Penelope Kokkinides and Rich Shinto’s combined efforts in helping Puerto Rico

Since September 2017 when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the island has relied on humanitarian aid to cater for her affected residents. Through Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Healthcare plans, the American government provides quality coverage all over the region. Many Medicare Advantage companies have also thrown their weights behind the initiative. Among these companies is Innovacare Health, Inc., which has two subsidiaries in Puerto Rico. These are PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. and MMM Healthcare, Inc. Through these companies, Innovacare covers more than 560,000 beneficiaries under the able leadership of Dr. Richard Shinto the CEO and Ms. Penelope Kokkinides the Chief Administrative Officer. The two have steered the organization so well that it received the NCQA accreditation from Puerto Rico government. It is the first medical provider to receive such an award. Additionally, the company is the top rated Medicare and Medicaid provider.


Recently, Ms. Kokkinides together with eight other top women healthcare leaders met with the American President Donald Trump. The meeting was aimed at discussing the importance of women in health-related matters in the region. Also in attendance was the CMS Administrator Seema Verma. The major featured topic was the Puerto Rico medical crisis.

There has been a drastic fall in funding by an amount of over $ 1 billion annually.Ms. Kokkinides termed it as a significant concern since it would jeopardize the Medical operations, Puerto Rico. She had warned that many Medicare Advantage companies would leave the Island. She asked the current government under the leadership of President Trump to authorize the CMS to review the Medical Advantage payments in Puerto Rico. Her request was honored, and CMS reported some days after the meeting that favorable adjustments will be applied to the Puerto Rican healthcare program. Check out businesswise.


The experienced leadership of the two has made Innovacare what it is today. Mr. Rich Shinto was the CEO at MMM Healthcare and had worked with Medical Pathways Management Company, Med Partners, Cal-Optima Health Plan, and the Aveta, Inc.Ms. Kokkinides, on the other hand, has worked with Centerlight Healthcare, Americhoice where she was the vice president of Care and Disease Management and at Touchstonestone Health as the Chief Operating Officer. Their combined efforts have helped improve the Innovative Health’s model in a big way. Thanks to Mr. Rick Shinto and Ms. Kokkinide for their dedication in the mission about the growth of Innovicare Health. There are high chances for more growth in future. Visit the website



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A Series of Excellence

NewsWatch TV has the most accurate and most informative reviews. They reach more than 700 million people over their broadcasted TV shows. Broadcasting more than 1000 episodes, NewsWatch specializes in national TV, news releases via video, and broadcasting media. Their episodes run for approximately 30 minutes long, airing on the AMC and ION networks. For an independently produced broadcasted show, it has sustained popularity with its success.

Newswatch TV started in 1989, in Arlington, VA, and then aired their first broadcasted TV show one year later in Washington, D.C. They have broadcasted over 1000 episodes, each lasting about 30 minutes long. Some of their main topics have been about new product releases, technology, health, medical, consumer and business issues, just to mention a few.

Highly awarded with the Marcom award in both platinum and gold, NewsWatch TV excels in TV production. They are the winners for 2 of the highest level awards to be won in cable and TV broadcasting. For their national TV show, NewsWatch is the winner of the Silver Telly Award, and also for the Videographer Award for Excellence in 2017.

Tons of celebrities have made guest appearances on numerous NewsWatch TV episodes. From Dr. Oz to Carrie Underwood, NewsWatch invites a wide range of celebrities for various topics. They even have the top leading companies in the business featured such as Goodyear, LG Electronics, Lego, American Heart Association, and many more not mentioned. You can follow them and watch their weekly episodes on the NewsWatch TV app or on the website to stay up to date with the latest news. Tune in to NewsWatch TV anytime.

David McDonald’s Success in Maintaining the Sustainability of OSI Group

Growing up, OSI Group’s current President, David McDonald lived in a firm in Iowa. As he helped his father with the farming activities, he developed the interest in agriculture which later turned into a career dream when he chose to pursue an undergraduate program in Animal Science. He would then join OSI Group where he has performed tremendously and has helped to enhance the company’s sustainability. Based in Chicago, the company has remained dedicated to supplying value-added proteins including pizza, beef patties, sandwiches, and sausages.

