Bruce Levenson: More Than A Businessman

Bruce Levenson, an American business impresario, was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in the small, yet affluent town of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Upon the start of his entrepreneurship in the late 1970’s, he co-founded United Communications Group, known most commonly as UCG, publishing a newsletter focused on information pertaining to the oil industry. Shortly thereafter, Levenson, along with his partner, began obtaining other newsletters, in addition to expanding its reach to a multitude of other ventures and ideas.

Fast forward to 2004. Bruce Levenson became one of the majority partners of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC, the group of people who own the NBA team known as the Atlanta Hawks, as well as the Philips Arena, located in the Fulton County, GA area of Atlanta. For the next 10 years Bruce was the Atlanta Hawks managing partner. In 2012, Mr. Levenson hired Danny Ferry to fill the role of general manager to the Atlanta Hawks, as well as president of basketball operations.

In 2014, Bruce Levenson sold his shares ( of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC. Since then, the former ownership group, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC, with Levenson as a controlling partner, has filed a lawsuit against the insurance group known as AIG for breach of contract. An outcome regarding this lawsuit is still pending.

In addition to Mr. Levenson’s successful business endeavors, he is also a beacon of hope, that is clearly visible by his actions and efforts in promoting goodwill. According to PR NewsWire, he served as president of the I Have A Dream Foundation for the Washington chapter. Levenson is a founding donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, located in Washington, D.C. Also, he is a substantial donor to the SEEDS Foundation as well as Seeds of Peace, along with a list of other causes. Bruce Levenson’s philanthropic ethos is one to be admired and appreciated, as is his tenacity for life.

Source: Wikipedia

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