation.


About David Osio




David Osio’s Davos Real Estate Group Launches “Davos CAP Calculator”

For the past six months, the executive director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerard Gonzalez, has worked with the Tecknolution in developing and designing a new mobile app, Davos CAP Calculator. Davos Real Estate Group is a subsidiary company of Davos Financial Group, a top international financial advisor in the Latin market. The founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, David Osio, alongside his executive team announced the official launching of the mobile app. Davos CAP Calculator seeks to calculate real estate investment returns. Using the new mobile app, clients will be able to calculate mortgages based on bank projections, rate of interest and the period of funding. This will be made possible by the mortgage calculator feature. The Davos CAP Calculator app has been created using the most advanced technology and can be accessed on Android devices and iPhones.

The mobile app is a clear reflection of the company’s determination to fulfill its mission of offering financial solutions to its esteemed clientele. The new application will be followed by a series of unique apps. These new applications will enable clients to identify properties on their mobile and forward the real estate information of the same to an agent at Davos, through a chat. The introduction of the CAP calculator has seen REG Davos enhance its operations by 60%. This situation has resulted in the increase of sales by over 70% in the first six months of 2016. David Osio said that the app is a fulfillment of the company’s objective while Gerard contended that the outstanding tool would give investors a clear financial view of properties before purchasing. Besides creating mobile apps, the company has also focused on collaborating with international real estate agents to expand their services to Europe, through Spain. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as elaborated in the following link http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application-300288823.html

About David Osio

David Osio pursued his undergraduate studies at the Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela. He graduated with a degree in Law. Later, he enrolled at IESA- Institudo de Estudios Superiores de Administracion for an advanced management program. He studied equity portfolio management at Finance Institute New York. David started his career in law at MGO law firm based in Caracas where he served as a legal advisor of corporate clients. He also worked as the vice president of Miami-based Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International. David founded Davos Financial Group in 1993. Over the years, he has led the group and overseen its growth. He has helped raise the companies’ income levels. In addition, David has enhanced the group’s expansion objectives. Davos REG has offices in New York, Geneva, Panama City, Miami and Lisbon. Through his companies, David offers diverse services such as tax and corporate planning, portfolio structuring and asset management, successor planning and banking services. This information was originally mentioned on Visual CV as provided in the link below https://www.visualcv.com/davidosio

Learn more: http://www.davidosio.com/