Barbara Stokes’ typical day involves waking up at the break of dawn and working to the late hours of the night. With all that she tries to balance between work and quality time with her family and kids. She tries her best to spend the maximum time with them oftenly volunteering in her children’s school. She fancies taking part in helping the community and doing things she enjoys as it is a form of relieving the stress and be her best at work regardless of the time or day. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Apart from being a mother of three and an active volunteer at the Huntsville Community, Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes in Alabama LLC in an effort for humanitarian relief specializing in Disaster Relief Construction. She is the co-founder of the company with her husband, Scott Stokes, in Huntsville. The team has extensively partnered with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) as well as the private sphere to provide a variety of safe, commercial and permanent housing solutions by use of patented, latest design, manufacturing and engineering methods.

Barbara Stokes is a graduate who majored in Biomedical Engineering and Physics in Mercer University in 2001. She also studied the subjects she applies in GSH like manufacturing and managing, thermodynamics and properties of material and structures. Before sharing her expertise with GSH she previously worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing. During her tenure at the GSH, they were awarded $28 million contract by the federal government in September 2017 following the Hurricane Harvey in Texas which was supposed to have been complete by March 2018. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Her motivation is to be able to make a difference in everybody’s lives which comes from how the medical professionals are able to carry out their mission. As a businesswoman, Mrs. Barbara tries to stay ahead of the position their business is and makes growth a priority. She strives at making the working experience of her employees as enjoyable as possible which is key in the growth of the business. She further explains that happy employees give better results at work which leads to high customer satisfaction and ultimately the growth of the business.

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Hussain Sajwani Real Estate Investing

The city of Dubai is one of the most prosperous cities in the world. Many people want to move to the city to start a business or a new life. There is limited space available in Dubai, so the price of real estate continues to increase. Many real estate construction companies have trouble keeping up with demand from customers.


Hussain Sajwani is a prominent business owner who lives in the city. He has lived in Dubai for decades, and he has an inspiring story of business success. He is currently the owner of DAMAC Properties. He founded the company several years ago, and he has taken it to new heights.


Beginning Career

Hussain started working in the real estate sector when he graduated from school. He enjoyed selling homes to local customers. As a real estate agent, he was able to increase his income by selling additional homes rapidly. He worked long hours each day and made sure that all of his customers were satisfied. He then became a real estate broker to operate his own company. Once he became a broker, his income increased even more. He started buying homes as an investment. At the time, real estate prices were much more affordable.


Growth of DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties has expanded in numerous ways. Not only does the company build more homes than ever, but the company also offers various housing services. Hussain prefers to focus on building luxury homes. A luxury home is much more tedious to construct, but it also provides a higher profit margin for his company. Hussain has donated a ton of money to the local community during his career. He comes from a family that is focused on making a positive impact in Dubai. Although he is proud of his work, he wants to continue investing in the future.

Hussain Sajwani the Owner of Damac Properties

Hussain Ali Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, was able to build one of the largest Real Estate empires across the world known as the Damac properties. He was able to reclaim and invest more even after the 2008 financial market crash.

According to Forbes, Hussain Sajwani is the World’s tenth wealthiest person with an estimated net worth of $3.7 billion. Hussain Sajwani says that most of his business skills were inherited from his father’s small retail and wholesale shop. Damac company is ranked as the fourth largest company with only one close competitor regarding the field they operate. This makes it the arguably the leading property development and real estate firm in the world. The active, hard work of Damac has made it run and acquire the most significant contracts in the United Arab Emirates.

The success of the real estate firm comes after the financial market crash in 2008. Damac Properties, the largest private developer, was stricken during the financial accident. However, Sajwani doesn’t like to talk much about those times.

Hussain Ali Sajwani is very proud to have completed the Trump International Golf Club. He said that the Luxury villas, luxury apartment, and the terrace make this project exceptional and one of a kind.

The rise of real estate mogul Hussain Sajwani

Sajwani pursued a degree in financial engineering and economics in the University of Washington. In his statement, he says that the difference between the United Arab Emirates and the United States gave him the zeal and urged to develop UAE. During that time, the structures in Dubai were not of standards compared to the US.