His efforts to enhance sustainability

David McDonald creates a continuum of strategies in order to ensure that the company adapts to the changing economic environment. He believes that with the rise of globalization, the market has become very competitive and consumer needs keep on changing. Thus, OSI is forced to react fast maintain its top position by ensuring that the meat products supplied are labelled and are of high quality. McDonald also introduced the concept of local management in all the facilities of the company. He is aware of the fact that local culture influences taste and preference of a target market; thus, by getting local solutions, the company is able to continuously meet the needs of its consumers across the world.

His academic and professional experience has greatly influenced David McDonald’s success in leadership. He graduated from the Iowa State University in 1987, and immediately joined OSI Group where he grew to become a successful leader. David McDonald He has been able to handle strategic and technical issues within the company and as a result, managed to develop a culturally favouring company both for consumers and employees. In addition to this, he has worked with several suppliers, government agencies, and marketers over the years who have ensured things are flowing smoothly at the company.


David McDonald has helped the company become a significant force in the meat industry and in turn, has been promoted to several positions. Being the CEO of the company, he has been able to oversee several acquisitions to expand its markets and facilities across the world.


Richard Dwayne Blair Is An Experienced Investment Advisor

Do you need an expert who can guide you in securing your financial future? Want to start investing in the stock market or other lucrative opportunity? Maybe you want to consult a reputable investment advisor or financial planner like Richard Dwayne Blair.

Not knowing how to build an investment portfolio stops many individuals from ever taking advantage of lucrative opportunities available to them. By learning how to manage your money or invest wisely, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you can secure your financial future.

Perhaps you want to start planning for retirement. Taking steps to improve your finances and secure your future is an important decision. It is imperative to enlist the services of an experienced and reliable professional. Avoid missteps and work with a professional that can help put your in a much better position to improve your finances.

Finding a trustworthy financial advisor or investment services provider like Richard Dwayne Blair is not difficult, since there are many experienced professionals to choose form. Reputable financial planners and investment firms have the best interest of the client in mind. You need to stay clear of a professional who is more motivated by his or her own economic benefit than your benefit when working with you.

There are several ways to find an investment firm or money management professional who strives to provide reliable financial advice to a client. You can get recommendations from relatives, colleagues and friends. The right financial planner or investment advisory firm will give you access to resources that will help you address your financial issues and reach your goal.

Richard Dwayne Blair comes highly recommended in the financial services field and can give you access to top notch information and strategies for saving or investing your money. Having a renowned advisor by your side will certainly help to improve your chances of getting good results.

Many people in Austin, Texas rely on Richard Dwayne Blair for outstanding guidance. His firm, Wealth Solutions, is a top rated investment firm and is designed to meet the needs of people from all walks of life.

Felipe Montoro Jens and The Meeting in Argentina That Would Transform Businesses in Latin America

There’s a lot to be said about Felipe Montoro Jens, the Project Infrastructure Specialist in Brazil, and who has been instrumental in the private and public projects in the country. However, the one news that stand out to the followers of Jens, and followers of his ventures, his advocacies and career is the one from Info Money, where it details what had transpired in the last Governor’s Special Meeting done by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The event took place in the City of Mendoza, Argentina, and it’s quite a transformative event that brought changes to the country’s cultural infrastructure. Find out more about Jens at to learn more.

It should also be added here that the main topic discussed in the meeting is on how to push for guarantees in the private business sector. There has to be a leverage from the public. There has to be a push for incentives that would incite people to start their own business and spread jobs in the country. This initiative should come from the government first.

Jens was also joined by Dyogo Oliveira in the meeting, who is the Minister of Planning and Development and Management in the Brazil. It is this partnership between the two that they can make sure that not only Latin America sustains its healthy business environment, but also sustain the job creation rate. This can be done also through the efficient solutions that would help address risk management issues in the private sector. New investments are also needed. Without new investments, the country can’t create the most profitable and progressive opportunities that the job seekers are looking for.

Another thing discussed in the event was the need for new roads, sanitation system, traffic solutions, public commute system and traffic integration set-up. These elements, according to Felipe Montoro Jens, are the prerequisites to a business environment that’s functional and that drives the goals of the country to its endpoint.




