The Venezuela Power Crisis Continues

Due to the electricity power crisis Venezuela’s public employees will work on only Monday and Tuesday. President Nicolas Maduro announced the move will be done for at least two weeks in order to save energy.

The president said the water level of the country’s largest dam has sank to minimum operating levels due to a severe drought. Public workers had already been given Fridays off. Also David Osio shared, daily four hour blackouts have been instituted throughout the country.
Friday holidays have been extended to grade school teachers. Continuing to work are employees of public hospitals and state run supermarkets.
Venezuelan citizens including David himself, reacted with disbelief when they learned that the public workers would be barely coming into their offices to work. The workers will still be paid for the days they will miss. Some have used their days off to shop. Still others have gone home to watch television or run air conditioning, making critics skeptical about the move really saving energy.