The Benefits of Using Wen by Chaz Dean Products

Have you seen the infomercials by a hair care line called Wen hair by Chaz Dean? If you have not, you are missing out on a lot. The commercials have women who have shiny and healthy hair. The good news is that you can also have such gorgeous hair. The trick lies in using the products by Wen by Chaz Dean.

The products are designed for hair of all types, whether oily or dry, long or short. They include a range of cleansers and conditioners which can be used for thoroughly cleaning your hair. The treatment can also be used as a styling treatment. Depending on which formulation you use, the products can help you achieve the best results you want.

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The benefit of using the products is that your hair gets the healthy look it deserves. It also enhances the shine of your hair giving it luster and bounce. The good news is that with a few applications you will start seeing the results. The product is supposed to be used in a specific amount applied.

The other benefit if using Wen by Chaz Dean products is that they do not break your strands at all. Those who have used it swear by the fact that their hair stopped breaking after using the products on several occasions. The other good news is that if you fear products which make your hair oily and looking greasy, you need not worry about that.

The other benefit is that with WEN hair by Chaz Dean products, you need not do so much when styling. All you have to do is apply some of the product before you blow dry your hair and you are good to go. It is also available for order online via

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Founder Dick DeVos Of The West Michigan Aviation Academy

Dick DeVos is a very well known businessman and all round entrepreneur. He is the son of the cofounder of the goods and services provider Amway, Richard DeVos. He has also acted as the CEO of the Amway Corporation from the years 1993 till 2002. In America he is the 67th richest man according to Forbes with a net worth of over $5 billion. He is married to Betsy Prince DeVos who is also a huge driving force behind their philanthropic endeavors. One of these endeavors is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation has many reaches across the United States of America as well as around the globe. One of the recipients of the foundation is the West Michigan Aviation Academy which was formed by Dick DeVos due to the families strong passion for education and aviation. Dick DeVos has great passion for aviation and is one of the main reasons of forming this school. WMAA is a tuition free, charter school and was founded in 2010 on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport property.

The West Michigan Aviation Academy offers opportunities to those students who have a great interest for aviation, technology, science, math and engineering.  A lot of the learning is done through field trips, job shadowing, and a hands on approach. This builds character as well as the opportunity for students to develop their own dreams and aspirations for the industry. The academy takes up about 42000 square feet of space providing ample space for 500 students to attend. This is based directly on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport which gives the school additional active facilities to tour in order to provide each student with a live model of aviation. The catching phrase “A high school where attitude meets altitude” is extremely well suited to the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

White Shark Free Adword Evaluation

Getting into business can be a hard task. You are required to have a start up cost, and follow rules and regulation required in your country. On top of that, you might be required to advertise your new business. Even the most experienced persons, need a hand to get their venture going in the right direction. That is why you need White Shark Media. They will help you advertise your business online, which will drive traffic to your websites and translate into sales increase.

How things show up in Google search results is a mystery to many people. Most people do not understand how SEO, Google AdWords, and SEM work.

For your website to rank in the first Page of the search engine, it involves a complicated process that goes beyond creating a website and listing your business. The fact is if your business cannot be found easily yours sales will suffer. Read more:

White Shark Media can help you; they offer a free evaluation to see where your business stands in search engine results.  You can ask questions you like or raise a concern, and all that is free. Together you can devise an online marketing strategy that will take your business to new heights.

By the time evaluation is completed, you will have learned a lot since a specialist will explain to you how AdWords work. Then, you will have to decide to hire White Shark Media to manage your online campaigns or put the knowledge into action yourself. Either way, you will emerge as the winner.

One factor that has distinguished White Shark Media is its ability in embracing customers’ compliments and complaints as a stepping-stone to improve its service delivery. To improve communication with its clients the company introduced a phone system with direct extensions.

Thus, when clients sign up, they receive an email with contact details of a contact person. Moreover, the details include contact person’ supervisor ( This allows seamless communication throughout without the need to go through a receptionist.

The company has also instituted monthly meeting via GoToMeeting, an online video platform. In the meeting, together with a specialist, clients go through the performance of their AdWords Campaigns. This help client to know what is working and what is not working. Besides, it helps clients avoid losing track of their AdWords campaigns.