Neurocore: A boot camp training center for the brain

Neurocore Brain Training Centers

Neurocore is an elite brain performance training center that specializes in drug-free brain training exercises. There are many different centers located across the United States which includes Palm Beach Gardens, Grand Rapids and Boca Raton etc. This is great especially for those who want to alleviate stress and anxiety.

The facilities core program specializes in utilizing a science based approach which allows the brain to function in its natural state. Thus, allowing the brain to become stronger and faster over time. Read more about Neurocore at

Their latest neuroimaging, brain mapping, and memory boot camp helps with a variety of psychological and emotional symptoms including depression, memory, and focus.

You also have the option to choose a personal brain coach that will help personalize your program with the latest cognitive exercises, relaxation techniques and customized diets. Customized programs will allow for more positive reinforcement and better brain functionality. Training the brain to perform at optimal speeds will indeed change your mood drastically and help cope with stress better and faster.

At Neurocore the number one priority is maintaining high completion rates from patients and providing an overall assessment of all detailed results. Each individual is different and every case is unique so accurate and feedback is imperative after completion of a program. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

With locations throughout the United States including Florida, Holland and Sterling Heights it is no wonder that the Neurocore experience is all about training and assessments that lead to successful results.

Developing a successful brain program can consist of but not limited to (HRV) heart rate variability, (EEG) electroencephalogram and (IVA) Integrated visual and auditory continuous performance test.

Some session run about 30-40 minutes and are attached to your profile showing your brains electrical activity. The biofeedback sessions are extremely beneficial for those patients looking to change their brain neuroplasticity. These sessions also teach you how to properly breath to maximize your heart function and performance while maintaining proper blood and oxygen flow to the brain and other parts of the body.

All in all, many have found the Neurocore brain treatment centers extremely encouraging and beneficial for both adults and kids helping both psychological and emotional problems.


The Academy of Art Univeristy changes the look of fashion

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California. It was founded by Richard S. Stephens and opened its doors in 1929. The university offers both on campus and online classes.

Academy of Art offers the following degrees,

  • Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Entertainment
  • Liberal Arts

The university has an impressive alumni list of past students, who during the year will still return for events that go on within the college. There can be over 12,000 students enrolled at one time, taking classes online or on campus. There are 17 housing facilities for students to reside while they complete their degree. The university has a full staff for teaching purposes.

Every year the design department holds an event to show off their work. Recently they decided to look at the concept of what a good design is and how they can put diversity in their fashions.

Guests of panelists that had some form of disability were invited to discuss what they would like to see when it came to the concept of ‘good design’. These panelists included,

  • Stephanie Thomas
  • Beau Oyler
  • Chelsea Werner

The panelists were asked questions by the students on such things as, what things they struggle with when getting dressed and what fashions would work best with their disabilities. Some of the answers were things such as,

  • Buttons, studs, and zippers were placed wrong, due to someone in a wheelchair could be sitting on them for hours at a time.
  • The way the outfit rest on the body was another issue. Not everyone has the ability to adjust something if it has pulled into an awkward position while wearing it.

The students took these issues and other concerns into consideration and created a line for those with disabilities. Not only did the clothes have a flare of fashion but they also provided the comfort needed.

The Academy of Arts University design students found this event to be eye-opening. It was a great lesson that everyone deserves to look good in their clothes.

Investing With Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is looking at investments in a new way. He is an investor and he is looking to invest in gold and advice others on their gold investments as well. Paul Mampilly is encouraging people to invest in gold. According to Paul if a person invests in companies that mine for gold and purchase their stocks they can make up to a 200% return on their investment within the next 12 months.

Paul Mampilly is new to the gold market. While he has been investing and has enjoyed success for several years his expertise lies in the mega trends and not necessarily geological ventures. He did some research on the subject and found that investing in gold mining can be a profitable sector. After some additional research Paul Mampilly invested in the gold market and saw his money double in a short period of time.