When he returned to Dubai, he landed a job with the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. Two years later, he opted out to begin a catering business Global Logistics Services which is still in operation up to date. It then became the biggest in that region. His real estate venture started in 1996 where he completed the development of one of the three five-stars hotels in the United Arab Emirates. In 2000, he was at the heart of his career when the government allowed foreigners to acquire property. Here, he was able to sell units within six months.

AvaTrade Review: The Simple Business Model That Makes It Stand Out

Investing today has never been easier because all the technologies to trade and resources to know where to put your money can all now be found online. But before you click “buy” on that particular stock that your friend told you about, make sure you know first the basics of investments. One of the few trusted companies today that may be able to offer you all the trading assistance you need is the AvaTrade review.


Simple Business Model

Among the many things that distinguish AvaTrade from many of today’s online forex traders is that it makes things simple. In fact, AvaTrade only offers two types of accounts when you open one with them. There’s the standard account and a demo account. You can already open an account even for only a $100, to be paid for through credit card or wire transfer.


Despite the two accounts, the account owners can still choose many trading platforms from AvaTrade, depending on what kind of trader they are. Whether you’re an amateur or you already have an inkling of how trading works, AvaTrade has something for you that can maximize the growth of your assets. Some of these trading platforms you can choose from include: MetaTrader 4 Platform, Meta Trader for Mac and Meta Trader for Mobile Trading.


About AvaTrade

AvaTrade is known today by many traders and experts as the trusted international and online forex broker built under AVA Group of companies. It is also considered one of the oldest, and so one of the most trusted brokers today since it was founded in 2006. It also has four offices strategically located in various areas in the world with the most trading activity, which are British Virgin Islands, Australia, Ireland and Japan.


AvaTrade accepts enrollment of traders from a variety of elite countries, including United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, India, France, and Norway. There’s no fee for any withdrawal that you do from AvaTrade, but there is, however, a minimum amount required to withdraw. You can also already get your withdrawal processed within five business days, but only if you present the complete and proper documents for security and identity verification.

From “Selfie” to “Sick Boy” The Chainsmokers Know How To Keep The Party Going

The Chainsmokers are the dynamic DJ and production duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who have been in the scene blurring the lines of pop, dance, indie, and hip hop music since 2012 with their breakthrough song “Selfie”. That song solidified their status in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genre in several countries, holding a spot in the top twenty. In 2014 “Kayne” and “Selfie” helped propel them to deal with Sony Music Management. Fast forward, the talented pair have worked with artists including Halsey, an American singer and songwriter also charting the charts, as well as other powerful collaborations including Draya and Rozes.

In 2015 “Good Intentions” was released and “Roses”, which reached top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. “Don’t Let Me Down” followed winning The Chainsmokers the distinguished honor of a Grammy award becoming their top five single. Soon “Closer” sealed the deal with it’s number one place on the charts for twelve weeks. They have also had success with other releases such as “Something Just Like This” featuring Coldplay, earning them numerous honors such as two American Music and five iHeartRadio Music awards. The hits kept coming with the release of “Paris” in 2017 with more than 110 million views on YouTube. That same year they also inked a three year deal with Wynn Nightlife to exclusively perform at Wynn-owned nightclubs XS Las Vegas and Encore Beach Club. Most recently with the 2018 rock infused anthem “Sick Boy”, “You Owe Me”, and “Everyone Hates Me” Billboard took recognition naming The Chainsmokers as number one on their 2018 ranking of dance musicians in Dance 100. Their persistence have also made them one of the most sought out groups, coming in third on Forbes’ World’s Highest Paid DJs list for 2017 with earnings of $38 million!


Dr saad saad lives in Eatontown, New Jersy. He is an experienced surgeon for Several years. Dr saad has got several hospitals in this area, including monmount health center and jersey shore University medical center. He has practiced his surgeon career for over 20 years after he attained his master’s degree in the University of Cairo in the school of medicine. Dr. Saad Saad is one of the major doctors in the University of jersey shore medical Centre.


