Bruce Levenson’s Former Atlanta Hawks Files a Lawsuit Against AIG

In September of 2016, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainmet LLC motioned a lawsuit against insurance group AIG. AHBE claims that AIG improperly handled claims, and in some cases, they outright refused to pay for claims that AHBE states they should have. In detail, AHBE claims that AIG mishandled or ignored cases involving wrongful termination and workplace conflicts. the amount of the potential damages is confidential, but AHBE added a 50 percent increase on the original damages for the unpaid losses, attorney fees and costs. AHBE also included the controlling partner Bruce Levenson in the lawsuit. Bruce Levenson was once a controlling partner for AHBE while the claims took place.

The current owners of the Atlanta Hawks acknowledge the lawsuit, but they do not have any part of it. The Atlanta Hawks ownership group sold the team in 2015 for $850 million to the co-founder of Marquis Jet, Antony Ressler. See,

Bruce Levenson is the co-founder and partner at United Communications Group, which he helped start in 1977. UCG is an entrepreneurial business management company that helps its customers overcome various hurdles to make them more efficient and profitable. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Washington University, and he also holds a Doctor of Law from American University. Levenson has also written for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. He is also an owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC, which is a property management company.

Bruce Levenson is also on the board of directors for Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. And according to Time Magazine, he is also involved with the “I Have a Dream Foundation” in Washington D.C.,serving as the organization’s president. “The I Have a Dream Foundation” works with students in underprivileged public schools and housing projects, to promote growth into being collegiate scholars. Along with providing financial resources for these students, they also provide personal development with advisors.


How Naomi Campbell Defined Supermodel

The Definition Of Supermodel

Rising to prominence in the late 80s Campbell was then known as one of only 6 supermodels. Scouted by modelling agent Beth Boldt at the age of 15. Her beauty and determination helped her stand out as one of the first black models to acquire international fame. As one of the first black models to reach world renown she helped to break down racial barriers and pave the way for her successors like Tyra Banks and other models of color. Even after she retired from the runway Naomi Campbell continued to remain just as relevant across the world.

The Path To The Runway

Even before her first walk on a runway Naomi had already made public appearances. Since the age of 8 she was featured in commercials and even some music videos. Her modelling career truly began when she was 15 in 1986. That year she was scouted by Beth Boldt to work for her modeling agency. Naomi Campbell accepted the offer and was quickly propelled onto the international stage. At this point Naomi Campbell was finally able to fit the definition of a supermodel. The biggest names in fashion sought after her, she was on the cover of Vogue magazine, and her name was forever engraved into the public mind.

Life Off The Runway

Although supermodels went out of style after the 90s Naomi did not fall with them. She was able to branch out into other fields and further solidify the status of her name. Campbell has attached her name to everything from music albums to movies and even reality tv. The ability to continue to connect after decades in the limelight is exactly why Naomi Campbell defines the word supermodel.

Kenneth Goodgame Success in Merchandising

Kenneth Goodgame is a respected and well-known individual in the United States. Kenneth has achieved a lot in the merchandising industry, and this is why many people know him. Goodgame has been in the merchandising world for a long time, and this has given in a lot of experience. He is also experienced in several areas too.

In the past, Kenneth Goodgame has had the opportunity of working in different positions. He has held some of the leading positions in companies as the director and general manager in some big businesses in the country. This great versatility has given him a lot of exposure in different areas, and it has helped in his career. Most of the companies he has worked for reported significant increase in their earnings because of his experience.

At the moment, Kenneth works at an institution known as True Value Hardware Company. Since his appointment to the company, Goodgame has proved his excellent skills in the marketing department. He has taken the company to a higher and better level. True Value Hardware Company recently announced its quarterly financial report, and the good results came as a shock to many. True Value has made a lot of progress, and the man behind everything is Kenneth Goodgame. He actually came up with the success plan that the company is using.

Kenneth Goodgame serves as the Senior Vice president and chief marketing officer at True Value Hardware Company. Goodgame was appointed to these positions in the year 2013, and the company has experienced a lot of growth since then. The skills used by Kenneth were acquired when he was studying at the University of Tennessee. Goodgame graduated with a degree in Finance in Marketing, and different companies say that they have succeeded thanks to the skills.

Kenneth Goodgame has always had the ability to come with very high- performance teams, and this leads to the success of the companies he is in charge of. He is also a recognized expert in profit and loss management, and this plays a crucial role in his achievements. Today, he is responsible for product and philosophies management. His programs in the marketing department in True Value Hardware Company have played a crucial role in the success of the company.

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The Highland Dallas Foundation

James Dondero made the announcement during a luncheon organized by The Family Place to celebrate its yearly Texas Trailblazer Awards at Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, Texas. The generous grant will be given through the company’s Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. For any amount that will be raised during the period between October 4, 2016, and April 4, 2017, Highland Dallas Foundation will match the donation by 50 percent. However, the maximum amount to be donated will not surpass $1 million.

How the Funds Will Be Used

The Family Place will use the funds raised during its Legacy Campaign to construct and operate a Dallas Counselling Center for domestic and family violence victims. The center will be named after Ann Moody and designed by Corgan. It will have 13 emergency shelter rooms, a dental and medical clinic, a call center, group counseling rooms, and multipurpose job-training spaces.

The Ann Moody Center will help approximately 2,000 family violence victims annually. It will also accommodate the Be Project that provides teen dating violence and bullying prevention education to over 6,000 students annually.

James Dondero

James Dondero is a successful financial executive living and residing in Dallas, Texas. He is a co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management and has worked at the company for over three decades. He started the company in 1993 together with his friend and business partner, Mark Okada. Together, the two realized that the alternative credit marketplace was under-served and had great potential for sustainable development.

Today, Highland Capital Management is considered a pioneer in the success of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). The firm develops credit-oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors globally. Dondero is actively involved in the local and national business community scene with membership on several boards including Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, American Banknote, MGM Studios, and CCS Medical.


John Goullet Is Ready For Whatever The IT World Brings

John Goullet has spent a lot of time in the IT world and he has had a great deal of success in that field. Because of this, he is someone that people rely on and trust to give it to them straight. He is an honest individual and does not hold back, but the great thing about him is that he does not turn people off with his views. He knows how to express his views in a polite way that gets the point across to the IT professional. After all, people enjoy honesty and they prefer not to have someone that is beating around the bush.

That is why he was the perfect choice for the leadership and advisory board of Diversant and to be Principal Executive. That is what was needed for this type of position and it is something that he has great passion for and truly enjoys. After all, one of the his strengths, which are many, is his ability to give solutions and figure out solutions. When he founded Info Technologies, he had a big role and that was to find solutions for Fortune 500 companies. It was not something he took lightly as he knew these companies trusted him. If he did not deliver the results they were looking for, his reputation would take a big hit.

It is the same mode of thinking he brings to setting up IT professionals at Diversant with jobs at Fortune 500 companies. All anyone has in their world is their name and their reputation. When people bring it up, it needs to make a positive impression. John Goullet knows how to go the extra mile and put in the extra hours. He also knows what the Fortune 500 companies are looking for and what they are interested in as far as employees. While the IT world has changed, there are some things that stay the same.

John Goullet is well aware of these things and he knows how to train them for what is going to await them when it is time to work for these companies and knock it out of the park.

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