Krishen Iyer Is the Man

Krishen Iyer is a partner for Quick Link Marketing. He has a great deal of experience when it comes to online marketing as well as client relations and technical development. Quick Link Marketing has seen great success thanks to their cutting edge marketing techniques. Clients are provided with a variety of marketing solutions that truly are tailored to a company’s needs. Iyer has been a long time resident of the California area for many years now. He has a great passion for his work in the marketing industry and pays extensive attention to detail. This has created a successful career in online marketing that shows to be promising in the years to come.


Quick Link Marketing recognized that there was a need for a wider variety of marketing solutions among the various firms that were in the industry. Tailoring services for each client was also discussed very early on. Incorporating lead generation companies into the process of serving clients was discussed. Partners acknowledged that the marketing industry was in need of a change and there were some key components missing in how clients were served across the board. Krishen Iyer was a good fit with this company thanks to the knowledge and ideas that he brought to the table. His experience included: client interfacing, cutting-edge marketing techniques and technical development among many other skills that Iyer had acquired along the way. Krishen Iyer also had a very serious interest in gathering ideas from various professionals in order to come up with marketing techniques and solutions on a case-by-case basis.


Iyer attended San Diego University as well as Grossmont College where he earned his bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development. Iyer spends many hours per week working for Quick Link Marketing but in his free time he dedicates himself to a variety of community service projects. Local cleanup efforts are a frequent event for Iyer and he also supports a number of international humanitarian causes. He has sponsored children in overseas efforts such as the Haitian relief effort.

Brightline Train Rail System and Astonvilla Club Owner, Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an accomplished billionaire businessman with interests in private equity investment. He went to the Oregon State University where he undertook his undergraduate degree in Finance.

Upon graduation in the year 1984, he secured his first job at Lehman Brothers as a partner. After a short period, he relocated to BlackRock as a managing director.

He is an avid supporter of sports. In the year 2014, he collaborated with his partner and friend, Marc to acquire the Bucks Basketball Team.

The duo purchased the Wisconsin club at $550 million from Kohl Herb. Also, they invested another $100 million to aid in the construction of a multipurpose arena. According to Forbes, Bucks is currently valued at $1 billion.

Wes Edens recently furthered his ambitions in sports when he purchased Astonvilla Football Club. The England based team which has played in the premier league for a long time is currently in the Championship tier. He partnered with billionaire Sawiris to acquire 55% of the club. The acquisition made the duo the highest stakeholders at the club.

In a statement, the two pointed out that they were committed to making the club strong again. The businessmen also hinted that they would sign classic players to make the club competitive. Sawiris further added that the team would only be more significant with the right management.

Wes Edens is renowned for his role at the giant Fortress Investment Group. He co-founded the company in 1998 together with Robert Kauffman, Michael Edward, and Randal Nardone. The founders raised $400 million in capital to start the company.

It is presently one of the largest firms dealing in alternative asset management.

SoftBank Corporation acquired the fortress from Japan in the year 2018. Wes Edens confirmed that it was purchased at $3.3 billion in cash. It was however reached at in a contract that the firm would have its headquarters in New York City.

Wes Edens launched his Brightline rail system in South Florida. He is the owner of the train that moves at the highest speed of 135mph. He pointed out that he had plans to extend the rail across the United States.

Dick Devos: the new member of the Management Advisory Council

Dick Devos is one of the quintessential businessmen in America. His work with Amway as President and CEO has been legendary, specifically for international sales for the company. It’s no wonder that he was tapped last year by the FAA to work with the Management Advisory Council. This is a civilian-led council that simply advises the FAA on budgets, planning, regulations, and policies. However, Devos will now be working in Washington with his wife, the US Secretary of Education Betsy Devos.


Dick Devos has had a long road of success within the business world. Most people know him for his work with Amway as well as for what he has done through the Devos Family Foundation. He also been a major business leader in his hometown of Grand Rapids, where he has formed Grand Action in order to help local business leaders who wanted to bring more commerce to downtown Grand Rapids.


Being from the area, Devos was quick to jump in and start helping the Grand Rapids businesses generate more traffic to downtown. He helped build some of the significant buildings in the area such as the Devos Performing Arts Center and the Devos Convention Center. However, there was one partner that he truly enjoyed working with.


Why is Devos working with the FAA? Many believe it’s because of the partnership that Devos has with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Devos started working with the airport in the early 2000s, which led to incredible growth for the once small airport. Now the airport will be undergoing a $45 million renovation to be completed in 2018. The renovation comes after a couple of decades of working with airlines to bring in bigger sales and traffic. Part of that help was from Devos. It’s hard to imagine that one phone call could change the course for your business, but that’s exactly what Devos did for the airport early on in the 2000s.