Dr.Saad over many years he has remained in his field of surgery. He has the passion for developing the best methods to treat the clients with safer ways and using the current technology. Dr.Saad Saad has discovered two essential devices that are used during the surgical process. He has also identified various surgical procedures that can be of great help in the surgery field.


Dr. Saad Saad has discovered the use of an endoscope in the surgical process. Many surgeons have recommended the use of this machine to make surgery process more secure. Generally, the endoscope is used to analyze the internal parts of the human body. Although there are some challenges while using endoscope inside the body, still it remains to be one of the best analysis devices in surgery. At times, the device is blocked by the body fluids which make the doctor to keep on adjusting the endoscope to get clear part pictures that are being viewed. Dr. Saad Saad has discovered a device that helps in sucking such liquid from blocking the endoscope while using it.


Dr. Saad Saad has also invented another device called Medical Catheters. Medical catheters generally are tubes that are inserted into the human body to help in internal treatments or they can be used in surgery process. Also, some catheters can be used to remove gases from the body and creating a way for the surgical tools during the surgery process. The catheter can be used differently depending on the type of catheter. After the surgery process, some type of Catheter maybe left in the body either for a lifetime or specific period.


Dr. Saad Saad and other surgeons developed some of the strategies to ensure catheter are inserted in the specified parts in the body, these strategies include, conducting X-ray to see the specific location of the catheter in the body. Although there are some health complications associated with many X-rays, they really happen. The second strategy is using magnetic Resonance imaging to identify the location of the catheter in the body.


Dr. Saad Saad main aim of these two inventions is to improve the surgery process. His inventions has assisted doctors to perform surgery process in a secure and practical way. These inventions help in the elimination of complications during the surgical operations. Learn more:

Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping – Beauty and Power

The Manaira shopping mall stands in a stunning piece of land that is between Paraíba Center and beach. It gives the shoppers stunning views of the water and relaxed shopping experience. The mall is large enough with a lettable square area of 75,000m2 and enough stores for every shopper to get their fashionable items at affordable prices. The architectural beauty and design is the dream of mall owner Roberto Santiago who loves style and space hence passing his idea through the building of Manaira shopping mall.

The mall launched in 1998, and since then it has undergone five beautiful expansions embracing the latest technology and environmental designs that brings out its elegant and classic interior attraction. According to Roberto Santiago building, the Manaira Shopping Complex in a scenic and strategic place was to make Joao Pessoa a significant town becoming a tourist hub. The government of Brazil released its yearly economic report with the retail sector gaining tremendous strides of improvement growth of 6.5%. The growth has made business owners like Roberto Santiago enjoy profits and giving them the motivation to build more malls and create more working opportunities for Brazilian people. Over 30 malls in Brazil are ready for occupation with each showcasing its might beauty of design and mighty.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping complex brings out its stunning beauty with the Domus Hall showcasing its stunning beauty. The hall is built strategically on the elaborate rooftop and the largest in the country with the capacity to hold thousands of people on each event with the guest having access to ten private rooms. The complex is the hotbed of different business opportunities including the areas for financial institutions, food courts, and theatre. The gaming area has the latest machines that offer different games for both young and old. It’s also designed to provide fun times for the families. The amusement park has the most modern amenities that keep families busy and connected as they enjoy rides together.


Manaira shopping mall receives around 2million visitors every year says the mall manager Rafaela Barros. He attributes the high number of shoppers due to large shopping areas that cover every aspect of life. The stable economic growth in Brazil also plays a significant role.


Roberto Santiago enjoys speed hence he participates in various Brazilian sports that involve motocross and kart driving. The 58-year-old sportsman and entrepreneur boast of being a standing champion of kart competition and other driving competitions. Roberto says that working in Café Santa Rosa taught him the value of working hard and money and stated that this job enabled him to become an aggregating business person. Roberto Santiago has a vision of going to secluded areas and turning them into leisure and business hub attracting millions of people.


Financial Predictions by Shervin Pishevar

5th February, 2018 was a different day on Twitter for Shervin Pishevar who had missed the scene since 14th December, 2017. He took time to compile a series of tweets that predicted the future of money in the US. Ever since his prediction in 2008 where he argued that Facebook would one day face identity crisis, his words have been taken seriously. Look at how much loss the company has been incurring day after day! Let’s summarize some of the top tweets!

