Tony Petrello and her wife Cynthia inspiration to assist periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) victims

Anthony Petrello and her wife Cynthia had a daughter eight years of age, and she was suffering from periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). This is a common neurological disease that attacks infants who are born prematurely. Cerena was her name and was born 24 weeks early with a weight of about 20 ounces only. She was diagnosed with the disease which is usually caused by lack of enough oxygen or flow of blood to the brain. Cerena developed cerebral palsy and several other delay issues in body and skills development.

At the age of 8, her parents Cynthia and Tony would say they were experiencing miracles since she was able to chew and swallow some solid foods. Cynthia expresses her delight by saying that it is a miracle she has always waited for so long, for her daughter to capture it in her brain, master it and finally do it. Another development that Cerena was achieving was learning how to walk as well as talking, and her parents were grateful for the strength and the determination they have carried all along to see this happen. Source:

Cynthia and Tony had no thought that such a thing would happen in their life or the struggles they would face after it happens and their daughter’s sickness significantly moved them. Anthony Petrello and his wife dedicated their wealth to lead a fundraising campaign directed to help carry out an outstanding research on the disease. They took the initiative and devoted themselves by donating $5 million totaling to a $7million commitment.

Cynthia says it can be very perplexing and devastating for parents because you certainly would not get to know the signs that you will get a child suffering the disease until you give birth. She says even though they were always able to fix their issues there were not ready for this, and maybe they would have a better plan already put in place to handle it, but they brought it to their knees.

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Cynthia and Tony Petrello: Inspired by Adversity
Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts

Anthony Petrello has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, a company that tops in providing drilling services in the world. He is also an active member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees. Tony Petrello says that they were able to investigate most pediatric research institutions such as Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and Harvard in the country and other parts of the world. From the encounter with different people, he realized that there are parents who have even tried stem cells or any other procedure that would assist their children to walk or utter a word. He says that if an intensive research gets conducted, a difference could be achieved. He also pointed out that there is so much research on brain damage for adults and nothing for kids.

The couple took the loophole as an opportunity and started taking their daughter and other children suffering like her at the backyard of Texas Children’s Hospital. They were determined to launch the NRI so that all these kids could reach their potential one day. Tony said they are receiving support and encouragement from friends and family and believes there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

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Shedding Light on the Success of EOS Lip Balm

The lip balm revolution has taken more than a century. Previously, individuals were limited to either the original tasteless version or the spring for cheer or mint, especially for those in need of going wild. However, the situation has changed since the inception of EOS about seven years ago. EOS is an acronym for Evolution of Smooth.

Popularity of EOS Lip Balm

In fact, various beauty editors at Allure and Cosmo have also been talking about the lip balm, especially regarding various flavors such as grapefruit and honeydew. Various celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Christian Aguilera have also played a significant role in popularizing EOS lip balms.

Although EOS products ( are widely advertised in both fashion and beauty magazines, the founders of the company only revealed their business strategy recently. During an interview with Fast Company, the founders unveiled details about how they established a $250 million company. According to Kline, a research and consulting firm, EOS stands second to Burt’s Bees as the best-selling lip balm in the US. It has managed to outpace various brands like Blistex and Chapstick, which have been in the market for a long duration.


Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller are acknowledged for the inception of EOS. However, Craig left prior to the launch of EOS to manage Hello Products, a new oral care company. The lip balm field or category appealed to them as an ideal choice for innovation since the available candidates were no different from the century-old predecessor.

Marketing EOS

In a bid to create a buzz around EOS products, the founders targeted millennial women who were style conscious, especially between 25 and 35. Although they advertised EOS products in a similar manner like other brands, they also talked to several bloggers. The bloggers talked about EOS on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In fact, they got into endorsements and product placements with millennial celebrities like Miley Cyrus.Visit the company’s website at

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Nationwide Title Clearing Helps Land Owners and Prospective Land Owners

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc has been called to action in regards to the title defects that can now be found through online ordering.

In recent years, the number of defects has caused a large amount of concern in the real estate market. Some of these defects have led to foreclosures and have contributed to the stagnation that can be found otherwise in a smooth transition for the secondary market. According to the Nationwide Clearing Inc., many of the executives for the property records have held onto the key to ensuring that clear titles have been handled and the risk for the buyback of mortgages have occurred. A research and the document processing provider have allowed for mortgage industry leaders and financial leaders in the industry have taken all the steps needed in the process of making sure that property reports are provided by the company which has just launched a website that makes viewing the reports easy.

When the title defects occur, the person or company who is laying claim to a piece of property that is actually owned by someone else will have several factors displayed which would allow for a title to be left as invalid. Here are some things that could help a title be considered invalid:

Issues with the wording of the document can cause the title to be invalid
If you fail to include a signature of the person included in the sale or transaction of the property like a spouse or living relative, this can cause the title to be invalid
If previous liens on the property have not been removed, the title will be invalid
Failure to have the filing procedures recorded in the documents of the real estate can cause the title to be invalid

The title clearing company has set its goal of making sure that the process of obtaining property reports is done with accurate reporting. The property research has been made to be done on a based research from actual land reports and records and can be found for any kind of residential property that is owned nationwide.