Mampilly released monthly newsletter called Profits Unlimited. This newsletter gives some investing tips and recommends certain stocks that Paul feels will be profitable. In this newsletter he recommended 11 different stocks and has even invested his own money in these stocks. His number one recommended stock rose by 45% in a three-month time period. The worst pick went down 3 percent in the same amount of time. Paul seems to have the skills to identify the next best thing in stock market and the next stock that will make an investor a lot of money.

Paul has his own approach to investing that has been successful. He finds small companies that are looking to make money and has potential for growth. He reads a great deal on the industry and the company and looks for the next big idea. He then uses his knowledge and experience to analyze the stock. If he feels that it will be a big hit he will invest this money as well as the money of his clients. So far Paul has made around $7 billion for his clients with this investment technique.

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David McDonald’s Input at OSI Group

Over the years, OSI Group has been experiencing an exponential rate of growth. David McDonald has also been part of the growth that has been taking part in OSI Group. As a man who has served at OSI Group for at least three decades, David McDonald started out as a mere projects manager, and he was able to rise in the ranks, and he currently serves as the president of OSI Group and the chief operating officer.

Background Data

OSI Group has been able to gain a positive reputation over the years, and they are currently among the leading food services providers globally. A company that was once a butcher shop is now a multinational corporation. It all started when some German immigrants settled in Chicago, Illinois. One immigrant by the name Otto Kolschowsky saw it fit to start a butcher shop that would serve the neighborhood. The butcher shop expanded and their services were even procured by the McDonald’s fast food joint. There and then, the McDonald’s entity relied on Otto & Sons as their primary supplier of meat products. Well, that was just part of the growth that the OSI Group experienced in the past. As of now, OSI Group has expanded far and wide, and they are operating on a global spectrum.

Additional Information

David McDonald hails from Iowa, and he also graduated with honors in a bachelor’s degree in animal science at the Iowa State University. Due to his excellence in academics and outstanding character, Mr. McDonald was also awarded the Outstanding Senior Award known as the Wallace E. Barron award. After being accorded the award, Mr. McDonald promised to continue being the diligent man that he was at the university. As of now, David McDonald serves as the president of one of the most prosperous privately owned companies in the United States. Far from serving in high ranks at OSI Group, David McDonald also gives back to the Iowa community. By actively participating in various initiatives such as the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship among other initiatives, Mr. McDonald is genuinely dedicated to giving back to the society, specifically in the region he came from. Mr. McDonald has also been helping students from the Iowa State University to get internships at OSI Group.

Malcolm Casselle: Unleashing a New Technology in the Cryptocurrency Market

Malcolm Casselle is the able WAX president and the chief information officer for OPSkins. WAX is a Worldwide Asset eXchange. It is the best place for buying and selling the online video games items. Earlier on, Malcolm Casselle served as the CTO and president at the tronc. He was the overseer of the major growth of properties in leveraging digital assets. Before then, Malcolm was the GM and SVP of the digital media at the SeaChange International. Malcolm Casselle has led to various startups within the digital industry. Most of them brought a great revelation and innovations that solved major problems around the digital world. He gladly holds a degree in the field of Computer Science from Stanford and MIT universities.

Currently, OPSkins leads globally in making sales for in-game virtual assets in the virtual market. This has caused a great increase in the percentage of the cross-border micro-payments that are being made every time. Through intensive considerations, the creators of the OPSkins have successfully discovered a new blockchain platform through which the virtual asset trading will take place. This platform is none other than WAX. It is built in the foundations of decentralized and blockchain smart contracts. This is targeted to allow the traders to trade their virtual assets online in an effective and fulfilling way.

WAX has come in at a very critical time when fraud and fragmentation have been the discouraging factors. It is created in a way that these two major issues will be addressed effectively leaving no room for such complaints. One may be wondering how this will sort these bothering aspects. WAX will bring together the various fragments in the virtual asset market. This will be achieved through the WAX Token, which enables the sellers and buyers to tokenize and sell out their assets. The users will be in a position to tokenize their assists and involve in buying and selling. Less or no frictions will be involved in the process transacting. Finally, the security will be on another level. It exclusively eliminates the need for any intermediaries in the lineup. This is because the blockchain smart contracts have the ability to drive out the need for any third party in the transaction.

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