ClassDojo’s Newest Additional Venture Improving Their Work

The worst thing a parent can deal with is the shocking words coming out from the teacher saying that their child was touch to work with. It’s annoying for most parents who wish they could have done something to help educate the child about the situations and predicaments they all got themselves into. The problem is that once a year parent-teacher conferences happen legitimately only once a year, so clearly it’s a time when parents are either given heartwarming speeches or horrible messages about their kids. Most parents are tired of the same old plain meetings that never go into specifics because of teachers either forgetting about certain instances. With this app, teachers have new options that were thought of as a possibility.

With ClassDojo, parent’s don’t have to worry about this problem. Parents can receive updates either daily or every few weeks on their child’s behavior and style of studying at school. Parents can receive either pictures, videos, or long messages from teachers to help update parents either about amazing or bad behavior. This app sort of connects parents to the teachers to help provide a safe working environment and an atmosphere that gives parents peace that they are bringing their child to a school where the child is cared for.

ClassDojo recently raised more than $21 million in funding to improve the app and help take it to the next level. It’s an app that has received unbelievable responses because of the work that it provides. There are countless people who have joined the team to help create a successful growth for this app. ClassDojo has wanted to give the opportunity to communicate between teachers and parents, and this app turns the entire idea into a reality.

ClassDojo gives you the chance to grow in the right direction and know what kids are up to in school. With a strong focus on kids in early elementary school leading up to kids who are in the 8th grade, it’s true that this app can open up many opportunities for many people because it simplifies the world of parents knowing what their kids are up to. This app is truly revolutionizing the idea of school and keeping kids on the right track by including the parents daily.


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