If you are in need of assistance for the accurate records concerning a title, you will need to contact a title clearing company. This is the best way for you to make sure that the title of the property you want to purchase or lease is accurately owned and the person who is holding the property is the actual property owner.

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Quincy Area Insecurity

Police in New Brunswick have responded to claims that there was shooting at the Quincy Hotel. According to them, one person was injured during the incidence. The incidence took place at the New Brunswick Apartments. The area has been a hotspot for crimes in the recent years, putting the Quincy Hotel in the limelight.

At around nine thirty in the evening, the police say that there were three or four shots were heard close to the hotel, and it was established that they were from the New Brunswick Apartment. The wounded victim was taken to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. According to the doctors, the gunshot wound was not life-threatening, and the victim was in a stable condition.

The injured victim is believed to have been taken to the hospital by a Good Samaritan who was driving a black Honda. After treatment, the victim said that his attacker wore a hoodie, and he is believed to have escaped to the Neilsen Street. The following day, the police were summoned to the area because some additional bullet cases were discovered in the building. This discovery added a new layer to the ongoing investigation.

In 2013, the police had charged a young man from New Brunswick because of armed robbery. The young suspect was accused of robbing a Pizza delivery man from the Quincy Hotel. Parish Wood, who was only twenty-one years old when he was charged, is believed to be the leader of a gang that conducted the incidence.

According to a statement from the pizza delivery man, he went to the complex at the Quincy Circle to deliver a pizza that had been ordered by an unknown customer. However, upon arrival, the particular resident denied that he needed pizza, forcing the delivery man to go back to his vehicle. While walking back to the car, three male suspects appeared from behind, ordering him to produce his wallet.

The three suspects stole all the money in the wallet and the pizza that was being delivered before escaping. The victim says that the armed robbers fled to the nearest parking lot, where they boarded an old minivan. The police who are in charge of the case say that they are working hard to collect enough evidence that will send the suspects to jail. The investigators say that they had charged the suspect in conjunction with some cell phone data that was gathered during the time of the theft. These cases will be taken seriously so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Gooee Revolutionizing the Electricity and Lighting Industry

Gooee is a technology business that helps lighting manufacturers to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) apps to their clients.The components of these applications include communication, control and sensing among other things. The applications are tailored to meet the specific clients’ needs and to provide value for their money. They are affordable, efficient and greatly enhance the customer experience.


Gooee’s Amazing New Products


LED lighting is the most efficient type of lighting and is quickly replacing incandescent bulbs. In 2015, Gooee developed microchips and sensors to measure energy consumption and light intensity among other things. They build these microchips and sensors into LED light engines. The microchips and sensors are very affordable as Gooee has been able to lower their unit costs by producing them in bulk, hence passing on the cost savings to their customers. Through these sensors and microchips, lighting systems can be connected to the internet and be controlled via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This is a huge breakthrough for the lighting industry.


Bottom Line


Gooee’s innovation and commitment to providing efficient energy solutions has seen them make such huge developments in the lighting industry. Some of Gooee’s other IoT features include lighting analytics, building intelligence and beacon management. Through these features, lighting manufacturers can analyze the performance of their lighting systems and handle lighting and energy management more efficiently. Apart from the sensors and microchips, they have also developed wireless mesh control and enterprise gateway to support their amazing new features. Gooee’s great innovations have helped a great deal in coming up with more efficient energy solutions.


Online Reputation News

An article was written on recently offered advice to people getting start with their companies. In my personal opinion, the writer of this article is a genius when it comes to making a name for your company. He went in depth about how to make your websites popular on the search list. The author also talked about why this is important, and how much of a return you can expect to make by taking a few crucial steps. (

If there was anything I could disagree on, it would be how easily your website comes up on the search list. At first thought, this may sound like something very important. I am not saying it is not, but I am not saying it will make or break your company either.

If people are looking for a specific product or service you offer, then as long as you have a good reputation, they should have no trouble finding you. With that being said, I suppose if you are just starting out, people may not know about your company.

In other words, I suppose how easily your website comes up on the search list is more important if you are just starting out as a company. Over time, you will build a reputation online, and people won’t have to type in specific words to find you online. Just make sure you have a product or service that people want, and I can assure you this will happen.

The main thing to remember is that how easily your website comes up in the search listings should not be one of your main priorities. I have said this multiple times and I going to say it once more, as long as you believe people are going to actually buy what you are offering, your search listings are not all that important. Of course, this is my opinion, and there are a lot of other viewpoints upon the topic. However, I believe many other viewpoints leave a few key factors out of play such as how long you have been in business, or what you are trying to sell.