A Series of Excellence

NewsWatch TV has the most accurate and most informative reviews. They reach more than 700 million people over their broadcasted TV shows. Broadcasting more than 1000 episodes, NewsWatch specializes in national TV, news releases via video, and broadcasting media. Their episodes run for approximately 30 minutes long, airing on the AMC and ION networks. For an independently produced broadcasted show, it has sustained popularity with its success.

Newswatch TV started in 1989, in Arlington, VA, and then aired their first broadcasted TV show one year later in Washington, D.C. They have broadcasted over 1000 episodes, each lasting about 30 minutes long. Some of their main topics have been about new product releases, technology, health, medical, consumer and business issues, just to mention a few.

Highly awarded with the Marcom award in both platinum and gold, NewsWatch TV excels in TV production. They are the winners for 2 of the highest level awards to be won in cable and TV broadcasting. For their national TV show, NewsWatch is the winner of the Silver Telly Award, and also for the Videographer Award for Excellence in 2017.

Tons of celebrities have made guest appearances on numerous NewsWatch TV episodes. From Dr. Oz to Carrie Underwood, NewsWatch invites a wide range of celebrities for various topics. They even have the top leading companies in the business featured such as Goodyear, LG Electronics, Lego, American Heart Association, and many more not mentioned. You can follow them and watch their weekly episodes on the NewsWatch TV app or on the website to stay up to date with the latest news. Tune in to NewsWatch TV anytime.

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