Nevo gives big energy boost with even bigger flavor

Over the last few years, Jeunesse Global has emerged as one of the most dominant players in the global health and beauty industry. The company was only founded nine years ago, in 2009, by industry stalwarts Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Since then, Jeunesse has grown into one of the most important and top-selling brands in the world, with hundreds of millions of dollars in yearly sales and a more than billion-dollar market value.


Over the course of its incredible and brief history, the company has made its mark through the development of great products. Many of Jeunesse Global’s products are completely unique to the company, filling niches that had been left largely ignored by the biggest names in the industry. It has been this knack for finding and exploiting market opportunities that has defined Jeunesse Global’s rise, giving it a big edge in the marketplace and, eventually, putting it in a sufficiently powerful position that it could start taking on more established market sectors.


Such is the case with the company’s award-winning energy drink, Nevo. It is unusual for Jeunesse to mount a full frontal assault on established market areas. But that is exactly what the company has done with Nevo, taking on the likes of Red Bull directly and without trepidation.


Nevo, however, is not a typical energy drink. It is made from all-natural ingredients. This not only gives the drink a taste highly redolent of freshly squeezed fruit juice, it also allows it to deliver a clean energy boost, without the jittery crash that is so closely associated with other more synthetic energy drinks.


Nevo is just one example of many products that have defined the Jeunesse Global brand as one of the most innovative and game-changing forces on the market today. The company has been hard at work both developing and promoting its Youth Enhancement System, and the result has been more people than ever getting the tools into their hands that will allow them to stay young, healthy and in great shape for years and decades to come.


Jeunesse Global is truly bringing about the creation of Generation Young.

Paul Mampilly investments

Paul Mampilly is an investment guru in the United States. He has been in the financial sector since 1991 when he joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. The holder of MBA from Fordham University is one of the people who have a good grasp of the financial sector. He can make predictions about the direction of the industry in an easy way. Through his experience, he has known how the financial sector behaves and therefore knows when to invest and when to stay out. Mampilly spent many years in the Wall Street trading for the big investors but later decided to change tact. Visit the website to learn more.

After working for Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager for a few years, he gained the experience and know-how to manage the investment. He moved to bigger banks where he could manage accounts worth millions. He worked with Deutsche Bank, ING, and Bank of Scotland. He was able to learn what it takes to manage millions of dollars. With this experience, he was now ready to move to the other level of growth which was trading accounts worth billions. He joined Wall Street where he worked with a hedge fund known as Kinetic Asset management. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

In Wall Street, Paul Mampilly had the opportunity of working closely with the biggest names in the financial sector. He shared thoughts about the market and even competed with them. With Kinetic Asset Management, he recorded huge results which saw the hedge fund ranked as the best in 2006 by the Barrons. The hedge fund made 26% gain in that year. After working in the Wall Street, he felt that it was time to move. He decided to go out and help the majority of the investors who were trying to make it in the industry. However, even before he went out of the industry, he made sure that his impact was felt. In 2009, there was a competition which had been organized by the Templeton Foundation, the competition brought together the best traders in Wall Street for a competition. It happened while the world was facing the infamous financial crisis. Paul Mampilly made history by emerging the winner. He turned $50 million to $88 million without shorting his trades.

After proving that he was the best in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly moved to the other step which was teaching the people how to trade and invest wisely. Since 2016, he has been working with the Banyan Hill publishing in creating materials that will teach the Main Street Americans about investment.


Whitney Wolfe Is Changing The World One Profile At A Time

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the popular dating app, Bumble. This app works very much like most others out there in the fact that you need to actually connect with people by swiping non profiles left or right. Right means you want to connect with them. Here’s the only thing that makes Bumble so different from other apps. When a match is made, women must make the decision first to text the guy, and if the girl decides she doesn’t want to send the guy a message, the entire match is gone. Now men don’t have the [ower to send those elicit or disrespectful messages first hand off the bat.

