The New HR: GoBuyside’s Innovative Take on Talent Recruiting

GoBuyside is a New York-based talent recruitment platform founded by Arjun Kapur in 2010. The company seeks to reinvent the way that hedge funds, investment groups, and Fortune 500 companies search for a hire workers through an online networking and recruitment platform that connects talent and prospective employers across the globe. Kaput, who holds an MBA from Stanford University, said he came up with the idea for GoBuyside after noticing a niche market need. In an interview with Inspirery, Kapur explained that he too often saw talented job-seekers never connecting with companies looking to hire. Read this article at

Under Kapur’s direction, GoBuyside has expanded to serve more than 400 clients located in 16 countries and more than 52 cities worldwide. GoBuyside uses a mix of proprietary and industry standard technology to run its custom platform connecting and screening candidates for clients. Kapur, the current CEO, believes that innovative technology and AI will be the future of talent recruiting, and GoBuyside intends to get in on the ground floor. According to it’s website, the company’s network connects more than 100,000 candidates with 2,000 client positions. GoBuyside offers talent solutions for businesses of varying sizes. The company also offers consulting services for those interested in starting a business, market research, assistance raising capital, growing and managing a business, and selling a business.


Those who wish to use the GoBuyside network create a confidential profile and then set their desired job criteria or talent search. Reviewers on the GoBuyside website appreciated the ability to streamline their search without having to spend time with a headhunter. Members can access information about job opportunities including compensation and market insights. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at