Catch The Lime Crime Wave of New Unicorn Hair Products

Los Angeles based makeup company, Lime Crime, is highly recognized for their vibrant beauty product lines. The company was established back in 2008 and has grown a massive presence across social media. Immediately embedded with founder Doe Deere’s beliefs, Lime Crime prides itself by selling certified vegan and cruelty-free products.


Their popular line Diamond Crushers, a water-based lip topper, recently welcomed three new color additions. The first is “Black Unicorn”, a transition of black and purple. The second is “Acid Fairy”, a taffy pink. The third is “Cleopatra”, a desert gold. Each of these shimmering toppers, which can be worn with or without lipstick, joins a selection of previous releases. According to their website, their entire selection includes Strip, Fluke, Dope, Lit, Choke, Trip, and Cheap Thrill. Diamond Crushers lip toppers are sold individually for $18. The “Black Unicorn” three pack bundle of the new colors may be bought for $40.


Lime Crime also is venturing into hair products with Unicorn Hair. This new product line has yet to be released, but their site states they are coming soon after three years of development. With 13 colors on display, this gives plenty of options to, according to Lime Crime, “always be a unicorn!” The selection of Unicorn Hair colors include bottle glass green “Jello”, pastel mint green “Salad”, traffic-stopping orange “Leeloo”, clean vibrant peach “Neon Peach”, steel blue “Blue Smoke”, anime “Neon Blue”, muted pink-red “Strawberry Jam”, deep burgundy red “Chocolate Cherry”, muted seafoam green “Dirty Mermaid”, electric violet-purple “Pony”, pastel baby pink “Bunny”, stone grey “Gargoyle”, and nude mauve “Sext.” Unicorn Hair is split into full coverage and tints, which allows flexibility to go for deeper or lighter colors. Pricing per jar is set to be $16. Release date has yet to be stated.


With the new arrivals, the future is looking even brighter for Lime Crime and that is saying a lot on top of their already vivid presence.