Whitney Wolfe loved this entire idea that she made it an app, and today, it is making waves across the globe with more than 144 countries using the app and more than 33 registered users. Wolfe is here to make a change, and plans on using this app and her notoriety to create a difference on different topics. For example, she is doing everything in her power to overcome gun violence. Today, users are not able to upload photos in profile that involve holding a gun or other weapons. There is no more chances to romanticize the idea of guns on this app. This is her company and she no longer wants this to be happening. She has even been a part of the March For Our Lives movement, which is known for the kids who were a part of one of the recent shootings in Florida as a way for them to stand up to gun violence and come together.

Whitney Wolfe is working towards using this app to do more than just help people find dates or their new lover. For example, businessmen and others looking to expand their network in business can use Bumble Bizz to find new potential partners. The new Bumble BFF is a new version that allows for people to find specifically just platonic friends. If you want someone to geek out over your favorite show or join you to a movie without the awkwardness of dating app, this is the app to do exactly that and meet people. Whitney Wolfe is a woman who wants to simply help people connect while also empowering women. Bumble is the app that is going to create more change in the world and educate people in new ways.

Whitney Wolfe info:

Men Get Variety With The RealReal

If there is one area that seems to need a little more attention, it is men’s fashion. To the casual viewer, men’s fashion is either a suit and tie, a tuxedo, or a similar variation. Men do not have as much to work with as women do when it comes to fashion. Fortunately, The RealReal takes fashion very seriously for men. This includes offering items that are very high in quality. At the same time, this also includes some very unique designs that men can try out if they are feeling adventurous. The RealReal has something for all different tastes of men.

The RealReal believes that men should not be limited in their options when it comes to fashion. They should be allowed to dress and express themselves in ways that make them feel the most authentic with themselves. There are t-shirts with different types of designs. Men do not have to settle for the boxy and boring designs that need some kind of graphic drawing or some kind of strange saying in order for it to be interesting. This can also give them an extra bit of confidence. Also, if men learn how to make these unique items work, then they may actually attract a little bit of the attention they want.

These days, fashion encourages people to be unique more than anything else. While it is also good to look really neat, being unique can take the look to the next level for men. The men get to look at some of the items that are available for them online. They will see that they have a lot to choose from. One thing about The RealReal is that it challenges men to really think about the type of items they want to buy and wear more than any other store.

The Great Mindset of Investor Igor Cornelsen

The investments advisor Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba Brazil. When he was 18, he attended the Federal University of Parama to pursue an engineering degree where after two years of study, he switched to economics at the same university. Having graduated with his degree in 1970, he began working as an investment banker, steadily building his brand and even moving to Rio to fill a position. In the year 1974, the banker was promoted to Multibancos board of directors and later on became the bank’s chief executive officer. After the Bank of America acquired Multibanco in 1978, Igor took a new job at Unibanco up to 1985, and after that moved to work with Libra Bank PLC.

With his progressive career success, Igor Cornelsen joined the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank’s board of directors together with his London friends where he was also a Brazil representative. In 1995, he left the job to establish an investment company of his own after a seven years successful career. Working for many years for banks as an investment adviser was the key motivation to him starting up his private investment firm. The entrepreneurship journey was not a walk in the park. One time he failed as an entrepreneur was in 2007 when instead of selling all his shares, he closed all the positions in commodities where he was short.

Igor Cornelsen is an ardent follower of economies of countries with interests in improving their environment for investment opportunities and sells assets in states that he anticipates deterioration due to political climates or some made economic decisions. He would instead rely on his mind rather than on other analyst’s opinions and only follows and believes in Reuters news since it is never biased, but only reports exactly what is going on in the markets. This is one habit that makes him a more productive entrepreneur and a great way to bring up his ideas into the real world rather than following a specific strategy. Igor believes that ideology is a poor predictor when it comes to investing, but new trends excite him since they can change the market before his competitors. His greatest advice to younger upcoming investors is to research a lot for more information and less opinion from other market players.

In the List of Women with No Limits: Dr. Jennifer Walden

For a long time, the society has set aside certain professions and associated them with men. A woman in this field is viewed differently and has to keep proving their skills. The medical world is among this male-dominated careers. However, there are still strong women who follow their passion and break the norms and expectations of the society. They are brave and influential women of the world.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is among these women in the society. She is a cosmetic surgeon based in Texas. She has been practicing medicine for the past eight years. Her experience in the field is excellent as well as her academic background.