Spreading Inflation

Shervin Pishevar says that inflation does not exist anymore. He continues to explain that inflation has been exported to other countries through deals made for trade promotion. This inflation has then affected the cost of assets with most of them being overvalued.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Shervin Pishevar stated that entrepreneurs are today not limited to one state. The rise in digital currency has paved way for them to invest wherever they want without restrictions. He however predicts a drop in Bitcoin to $2,000-$5,000 over the next period of months. He further gives hope to the investors that the value will however rise again after about 24 months.

A definition of Silicon Valley

The US has always seen the Silicon Valley as its strength in tech innovation. Shervin Pishevar has a different opinion on that. He says that Silicon Valley is today an idea and not a physical place. Globalization has led to the idea going viral with every country striving to come at the top of the rest in technological innovations. He warns that if the US is not careful, more focused nations like China will emerge victorious. He references the recent achievement by China in constructing a train station in just 9 days.

The rise of an egalitarian economy

Shervin Pishevar predicts that one day, the middlemen that cause inequality will be gone. The global market will then effectively carry out all business activities with efficiency. Though this is a longterm result from the changes the economy is currently experiencing, it will happen.

While one cannot say that Shervin Pishevar is a magician, his predictions are worth considering, as he is a renown capitalist.

Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is an airport that is privately owned by Polynesian airlines. It is located in Samoa about 5 kilometers southeast of the city of Apia and is hidden in the rainforest. Apia is the capital of Samoa and is the only actual city in the small island nation.

On July 6, 2002, Fagali’I airstrip, which was once a grass covered airstrip, was resealed and reopened. However, only two a half years later, in January 2005, it was de-commissioned. This was due to concerns over safety and noise by the government and villages. It was once again reopened on July 1, 2009.


This reopening was brought up concerns for safety and environmental issues according to

The runway is 670 meters in length and is now covered in asphalt. Although amities are fairly limited at this small airport, you can get a rental car, a hotel shuttle or a taxi cab. There are no on site hotels, but there are nearby hotels where passengers can get some sleep if they need to.

Only two airlines operate from Fagali’I Airport. These are Polynesian airlines and Samoa air. Samoa airways runs various routes to Ta’u, which the last volcanic island the east and to Pago-Pago. Pago Pago lies on the island of Tutuila. They also run weekly flights to Ofu-Olosega Islands Polynesian airlines can also service the Samoans more efficiently since their purchase of their third DHC-6 Twin Otter according to Americans can get a direct flight to Fagali’I Airport from several U.S. airports, including Honolulu.

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Talkspace: De-stress with Online Therapy

With all the responsibilities you face on a daily basis it can be very difficult to calm down and have peace within your mind. As humans, we react to danger or threats in a variation of ways. An American Psychological Association study has reported that Healthcare costs have exploded to nearly 300 billion annually for treating stress disorders. This report has even shown that stress has reached such high proportions that it brings about the question of how to cope and manage stress on a daily basis.

There are a few things that you can do to for what is called De-stressing. Find a quiet space at home where can “you can set a mood”. Some have lit candles, burned incense, scribbled in a journal or even used peppermint essential oils behind a ears or on the wrist. There’s nothing wrong with coming home and creating a quiet space where you can either do yoga, meditate or simply just lay down and listen to your favorite artist. Next, you can use different media found on popular websites like watch a funny movie or engross yourself in bad reality TV. Friends and family can be a big asset. Spending time with a sibling, child or boyfriend talking about life and simply having fun can take your mind off of a lot of things.

Talk-space, a new online app in New York, gives those looking to de-stress a therapist to chat with by text message. The way it works is that you sign up for a mere $128 a month. Your primary therapist logs your information and soon connects you to a few therapists to try out. If you decide to switch it’s very simple as they transfer your information over to the new therapist. Talk space is praised for its convenience, privacy, list of qualified professional therapists and the fact that you can connect anywhere at anytime.