By reaching out to CEO of Air Tran Airways, Devos secured new terminals and flights that brought in a host of new travelers. It created new flights for people who wanted to go to Orlando, Denver, St. Louis, and Vegas. It also helped generate a much bigger market for business travelers who wanted to go to these popular destinations.


Now that Devos is working with the FAA, he’ll be meeting with other members of the council every quarter and providing feedback to the FAA on certain policies.


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This Why You Should Seek Brian Torshin’s Recruitment Services in the Healthcare Industry

Brian Torchin is a prominent recruiter in the healthcare industry and has been helping different clients across the world to get the best candidates during a recruitment process. He is the founder and president of a leading recruitment company, HCRC Staffing and has opened and managed different offices in Philadelphia, Delaware and Florida. Brian is also a health recruitment counselor, and many job seekers have benefited from his career consultation services. HCRC has grown from scratch to a very successful recruitment agency in the United States and other nations such as Canada and Australia. Brian had worked as a doctor with a chiropractor before starting his recruitment career. This experience may have equipped him with the knowledge he has today about the healthcare industry. When he decided to become a recruiter, his main focus was on improving the healthcare sector starting from having skilled and qualified employees. Read more about Brian Torchin at Glassdoor.

HCRC provides different services including staff training, professional consultancy, background checking, and matching of skills with jobs available. Apart from meeting their clients face to face, they also offer recruitment advice through blogs on different topics such as how to hire the best team of staff or on the challenges of hiring a chiropractor among others. While customer service is a very important aspect in the business world, Torchin insists that employees working in the healthcare industry should also know that patients require a welcoming environment. It may sound peculiar, but the fact is that if there were no patients at all in the healthcare facilities, then these employees would be jobless. Dr. Mayer Green praises Brian Torchin saying that his insights as a recruiter in the industry are professional, factual and unparalleled.

HCRC’s recruitment services are now renowned in different parts of the world, and their main focus is to use knowledge in the medical field to create better practices for chiropractors. In this case, Brian Torchin and his team spend most of their time and resources to share this expertise with their clients. Healthcare facilities should make use of services offered by  Brian Torchin through HCRC Staffing. This will not only help them to attain qualified employees but also have a dedicated and passionate team that will provide a conducive environment for fellow employees and patients as well.



The Story of Rodrigo Terpins

The name Rodrigo Terpins is well known to the Brazilian sports community due to his high achievements and participation in the Sertoes Rally. Terpins came from a family of athletes and followed in their steps. He gained business skills from studying at the University of Sail Hilaire. In 2008, Terpins founded T5 Participacoes. He is currently the company’s senior director. Terpins founded a wood company that is now called Floresvale. The idea sprawled when his team and he decided to create a business involving the environment and sustainability. Along with his brother, Michel, Terpins is a rally car driver for Bull Sertoes rally team.

His father was a professional basketball player, who now is known to be an entrepreneur and successful businessman. Both brothers compete in professional circuit racing, which is one of the most challenging racing sports in all of Brazil. It includes terrains of all types. Rallies always rely on team work and the skill to remain calm under pressure. The sport requires a two-man team to complete the difficult course in the shortest amount of time. Even from a young age, Terpins had an interest in sports of all kinds. Growing up, he had many role models that shaped his life to become an athlete and become successful. For more details visit Ideamensch.

In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Terpins described his average day as very busy and stuck between the country side and city side of Brazil. At all times, including commute time, he tries to stay connected to use all the time available. He also releases that he wishes to remind his younger self to “study hard and keep yourself up to date with what’s going on in the world”. As an entrepreneur, Terpins always makes sure to keep up to date with the competitors in the market and the international market. He believes that acquisitions helped him greatly in the business world when starting off. Mentioned in the interview was that Terpins deeply enjoys moments with his son, no matter how small. He then says that we are sometimes too focused on work and miss moments that are precious to our kids, who grow quickly.



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$36.4 Billion Worth Of Freedom Checks

The internet is full of investment opportunities, unfortunately not every opportunity results in a profit and not every opportunity offers you the chance to make a profit. Scams on the internet are common thing, and as a result many investors are wary when something new pops up. Get rich quick schemes that promise dramatic returns are red flag from the beginning. However, the fear of being scammed might stop some investors from dealing with opportunities that actually have a leg to stand on. Read more about Freedom Checks at


Enter Freedom Checks. A concept introduced by geologist Matt Badiali which stated upon making his plan public that up to $34.6 billion worth of Freedom Check will be paid out. Such enormous sums, while seducing, might make a lot of people turn their heads and claim that this is nothing more than an internet scam.