Despite Dr. Walden not being afraid of being treated like a woman in a man’s field, she has had to face some challenges. She says that patients require her to prove her authenticity in the field all the time, something that Dr. Walden says she doesn’t mind.

Dr. Walden says that the reason they are few women in the field is that the career takes so much time. Many women are not ready to spend so much time in school, because this means late marriage and bearing of children, a risk that many women are not ready to take.

Dr. Walden says that there are still advantages of being a woman in the field. She explains that 95% of the cosmetic surgery patients are women. The patients prefer being treated by fellow women who understand the changes that they experienced that led to their need for surgery.

Dr. Walden says that the main motivation in her work is knowing that she is empowering fellow women. This is through boosting their self-esteem and confidence, knowing they are who they have always wanted to be. She says that if she realized that she had deviated from her purpose, she could quit her job the same day.

Wes Edens Continues to Accomplish Great Things

In 1984 Wes Edens future looked bright. He had just graduated with a Bachelors in Finance from Oregon State University. While many people go on from college to live an average life, he made sure his life was far from average.In 1987 he became a partner and managing director at Lehman’s Brother where he stayed for six years. Afterward, he went to a private investment firm before he started Fortress Investments with four other gentlemen.What makes their company unique is the fact that they became the first public buyout firm in 2007. With Wes Edens ability to look at his company with, as the Wall Street Journal puts it, “contrarian bets, creative financing and a knack for building a business from investments” the company soared, selling eight percent of their stocks for a total of six hundred million by 2009.

In addition to focusing on his own business, he gladly helps with other companies that Fortress Investments has acquired. One of these is Springleaf Financial Services, which at the time of purchase was known as American General Finance. This is particularly special to Wes Edens because he spearheaded the purchase of this company and helped it to grow from one hundred and twenty-four million dollars initial investment to three point five billion dollars in a mere five years.Another company is Nationstar. Nationstar is a mortgage company. After purchasing the business, he helped them focus their efforts on advocating for rehabilitating foreclosure homes which helping them to sell at better prices.

This was crucial as he came into the company two years after the recession hit.One of his accomplishments not related to his business was the purchase of the Wisconsin Bucks Basketball Team in 2014. He promised the community that he would keep the team in Wisconsin and build a new area for the team as well. In 2016 he held to his word and the five hundred and twenty-four million dollar project is set to be completed later this year.Many of us want to do great things but in the last thirty-four years since his walk across that college stage, Wes Edens has done great things and he is not stopping here.

How The Owners Of Village Voice Fought Back Against Joe Arpaio

The very first pardon that Donald Trump doled out was to Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona. He billed himself as the toughest sheriff in the United States and showed a great deal of disdain for following the law which isn’t the good kind of ironic thing for a sheriff.

He committed a lot of terrible acts when he was sheriff including making the decision to wrongfully imprison two local journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

These two journalists had been reporting on the happenings in Maricopa County since 1972. Joe Arpaio was a frequent target of their as he regularly flaunted the law. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Jim Larkin: and

Despite being told numerous times it was illegal to arrest people he thought could possibly be in the country illegally he would continue to do so, for instance. He also operated what he called Tent City where he would keep inmates outdoors in the extreme Arizona conditions with some dying from exposure.

Arpaio didn’t like this type of stuff being reported on so he decided to target the owners of the New Phoenix Times who regularly did so, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The journalists had gotten hold of the proceedings of a grand jury which they decided to publish in New Phoenix Times. Joe Arpaio had them arrested for this and thrown in jail. They were released after a period of time of incarceration and all charges were dropped. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

They made the decision to file a first amendment lawsuit and a judge awarded them almost $4 million in damages. Rather than keep this money they used it to help Hispanic people who face a lot of discrimination in Arizona. This money is doled out through the Frontera Fund and it is provided to Hispanic nonprofits across the state.