In reality however, Freedom Checks are based on Statute 26-F and Master Limited Partnerships, which is something Badiali himself talks about in his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. Statute 26-F was enacted in 1987 by Congress, and it allows MLPs to operate tax-free if they meet two requirements. A minimum of 90% of their revenue must be generated from storage, transportation, production, and processing of oil and gas in the United States, and they have to pay a minimum of 90% of income to their investors.



Badiali discovered the potential of these investments while working with famous oil industry magnates and financial experts. His own research led him to the discovery of master limited partnerships and he notes that MLPs have experienced gains of up to 39,832%.


The 90% income paid to investors is the equivalent of Freedom Checks. Master Limited Partnerships are traded across the United States and they act as publicly traded limited partnerships. These are not however get rich quick schemes, as research needs to be made before an investment. Anyone can invest as little as $10, and it’s as easy as buying stock, but the gains could be more significant. While getting started with the Freedom Checks program is simple, you need to know where to focus your investments. Read this article at Money Morning.

Guilherme Paulus Took Advantage Of The Diverse Beauty Of Brazil

There is a common idea that Brazil is a mystical, tropical, hot place with crowded cities, slums and rainforests where natives live. However, the country of Brazil is more than that. There are grasslands, temperate forests where it gets cold and pines tree grow and other types of places.

People think that it is a place where the people are either native tribal people or some type of brow-skinned, large-butted, slim, tall, black haired, ethnically ambiguous, smooth-haired, mixed race people. However, there are many Brazilians who do not fit that description. There are Afro-Brazilians who may or may not be racially mixed to whatever extent, though they look fully or overwhelmingly African. Surprisingly, there are many people of European descent who are mostly or purely of European descent. Brazil is just like America in the respect that there are many different people with different backgrounds.

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Brazil is truly the world’s greatest gold mine when it comes to tourism opportunities. Because of the plethora of cultures and landscapes that you can find in Brazil, there are so many opportunities for people to profit through the tourism industry. Guilherme Paulus is a business person who noticed the vast field of possibilities that Brazil has to offer. Having grown up in the luscious nation, he knew from a young age that there were a million possibilities. Guilherme Paulus and another smart person founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de viagens, S.A.

Under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus and other people higher up in the company, CVC’s portfolio has become competitively diversified. This can be seen in the fact that the company that Guilherme Paulus operates runs hotels in a wide variety of regions. For example, Gramado is in area of Brazil that rests on the southern part of the country. The climate is temperate, and the place was settled by people of German and Italian ancestry. This runs contrary to what many people believe about the climate, landscape and people of Brazil. CVC runs a hotel called St. Andrew’s Mountain, which has been constructed on a point of high elevation in Gramado.


Why You Should Go Through the Infinity Group Australia Reviews

Debts can highly hinder you from achieving your goals in life if not properly managed. When you are struggling with debts, you can’t do much with your salary or the money you get from your small business. While some people can easily get out of their debts and start a new life, others sink in debts until some organizations such as Infinity Group come to help them. This financial institution has won several awards for its zeal to assist its patients recover from debts. Infinity Group Australia has also been vocal on retirement solutions and wealth creation. The organization has shown many families the strategies they need to implement to make their long-term goals real as they reduce debts.


After going through most of the Infinity Group Australia reviews, you can see the impact the organization has on the community. Infinity Group helps people to plan their retirement in the right way and insist that time lost is money lost. One way to make a great retirement is making the right property investment. If you ever went for assistance from Infinity Group, you may have noticed their solutions are different from the ones the conventional mortgage brokers give. The organization uses thorough techniques and approach to help its clients get financial stability.


The organization is good at reviewing the financial details of their clients. It’s not easy for the families to meet their basic household expenses and loan payments without a sound financial plan and budget. The financial professionals at Infinity Group advise their clients always to prioritize cash while buying most of their items. The company also makes people know that the things they want may not be the things they need. If you thought you are not a good candidate for property investment, you need to read some of the Infinity Group Australia reviews to change your thinking. They will help you know the investment options to take to secure your future.


Many people have used the wealth building tools Infinity Group Australia has, and their lives have changed for the better. Most startups find this organization great on debt reduction matters. Most of the patients find this organization a source of hope in life. Graeme Holm and Rebecca happen to be the minds behind this great organization. Graeme has served in this company for more than 17 years as its founder and director. The certifications Graeme Holm has completed in real estate, finance, and financial planning have made him influential in the industry. Most families today enjoy financially stable and debt free lives through the financial guidance he always gives. Learn more :