Michael Lacey is originally from New Jersey. He moved to Arizona for college but dropped out in his first year. Jim Larkin grew up in Phoenix and was also a college dropout, leaving Arizona State University. They decided to form an alternative newspaper because they saw that the media outlets in Phoenix were very conservative and wouldn’t report the truth about a lot of things. The New Phoenix Times launched in 1972 and it continues to this day to cover social and political issues.

As the owners of the Phoenix New Times, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin built up a network of 17 alternative newspapers across the country which was eventually named Village Voice.

They sold this company in 2012 to some of the executives that had worked for them for years. At the time they left Village Voice it had 9 million print readers and 56 million views each month online.

They are now practicing journalism on a new website, Front Page Confidential. The primary focus of this website is on providing articles about threats to free speech and other first amendment rights. This website was launched in 2017 and already has a large number of people using it as one of their sources of news and opinion.

Better Medical Aesthetics via Jennifer Walden

Some people see medical-aesthetic services as being nothing special. Others see medical-aesthetic services as a necessary-evil. No matter the reason of how you may feel about these specific services, they have changed people’s lives for the better. Not only does the services give you more confidence, these services will truly give you a much better lifestyle. It doesn’t take rocket-science to figure this out and Jennifer Walden understands this notion to the highest degree. Jennifer Walden, M.D., has performed a plethora of medical-aesthetic services at her private practice. This practice is known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery &Laser Center. This technologically advanced facility is located in Austin, Texas, and it hosts a wide variety of treatments.

Thanks to her full understanding of the business, she has been able to climb the ranks pretty fast. Dr. Walden was one of the first females to ever serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s Board of Directors. Yes, this is very true. On top of that, she currently holds down the position as the ASAPS’s Commissioner of Communications. In other words, Dr. Walden calls all of the shots for everything that’s communications-related in this community. To add a bit of insult to injury, she was just recently honored with a new position. This position will have her serving as the Secretary of the American Societyfor AestheticPlastic Surgery.

This is what happens when you study your craft to perfection. This Texas-beauty has a strong passion for the work that she does. With an undergraduate education in biology as well as a medical doctorate, she is more than qualified for the tasks at hand. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the epitome of medical-aesthetic success and that’s a guaranteed fact.

Ara Chackerian’s Great Contributions in the Medical Field

Ara Chackerian is an innovative healthcare worker whose works has seen the medical field transform. While there is a general economic expansion affecting all industries due to technology, the healthcare sector has also recorded an influx of the new startups in the medical field as well. The health sector is continually improving its quality with inventions such as the digital record keeping which has since been adopted by most health facilities. What’s more, Ara Chackerian has played a significant role in the contribution of the new startups in the healthcare industry as he has made discoveries that continue to boost the quality of medical care.


Further, after seeing the transformation of the medical field through AI, Digital Imaging, and Robotics, Ara Chackerian has now unveiled the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Just like some of the ideas such as the digital data storage, Chekarian’s innovation proves to the investors of the future advancement of medicine. Ara Chackerian believes that great ideas demand great investments where he recognizes that the healthcare startups should be natured by the gifted entrepreneurs to sell and benefit both parties. Equally important, the 2017 records show that the healthcare startups in New York City managed to accumulate $703 million.


About Ara Chackerian


Ara Chackerian went to the Florida State University where he graduated with B.S. in Marketing. He works at the ASC Capital Holdings LLC where he serves as a managing partner. The company specializes in the investment of the developing the early-stage healthcare facilities. Chackerian also heads the TMS Health Solutions where he serves as the co-founder and a board member. The health facility focuses on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which helps in the medical care of resistant depression. You can check out his Twitter account.


Moreover, Ara Chackerian has over twenty years of experience in the development of the healthcare facilities such as the PipelineRx, Embion/Provider Links, and BMC Diagnostics. Also, he is involved in environmental issues where he owns an investment that deals with sustainable reforestation in Limonapa, SA. In addition, Ara Chackerian has been on the frontline of establishing many non-profit youth programs that are focused on education and development in United States, Armenia, and in Nicaragua. You can visit his Vimeo page.



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